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How many people hope that Topher is NOT Venom?

Tangled Web

Jun 13, 2003
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I hope to God that Topher isn't Venom. He is famous for playing a goofy little boy on that 70's show. No one will take him seriously. The movie will be ridiculed.Topher has not shown the acting shops to even be considered.
I hope Topher Grace isn't Venom.
...But not for the reason people would think.

I don't want him to be Venom for the sole purpose of I not wanting Venom is Spider-Man 3. I have no problem with Topher Grace as Venom. I believe that he can pull it off Venom.
I just think that Venom deserves his own movie with Spidey.
Besides, I am looking forward to Harry becoming the Goblin.
3 Villains would be too much, and Venom should'nt to be a co-villain.

I enjoyed Grace's performance best in the movie In Good Company.

The only problem is that role wasn't a thing like Brock. I don't know if Grace could pull it off or not. I've never seen him play a part that was even remotely similar to Eddie.

So I don't know. Put me on the fence.
I'm on the fence as well. Sure, I would've preferred a more Brock-like Brock, but until Grace actuallys shows that he can't perform the role, I'll be hopeful.
I would not mind him being Venom, but not in 3. I mean Harry should be up to the plate.
GOD: Your hope is dead, Topher Grace is Eddie Brock.
Visionary said:
GOD: Your hope is dead, Topher Grace is Eddie Brock.
Yeah, I voted yes for the sole reason that I know he is playing Brock.
CConn said:
I'm on the fence as well. Sure, I would've preferred a more Brock-like Brock, but until Grace actuallys shows that he can't perform the role, I'll be hopeful.

I would like a more Peter-like Peter but we get the Tobey Maguire/Sam Raimi verison of the character and that is what we will probably get with Brock, the Topher Grace/Sam Raimi version and not the comic one.
It's pretty clear he'll be eddie brock, as much of a horrible choice Topher is for this character, doesn't appear to me that it's going to change. I guess we'll just be getting VINO.

Personally it dpeends on how they do Venom. I for one imagine Topher as an excellent version of the character, however I do not want Venom in Spider-Man 3. In fact after picturing Topher as Venom for so long, it might be hard to look at somebody else as Venom now. It might feel weird.
I'm okay with Topher being Venom, as long as he is not Venom in SM3.
Another Venom thread? He isn't even confirmed yet.
My god.... looking at the results so far, I'm thinking if Bobby Lee from MAD TV had been cast as Venom, it would have been okay with most people here.

ROTFL! [in the most scornful way possible.....]
i like topher, he's capable to do a great job as a serious character! but not as Venom cause, Venom sucks! and not Topher!
Considering there is no "on the fence" option, I can't participate in the poll. I feel left out :(.
I voted for Grace, i think hell do fine, i hope he doesnt dissapoint.
i hope he is venom because i like being surprised
Your poll doesn't go with the topic.

You asked if we thought Topher wasn't going to be Venom but the poll ask if we want him as Venom or not.

This is just a cheap way to get us falsely say that we don't think he's Venom while the majority here accept that fact.....We may not be happy but we know he's Venom.
DroolingforGwen said:
Hope he's Venom but kept to a minor role, reappearing in 4...

^The only minor role I want to see him in S-M3 is a cliffhanger.
I find it funny how the post creator, in his biased attempt to spread his Topher hatred, has created a poll that has gone the complete opposite way of how he would have wanted.
I have a question.

Why does almost everybody think that Topher is the worst and most terrible choice there is for Venom? I mean what's so bad about him?
He looks like a good Eddie Brock.

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