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What will it take to get a TIH sequel?


May 26, 2006
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Wow... only one thread in this forum... anyway... this is pretty much a Box Office thread obviously... but it depends on a lot of other factors too so I wanted to point those out. I just don't see where TIH is getting a sequel... the first Hulk made about a good 250... and that was the first Hulk movie back when comic book films were pretty much establishing themselves... certainly I think TIH can duplicate that at least but even then... would 250 be enough? I think the Ang Lee version left a bad taste in people's mouths... and while this film will probably be better... the fact that we have already seen the modern Hulk might be a turnoff for some people... plus I think Norton would command a good 15-20 million to do another one regardless of what the B.O total is... I say just ditch the sequel and lock up Norton/Hulk for the Avengers movie... otherwise if they wait Norton will probably leave the character BEFORE an Avengers movie... or his role will be severely relegated to a cameo or a short "Cyclops" type role like X-3.
just have it conect to the Avengers
if it top it's own budget and get at least 200 worlwide, it certainly will get a sequel.
it depends on the reception, too.
If it's well received, gains a lot of money worldwide, etc., it'll definitely get a sequel. Hopefully they've came up with something Hulk fans & movie goers alike will enjoy.
over 300 mill WW with good DVD sales plus merchendise sales like last time, TIH should be fine.
I have faith in this movie. Hell, I know I'll be in a theater seat the day this movie is released, I can't wait to see it.

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