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With Watts Gone…Who Should Direct This Film?

Shankman is unexpected but a great choice. WV was great and he also directed a great episode for GoT with high stakes and emotions : the Spoils of War.
Also didn’t knew, he directed the 2nd episode of the Boys
I had planned to come here and talk about what I've read, that they were looking for a high-profile director for F4. It's too late now.

It must have been a rumour, sadly. Shankman, however talented he may be, is not high-profile.
Well, I guess the Fantastic Four is seen as more attractive than a Star Trek movie.
I don't think so. It's either that MCU got him first, or offered him more money.

Trek has a stellar ensemble cast and the "reboot films" has been doing quite good at B.O.
F4 has yet to be as good as the characters deserve in live action.
F4 has yet to be as good as the characters deserve in live action.
Yeah, but think about what a hero he'd be if he's the guy who finally gets it right.

By the way, did you see the Big Bang Theory episode with Stan Lee? What kind of robe was Stan Lee wearing? Was it a Iron Man robe, or a Spider-Man robe? Nope, it was a Fantastic Four robe. That says something, I'm not sure what exactly.

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