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Days of Future Past Which NEW Character/s would you like to see on the sequel?

Bishop- morris chestnut
Thunderbird - Taylor Lautner
Firestar- ?
Dazzler- ? she can be a pop singer who gets outed as a mutant, then faces scorn..
Polaris- Amanda Seyfried
Psylocke- ?
Jubilee- ?
Cable- Bruce Willis
young Storm- Keke palmer
Mirage- ?
Sunspot- ?
Magik- ?
forgot this poll. here it is again, since we're gonna get new characters announcements in the upcoming weeks.

wonder if some of the voters will be pleased with them :D
Im intrigued, excited and nervous at the same time lol
My casting choices incase they include new X-Men characters such as:
Dazzler - Carey Mulligan
Polaris - Emily VanCamp
Selene - Emily Blunt
Bishop - Idris Elba
Cable - Russell Crowe
Sunfire - Lee Byung-hun
Psylocke - Zhang Ziyi

For recasts
Older Havok - Garrett Hedlund
Older Banshee - Richard Madden
Colossus - DJ Cotrona
If Cable is ever introduced to the X-films. Stephen Lang (the Colonel from Avatar) should play him!

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