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Mandatory director worship? I think they're probably all individually very excited to be working with Nolan. Just imagine Hathaway in her position. She hasn't really ever worked with any big name director, let alone a guy like Nolan. She's said before how excited she is to be working with both him and Bale. Tom Hardy loves the guy and so does JGL. Also for Bale it's his last time being Batman. They're all probably just really excited about the whole thing.
There is a reason I used the general term director than referring to Nolan specifically. In all of these movie featurettes they have to praise the director to high heaven. It gets a little tiring.
Excelsior is in his contrarian mode today I see :hehe:
I want more skateboarding Joker. :(

LOL I remember that, people freaked that it was in the movie for some reason. But ya I would like to see more of the interviews that were done with him.

I would love Charles de Lauzirika to do three big documentaries on the trilogy, that would be a dream come true.
Also looks like that first spy pic of the Batcave turned out to be legit :funny:
This director deserve a little "worship" imo.
he uses practical stunts over cgi
he has quite the list of successful films that have received not only huge box office but critical acclaim.
he has made this magnum opus of a film that spanned continents and brought it under under budget and ahead of schedule.
and he does it on the freaking set behind the camera wherever it might be. not in an air conditioned office.
Who's the shirtless guy?

venus_ice said:
Bruce is so damn sexy to me with his gray hair and cane. :funny: I'm such a creep.

We can be creepy together. :funny:

cotton reels:huh:

I think Bane might be knitting with electrical cable, because he's Bane. :BA
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**** you Dew!

Seriously it sucks being in the UK with TDKR!!!!
I wonder if Bruce unmasked in his Batman gear growls or uses his normal speaking voice.
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**** you Dew!

Seriously it sucks being in the UK with TDKR!!!!
Hahaha yup... and I probably won't be up by 6am so I'll miss all the Batcave gossip. Ah well!
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