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The Flash The Flash General Discussion and Speculation Thread - Part 8

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hey guys, I'm just curious, but where are Central City and Keystone City located in the tv show?

according to the DC wiki, in the comics, Central City is in Missouri and Keystone City is in Kansas. And the two are "sister cities" across the rive from each other.

so, it seems both cities could be analogous to Kansas City, with a Kansas City, Kansas side ( Keystone City ) and a Kansas City, Missouri side ( Central City ).

and some maps also show that Central and Keystone are located roughly where Kansas City is located in their respective states.
is that still the case in the tv show?
I never really cared where exactly each city lies in this fictional world.
There hasn't been any mention of these two cities location in the show so far.
I'm not sure if this is really the case because I don't recall Caitlin having powers in Flashpoint. So it could be encompassing other Earths.

This is interesting.

She could have had powers like she does right now and just not fully "frosted out". She didn't really know her "kidnappers" so it would make sense to hide her powers.

But that's inconsequential because as far as we know, she's had no dealings with Alchemy regardless of whether or not her Flashpoint self had powers.
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