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With Watts Gone…Who Should Direct This Film?

Detective Conan

Dec 28, 2017
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Jon Watts has exited the directors chair for F4, which leaves this project without a director so I must ask who do you want as a replacement?
He's still very busy with Quantumania, but I really hope they consider Peyton Reed.

His family-focused style would fit so much, plus it would honestly make me happy he'd finally get to make the FF movie he's been wanting to do for almost two decades now.

Having said that, I feel they'll go with someone entirely new
He'd never do it, but I'd be curious to see what Neill Blomkamp could do with the F4.
I say we give Trank another crack at it.

We can do better than Peyton Reed. No disrespect as I have enjoyed both Ant-Man films but....I want FF to be special. Not Ant-Man good.

I won't fan cast a choice, just make it a sexy one that will make this movie great
Shawn Levy would be a good choice but unlikely since he's doing Deadpool 3.
I think that the priority for Marvel is to find a talented person as quickly as possible.
So, I don't expect a big name.
I mean they got Raimi to do DS2 after Derrickson left. So it’s not impossible to get a name.
Oh, thank god. And no thank you to Peyton Reed or the Russos'.

Other than that, it should go to someone who's actually passionate about FF.
In a complete vacuum, I think the argument for Peyton Reed is quite good just because he would be passionate about it. He proposed a very Kirby inspired FF movie to Fox years ago and was rejected. He definitely would be a fan.
If Marvel is going with a sure-bet / company man, then go with Jon Favreau.

Otherwise, I'd like a new director to enter the fold -- I'd just reiterate Daniels as my current fave.

Brad Bird would knock it out of the park, I'm sure. A Variety article announcing Bird as director would definitely pique my interest.
I know it’s the typical thing to go with the hot new thing, but the Daniels. I haven’t seen their new film, but from what I’ve been hearing, it seems like their style would definitely fit a film like this.
Jason Reitman wouldn't be a bad choice, Adam McKay also is a Marvel fan and I think suited. Bird would be perfect but he already did his F4.
McKay would be good too
Posted my thoughts in the main thread but, long story short:

If they want a big name, ala Raimi taking over Dr. Strange:
  • Jon Favreau returning seems the perfect choice. A great director with a style that would fit the F4 well and enough clout to not be a complete pushover. Plus, rumor has it this is the final season of Mando.
  • Jeff Nichols (Mud, Midnight Special) could also be great. Really good at family dynamics and heartfelt stories. He handled scifi content really well in Midnight Special. Plus, we probably get Michael Shannon in the MCU, maybe even as Doom.
  • Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation) would be incredible, but I can't imagine him doing it.
  • Jason Retiman suggestion is also good.
If they continue the trend of scooping up breakout indie directors:
  • Edson Oda (Nine Days) crafted an exquisitely unique fantasy world that felt like a major studio production on an indie-film budget. Great character work, keen visual eye and already has some big connections at Marvel through Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz and Benedict Wong
  • Lulu Wang (The Farewell) one of the best family-centric films of recent years
  • Maggie Gyllenhal (The Lost Daughter) had a strong directorial transition this year and has experience working on blockbusters as an actor.

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