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The NEW Batman?


Mar 4, 2005
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According to Rich Johnston over at CBR, in June/July of next year, DC will [BLACKOUT]kill off Bruce Wayne and have one of the Robins (Drake, Todd or Grayson) take up the mantle of Batman[/BLACKOUT]. The books will also relaunch with new #1's.

What the ****.

1. Jason Todd sucks
2. Tim Drake is drawn so smallish of frame:o
It's Lying in the ****ing Gutters. Does anyone actually take that seriously?
If Bats dies, so will my love for DC. :(
Just in time for the new Batman movie? Yeah right....

Can I interest you in the purchase of a bridge?
that'd be pretty ridiculous. and highly unecessary considering bruce would be alive again in no time.
as i said in the OTHER thread that addressed this... i say off him and have no one take over as batman for years. dick moves to gotham to look after tim and uses the resources he inherrits fill the void left by bruces demise. i could even see a story where jason would feel the need to "show bruce" he could be a better batman and try to take over the mantle only to have dick and tim oppose and defeat him
its ok, ive done it too...
im a dick, i know...
That sucks, too. Just when I was jumping into the Batman books, they pull this. :down
a) no one knows that its true
b) i love batman, i really do, but i kinda would like some forward progression. my biggest complaint about comics is the fact that time barely passes... id like to see them age and retire... i dont necessarily want to see bruce die, but i welcome forward movement. and this unfortunately would be forward movement...
c) i dont think didio has the stones to do it (you see this dannyboy? im calling you out!)
rich has the best rumor column,majority of things he posts usually materialize,with I'd say about 15 to 20% that don't such as the Invaders series by Brubaker and Loeb/Finch as the new ASM team,they did the Fallen Son issue

there was that Barry Allen "rebirth" bit he posted months ago,nothing on that front has materialized yet either

this I could see happening though,DC seems so desperate right now and once again it's all about deaths to get the ball rolling
He couldn't kill Nightwing there is no wayin hell that he will kill Batman, I would think thiswould be one time where Warner Bros would step in and say no. Even if they have like no control over DC other than they own them.
If Batman died, I would be done with DC, with the exception of back issues and old trades.
I've always liked the idea of them killing off Bruce or have him give up the cowl for an extended amount of time (longer than Prodical Son), everyone knows it wouldn't be permament and I think they could craft a good story out it.

But, with Captain America away at Marvel - I'm not sure it's the right time as really DC would just be "following suit".
Waiting and seeing.

Unlike Cap,.. the Bat doesn't have a Super Soldier Serum and cold water to fall back on..........

I think I would read it if,............. Catman took up the mantle long enough for dick to grow a pair and step up to the plate.

But heh,... I don't want him dead either - but if they do it,....................
Its a bit to soon for a spoiler THAT big to get out, isnt it? If Bruce dies, I'll s*** a brick.
Fledermaus said:
You know how fanboys whine and say "If they kill/replace (insert hero here), I'll quit buying the comic."? Well seriously, if they kill Batman I will stop. I stopped in '90 when they replaced Bruce with goddamn Jean-Paul Valley. And I'll do it again, I swear to God. F#ck with me DC. I'll see you in the parking lot. Bastards.

What he said. Damn that guy is smart.
Well, June/July would put the potential (remotely) death of Batman smack dab in Final Crisis. So perhaps we need to know the context of Final Crisis-- what if Final Crisis is
an Evangelion or Digital Devil Saga 2 type thing
where everyone dies and the world starts over. Then Batman would've died but not the way we are thinking, or at least not like Cap dies.

Actually... that would be an interesting story-- Batman realizes what is going on in Final Crisis, allows himself to die, undergoes metempsychosis and ends up saving the DCU through another world. I can see Grant doing something like that. I remember him playing around with similar themes before.

But I'd hate for Bruce Wayne to die. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Batman is not a costume someone can wear. If DC does that I'm basically just going to read some back issues but I'll have no reason to continue reading anything new--even if Mary Marvel turns good and gets on a team (which I'm hoping will happen). I don't think it will happen.
Man, I really hope it's Jason Todd. :p

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