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The Dark Knight Rises Which movie in the trilogy had the BEST ENDING?


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May 19, 2003
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Which movie in the Trilogy had the most powerul ending?

I love the TDKR ending, but i think TDK with Batman taking the fall for Dent is slightly better.
I find the TDKR ending just a little too happy for these. It is good, but I have to go with The Dark Knight. The ending has always felt perfect to me, and was built up extremely well. BB is close though, just because the Joker card and Gordon's dialogue to Batman are really well done.
I think it has to be Rises. With all the emotions it brings out in you with everything that happens.
I actually preferred the ending for "TDKR", mainly because on how it ended on such a uplifting and hopeful note for Bruce's character. It gave him closure while making room for a newer future in the legacy of Batman by Blake having discovered the cave.

Plus, it allowed the character the one thing that I don't recall ever having seen in any other medium: the choice to retire willingly, especially while he still has time to enjoy the rest of his life.
Very good question.

They're all sensational endings, but if I had to choose, I'd probably go with Begins. The revelation of the Joker card really got everyone talking. It made you leave the cinema imagining how the Joker could fit into Nolan's world. Also Batman's cape as the transition to the end credits was mega spine-tingling.
Easily Batman Begins. The new Bat-signal, The Joker card and Batman telling Gorgon he'll never have to thank him is perfection. I've never been so much excited after a film.
The Dark Knight was by far the best, followed by Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises.
The Dark Knight is an ending I'll never forget. But Rises has slowly been inching it's way up to the top almost for me. I'm seeing it for a 2nd time tomorrow so we'll see what I think afterwards.
I'll go for TDK. Gordon's monologue plus Zimmer's score, instant win.
TDK ending was the weakest.

Best was prob BB- Batman on the up, lead into the Joker, followed by TDKR- Bruce happy ending and a new begining with Robin in the Batcave.
BB, the joker card reveal was brilliant, got us practically begging for a sequel!
TDKR. The guy has found peace and a woman and Gotham is in good hands. Very satisfying final.
Begins was just such a classic Batman ending that it leaves me giddy with fanboy glee every time I watch it.

TDK and TDKR had much more monumental and thought provoking endings, but BB's was a scene I think every Batman fan had been waiting to see on screen.

Had to take it for the twist, and JGL being the "everyman" who can become the next Bat. More emotional impact than the other two all round. TDK was pretty memorable though.
Batman Begins.

I loved Batman & Gordon's meeting on the rooftop of GPD with the Bat-signal and discussion about escalation and the rise of The Joker with Batman flying off into the night.
BB (very close with TDK)

TDKR's last shot ruined it for me. If they reordered the scenes then I might've voted for TDKR.
I love all three, but the third one bought me to tears. Right now for me, it's the best ending of any superhero film ever.
Very, very tough choice. But I have to give the edge to TDK. A lot may have to do with Aggressive Expansion kicking in for the last few moments, fits so perfectly.
TDKR only because of the very end with Blake inside the cave. The cafe scene was touching, but what really counts is the actual ending. The Joker card, Batman riding out in the Batpod, Blake in the batcave as it rises.
The Dark Knight: deeper meaning, slightly more emotion, more powerful imo

The Dark Knight Rises: more beautiful ending, brings things full circle... the ending with Blake was awesome, but some part of me wishes that it ended with Bruce Wayne in the final scene before the credits, since the film is called The Dark Knight Rises... but that's just me (since all 3 films ended with a shot of Batman/Bruce Wayne)

either way, both endings are VERY close for me, they both have the same music, the same type of montage showing where the characters go from there.

The Dark Knight wins by a hair.
Batman Begins. The bat signal, the escalation chat, "We CAN bring Gotham back," etc. The Joker card, Batman soaring from the rooftop. Doesn't get any better than that.
Dark Knight. The whole speech at the end with the silent guardian etc was great, as was the powerful score just seconds before the credits.
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