World of Warcraft - Part 1

Blizzard announces fourth WOW expansion: Mists of Pandaria

  • New Playable Race -- Pandaren: Adventure through Azeroth as World of Warcraft's first neutral race and decide whether to side with the Alliance or the Horde.

  • New Playable Class -- Monk: Unlock the secrets of pandaren martial arts and do battle as a damage dealer, healer, or tank.

  • Level Cap Increased to 90 -- Learn potent new spells and abilities while exploring uncharted zones and taking on challenging new content.

  • New Zones -- Explore the lush Jade Forest, treacherous Kun-Lai Summit, and other exotic areas of Pandaria designed for high-level characters, and uncover the mystery of the Wandering Isle.
  • Scenarios -- Join up with some friends to achieve a common goal, such as mounting a defense against invading monsters, in a flexible new type of PvE challenge.
  • Dungeon "Challenge" Modes: Master the ultimate five-player time trial to earn prestige rewards in a new dungeon mode that will put your resolve and coordination to the test.
  • Pet Battles: Challenge other players' companion pets with your own collection in a new tactical mini-game, and find out who's king or queen of the pint-sized battlefield.
  • New Talent System: Customize your character to suit your play style with the newly overhauled and improved talent system.

They're also going to introduce an "Annual Pass" method of payment for WOW. And if you sign up for it, you'll get Diablo III for free.

So going into the holiday season their big expansion move is kung-fu pandas?

I think I'll pass on this and wait for their next expansion with dancing penguins. :dry:
Anthropomorphic animals are nothing new to Warcraft.
People clearly don't like the game that much if they're saying they'd drop it over a new race. If you don't like the race, don't play it. Easy as that. And continue to give Blizzard $14.95/month for a game you claim you hate so much.

As far me I can't wait for the new expansion. Can't wait for the new content and can't wait to get my druid to 90. And yes I'll be making myself a Pandaren monk.

I just wish they gave us a release date...
It's too bad I quit so long ago, and that I have barely any time due to work. Otherwise I'd love to give the Pandas a try.
I quite as well. Too many jerks playing and Shogun 2 was released.
Lord Of The Rings had a great community, now it's free2play I expect that will be full of jerks too.
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One needs a subscription to post to WoW forums, which I refuse to get at this point. Didn't know where else to inquire about this. I probably know the answer but just thought I'd check.

Does anyone here know if the Cairne realm will be offering free realm transfers anytime soon? I really hate the realm. It's out of my timezone, the stupidity of players names is really high, and the alliance loses over 65% of the battlegrounds.

They've been offering them for a lot of high population realms lately and Cairne is a high population realm now.

I've said I'm not going to log in again unless it's a different realm and I'd prefer it were a free realm transfer because I just want to delete all my characters and transfer the gear and gold to new characters with the same names. Paying $60+ to do that just doesn't make sense to me.

If I have to pay come new expansion I guess I probably will but I'd like to get all the characters up to par before that.
Yeah, I don't think there's anyway of knowing when they'll offer free realm transfers. Otherwise, everyone would just wait for them instead paying for a transfer.
Just started playing WoW... I`d love to get some friends on there if any of you are interested
Anyone in the Elune server and in Alliance then add me as a friend... Moplaya is my name
Anyone going to start playing again once WoD starts?
Reading through this thread gave me feels.

I still play but no longer PvP or Raiding like a drunken Viking.

Our poor guild is on it's last legs and the GM is living in a big old mansion in De Nile.

Warlords of Draenor is pretty cool with Garrisons, but holy crapballs is it tediously boring doing the same thing everyday.

Luckily I'm an alt-aholic and just start leving up a new toon once i get to 100. :)
I was a player from early TBC and up until a week ago (with a few minor pauses here and there), but I cancelled my sub last week and I don't see myself returning again.

Unlike a lot of quitters, I didn't quit because the game had become boring, or because I disliked WoD. In fact, I thought MoP and WoD were quite refreshing expansions, and I liked both better than WotLK and Cata. The game feels the same it has always been, the problem for me is that I'm not the same person I was 7 or 8 years ago.

Ever since I got an internship (which could lead to a job), time has been limited. The little time I do have, I want to spend on fun things and doing spontaneous things, whatever I feel like. The problem with WoW for me is that it becomes a chore. It's a combination of the monthly fee, which makes you want to play as much as possible so the money is well spent, and all the weekly/daily resets. Me quitting WoW happened gradually, in the last week or two, I was only logging on to do dailies, which wasn't fun, but I felt obligated to do so, because of rep, apexis, etc etc. But even without dailies, the game boils down to doing the exact same thing every week, and once you reach a new reset, you want to do as much as possible.

I do love the universe, lore and the characters though. I just feel like it's impossible to balance WoW with other games, if you still want to keep a real life (with other hobbies) while having a job. I'm a gamer at heart and I play games like CS:GO, Rocket League, Worms Reloaded, Fifa/Football Manager quite often, but all those games are games I can put aside for a week or two and focus on other things, without "missing" anything. That's just not possible with WoW.
How many people are playing Legion?
Got the movie, debating whether or not to download the free game and two characters.
I decided to try Legion because of friends and I am really enjoying it so far. This time around I've managed to find a really nice balance of enjoying the game, but not feeling forced to play it. So far it has been easy to put the game aside and do other things, while still enjoying it a lot when I do play.

I think the key for me has been not joining a raiding guild. Being able to play when I want, and not when everyone else needs me to is a great freedom.
I finally brought a computer that I can play WOW with, but it's been 7 years since I last played this game. Are all my characters still there if I return?
I've been wanting to get back into playing the game but I just dont know anyone anymore.
I finally brought a computer that I can play WOW with, but it's been 7 years since I last played this game. Are all my characters still there if I return?

Yeah. They should be. I just re-subbed after Christmas. I hadn't played since 2008, and all of my characters were still there.

There's been soooo many quality of life improvements, in that time. It's crazy. Game is stupid-easy now though. Especially pre-level 100.
Anyone Playing WoW anymore?

Of course, bro. Legion is great. Blizzard did a great job with this expansion. I only hope they do the same in Battle of Azeroth too. Anyone planning on participating in BfA beta?
I have been playing almost nonstop since BC (though I did take an entire year off during Pandaria) but Argus has really killed it for me. It's so dull and annoying to get around. Every few steps you run into a mass of mobs and even when you aren't the terrain is awful in most of the zones. Even the "open" zones are a pain to traverse. And it feels like what it is: filler content to last us until the next expansion even though they tied a raid into it, the content itself is so damned boring.

Timeless and Tanaan were never this bad as endgame filler content.

At this point too Battle For Azeroth looks both refreshing and redundant. It's like they really should have ended it with Legion, the truly big threat to everyone. The Lich King? Done. The Burning Legion? Done. Even the Old Gods are largely handled. Now let's go and kill each other after ignoring countless "we must band together to survive" moments. The new stuff looks good and it probably will make more sense as they release more information but for now it feels we're running on empty.

I guess maybe this new in-fighting expansion is going to be thanks to one of the Old Gods or something. Because there aren't any other threats that should be left after the main antagonist behind virtually everything is defeated (that being Sargeras and the Legion).
I feel I had an epiphany today that Warcraft just doesn't interest me anymore. Seeing the latest information on BFA was like reading a boring wall of text mixed with some nice graphics that otherwise aren't compelling.

All these years playing and with nearly two months of not playing and no urge to go back, maybe this is it. Kind of nice that after well over nearly a decade and a half I don't feel the urge to go sink multiple hours into a game that has now become a time waster.

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