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Otto Octavius

Chose who you think would go good ith Lizard in SM-4
Sandman, you are simply creating to many threads which go nowhere and are completely unneeded, or have already been done.

This is unacceptable.

But for the sake of this thread, I hope Electro will be the other villain in SM-4.
With THE LIZARD as the main villain.

My secondary pick is KRAVEN.
how can the lizard be a main villain?

that must mean that you are going to give a lizard a form of sentience and an overall plot to work around.

i don't mind him being a focal point of the film but a villain, or a main one at that? No.
I just looked at the poll. Some of you people really do amaze me. Carnage? Shocker? I don't know if I should cry or laugh.

Anyway, I pick kraven. It just makes more sense.
You know Sony could have other ideas that include Lizard but not Kraven whether you may accept that or not... it is just going to be sad to see a lot of people pi##ing up the ass if Kraven gets cut from the script while Lizard gets the nod.
I want Electro.

No Kraven...he's too weird.
I have two choices in which I made my own little Spider-Man 4 plot summaries.

One is Lizard as the main and Kraven as secondary arriving to New York for his last hunt since there is nothing else to over-power, but there is Spidey left...until he witnesses the Lizard. Final battle: Spider-Man, Lizard and Kraven and then turns into Spider-Man and a weakened, almost dead Lizard against Kraven. Dr. Connors lives, but still with no long-term cure; Kraven dies.

And then the second one is just my little wish if they were to continue the symbiote-treatment in which that little strand in Dr. Connors' lab is shown. Lizard is still main, and the only true real villain throughout almost the whole movie, but one of the fights before the finale, Lizard cuts Spidey and when Dr. Connors wakes up, half-naked at his office, he sees pieces of Spidey's suit that he ripped and some blood on his fingers/nails that's from Spidey too and mixes it with the symbiote to think if it can cure him(if the symbiote can attract a host and do what it did to Venom, it's possible it could heal Dr. Connors' arm and cure him of his new disease of being the Lizard) and soon creates the ULTIMATE version of Carnage(the little strand of symbiote, Spidey's blood, Spidey's DNA from the piece of his suit and Dr. Connors' own blood) and the Carnage being breaks out, causing a little fight envolving it and the Lizard as it escapes, and Lizard goes after it, causing a final battle with Spider-Man and Lizard as allies going against Carnage. Dr. Connors lives with no long-term cure; Carnage dies from a smoke stack similar to its death from the Ultimate comics.
Lizard and Kraven go together like peanut butter and chocolate.
Lizard and Electro go together like spaghetti and sauce.
you know who, might work within the lizard story
Morbius (I actually don't really like him for a movie villain, but..)
if Connors is experimenting with a lizard DNA project of some sort, and one of his students or colleagues (Micheal Morbius) finds out about his research (trys to steal the idea) and recreates it with using bats instead of lizards (believing, that it will be a scientific break through, that will make him famous, or whatever, idk) something goes wrong and he's turn in to a genetic (human bat) vampire
it would tie in with out a completely separate subplot, that would be needed to introduce other villains
ideal cast- Jared Leto

as for from the list

Scorpion- could be good, JJ founds the creation of him to stop the lizard (to be seen as a hero, and discredit spidey at the same time) and secretly planning on having him go after, and kill spider-man as will

Vulture- it would give the movie that from above and from below, element, with him fling in the sky, and lizard hiding down in the sewers
his story wouldn't real have a connect to either spidey him self (until their first encounter, when spidey tries to stop him form doing whatever) or would it tie in with the lizard story, (or at least, not in anyway way I can think of right now), but, would still be cool

Kraven- obviously, a giant man lizard, would peak the interest of the worlds greatest big game hunter, which would work good enough for his tie in to the story
Lizard and Electro go together like spaghetti and sauce.
Of course! Once you put a lizard in a room full of electricity, the lizard is very likely to remain in tact, especially when you put a spider in the room too.:cwink:

I think Scorpion and Kraven would be a good extra 2. Scorpion embodies a similar situation as Lizard and Spider-Man but he doesn't want to be in that situation at all when he realizes what happened is permanent. He becomes paranoid and filled with a sort of animalistic fear; opposed to anyone who tries to use or "help" him. The Lizard is put into that situation and is trying as hard as possible to control himself without much avail. He commits actions against his will while being stuck in a body he can't quite adjust to. And Kraven? This is like the hunt of the century, a giant lizard, Spider-Man and a Scorpion dude.

This could possibly show a spectrum of:
Complete Control - Self-Control - Lacking Control - Completely Uncontrolled
-Kraven who embodies those who have control of situations outside the normal range of others.
-Spider-Man who controls himself very well in the name of good.
-Scorpion who has a hard time controlling himself due to his paranoia.
-Lizard who wants control but cannot do so.
Lizard and Electro go together like spaghetti and sauce.

Lizard and Kraven go together like a lock and key.

Lizard and Electro go together like a fish and a bicycle.

Lizard and Kraven for the win, 2010.

Vulture and Electro in 2012.
I can guarantee that Kraven won't be in SM4 as long as Raimi is attached to the project. He has expressed interest in both Electro and Lizard and that's that.

Kraven, if I had it my way, wouldn't show up at all.
I can guarantee that Kraven won't be in SM4 as long as Raimi is attached to the project. He has expressed interest in both Electro and Lizard and that's that.

Kraven, if I had it my way, wouldn't show up at all.

With all due respect, that's a pretty stupid garauntee. Raimi merely not expressing interest in Kraven publicly, frankly, means very little. To jump to the conclusion that there's no way that the movie will possibly have any villains other than the two he mentioned out loud is ludicrous, especially since he's not writing the script, Grant Curtis did express interest in Kraven, and Venom made it into Spider-Man 3. Raimi specifically said Venom would never be in one of his movies, so to suggest that because he didn't mention Kraven, it's garaunteed he won't be in Spider-Man 4 is absurd.
Oh no, you misunderstood. Raimi was forced to include Venom, yes, but that's because he was already underway and contracted to direct.

This case, however, Raimi doesn't need to return. Thus, if he was going to return, I doubt he'd settle for a character he doesn't want.
No...that's what I'm saying. He's not going to return if he doesn't like the script. But, if the studio really wants him back (which I hope they do), maybe they'll let him and his brother take a crack at revising the script.

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