The Dark Knight Rises Top 3 Favorite Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Nov 2, 2007
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Rank Your Top 3 Favorite Scenes..

1. The Dark Knight: Interrogation Scene

2. The Dark Knight Rises: Final Scene

3. Batman Begins: Bruce Discovers The Batcave
Two-Face hostage scene
Joker interrogation
Batmobile chase

Bane and Batman in the sewer is close too.
1. TDKR - Bane's Blackgate speech/montage
2. TDK - Ending scene
3. TDKR - First Batman v Bane fight
Bat vs Bane (sewers)


The Will to Act
Wow nice thread. This is tough. I remember the first time I saw the dark knight and Ramirez says "he hasn't shown yet?" and Gordon replies "he often doesn't" why "hopefully, because he's busy", I knew I was in for something really special. That one detail I'd never really thought about because I'd always seen it portrayed where they shine the light and the batman shows up.

Anyway top 3 is a little tough. Banes conversation with Bruce in the prison, their first fight, tdk prologue and ending monologue, tdkr ending all great moments. For me personally I'd say the two face hostage scene is top 3 but right now my favorite scene hands down is Bruce rising from the pit. It really stirs something within every time I see it or listen to"why do we fall?"
BB:Tumbler chase

TDK: Batman taking down SWAT men.

TDKR: Cops chasing Batman and Batman going after Bane's men.
My top three favorite scenes:

1. Interrogation room scene
2. Two Face hostage scene with Gordon's family
3. TDK transport chase scene
1. BB ending with the Joker card
2. TDK ending with Batman on the run
3. BB Ra's revealed at Bruce's party
1.) Batman's return in The Dark Knight Rises
2.) Batman vs Bane in the sewers in The Dark Knight Rises
3.) The interrogation scene in The Dark Knight

I have many more favorite scenes such as the the endings for all three films, Two-Face's hostage scene and the transport chase scene, but you only asked for three, lol.
Interrogation scene from TDK
Bane Vs. Batman first fight (especially the part with the darkness)
The death of Bruce's parents.
1) Batman Vs Joker - Interrogation Scene
2) Batman Vs Bane part I - Breaking The Bat
3) Two-Face Hostage Scene

There's so many that I couldn't include. A top ten would be easier.
Bruce discovers the Batcave (BB)
Interrogation (TDK)
TDK Ending

That's a very rough 3. I love so many moments in these films. Too hard to decide really.
1.) TDKR ending
2.) Alfred saving Bruce from the burning mansion in BB
3.) Batman's return in TDKR
1. Joker interrogation (TDK)
2. Bruce makes the climb out of the Pit (TDKR)
3. Bruce discovers the Batcave (BB)
I'd have to watch them all again to really pick out my actual favorites, but these three stick out to me.

The Truck Flip in TDK
First Bane/Bats fight in TDKR
Face your Fear scene in BB with the LoS
TDK: "I Killed Those People" - Ending scene
TDK: "You Wanted Me, Here I am" - Joker Interrogation
TDKR: "You Just made a serious mistake" - Bane vs. Batman Seweres

Honorable mentions:
TDKR: "Fear will find you again" Pit Climb
BB: "My Anger outweighs my guilt" Training on thin ice
BB: "Nice" - Joker Card Reveal
TDK: Birth of the Batpod
TDKR: The Dark Knight returns batpod chase
Bruce escaping the prison is definitely my favorite scene of the trilogy, because it brings everything full circle with the "Why do we fall". Not sure about my other 2 faves
3) Batman vs the GCPD:
From the nightmarish viewpoint of Crane after a "taste of his own medicine," the elegant homage to Year One as the bats conceal his escape, to the tumbler carnage Batman creates (while subtly looking nervous himself at times), it's great.

2) Batman/Bane Sewer fight:
Tremendous acting and shows Batman in such an unnerving, powerless state. Just Hardy's dialogue is classic, aside from the action. Grabbing Batman out of the shadows as he explains how futile those parlor tricks are almost puts this at #1. Almost.

1) Joker Interrogation:
Obviously brilliant acting for one, but also, it shows the dichotomy of Batman himself and also the nature of his relationship with the Joker better, and quicker, than almost any other medium I've ever seen. As great as he is, once again, he's utterly powerless against an evil he indirectly created. There was a palpable tension I could feel through the audience inside the theater. It was this scene where you realize this movie isn't just good, it's something else entirely, and all that talk about Heath wasn't just lip-service, it was downright true...
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1. Bane beats the living crap out of Batman in the sewer (DKR)
2. Joker interrogation scene (TDK)
3. Final fight w/Batman vs Rahs Al Ghul (BB)
1. "Swear to me"
2. Joker card reveal and "you'll never have to"
3. 'Drunk' Bruce telling guests to leave

1. Interrogation scene
2. Two-Face hostage situation
3. Transport chase

1. "Oops"
2. Selina confronting Daggett, rooftop fight and "that's what it feels like"
3. Selina in the bar, acting the victim and escaping
Perhaps it's cheating but I'm gonna have to do this movie by movie.

1) Bruce's training sequence. The will to act.
2) Batman's first appearance at the docks.
3) The ending.

1) The interrogation scene. Maybe the single best scene Nolan's done to date.
2) The ending.
3) Two-Face hostage scene.

1) Batman's fight with Bane in the sewer. An instant classic.
2) Bruce escaping the prison pit.
3) Batman and Catwoman fighting together.
1. "Oops"
2. Selina confronting Daggett, rooftop fight and "that's what it feels like"
3. Selina in the bar, acting the victim and escaping

I see a recurring theme here...haha.
interrogation scene
Bruce finds the Batcave
chase scene in TDK

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