The Flash The Flash Season 3 episode 19 "The Once and Future Flash"

I always wonder what the rest of the world is like when they do episodes like these where without Barry, Central City goes to trash.
The way his hair is down like that, future depressed Barry Allen looks a bit like Ezra Miller's Barry Allen does in the films.
I love how Caitlins hair is still perfectly curled after being locked up for however long.
I'm guessing Savitar is [blackout] One of Barry's time remnants. [/blackout]
"Secrets always were our thing, weren't they?"- Caitlin Snow. Going forward, Team Flash needs to plaster that quote all over S.T.A.R. Labs.
Lol, HR writes romance novels.

Playing a villain on this show seems like it would be such fun.
If this is how he handles episodes, and has this kind of writing, I'd be up for Tom Cavanagh directing another episode.
Yes lets run away from 2 guys who can run super fast. Splitting up is even smarter when it is only 2 of them??????

They should've given Barry some stronger baddies to face off against since he knows how Tops powers work so he just stares at her continuously in order for her to get the best of him.
I agree with NotNickFury about Cavanaugh directing future episodes. This is good stuff.

How does Cisco's device work, though? It dampens Mirror Master's powers and allows them to follow him into mirrors?
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I can't explain why, but I'm reminded of that Justice League episode "Hereafter" where Superman 'dies,' ends up in the future that Vandal Savage created where he's the sole survivor, and ends up going back in order to prevent that from happening.
If it isn't some variation of Barry, then my second guess is Ronnie or it is somehow original Harrison Wells.
I'm still convinced Savitar is Barry.
I thought this was a pretty solid episode all around, between Grant's acting, Tom's directing, and Blake Neely's score. I'm surprised they went with a tease instead of a full reveal as they've done in the past with identity reveals.

The future Flash suit looks leagues better than he current one, I hope they use it for season 4.
^ That's what I'm thinking. That after the whole Savitar saga is over Barry will start using the new suit.
future Barry Allen looks like Leon Kennedy's form the Resident Evil CG movies
I actually kind of hope Savitar isn't Barry because that would be the most obvious option.

Personally, I feel like they've dragged this out so much that any reveal that isn't totally insane would still be a letdown.
I can't think of a reveal that would be insane enough to not be a letdown at this point. They're never gonna top the Reverse Flash reveal, or even Zoom.
I may be alone on this but I honestly thought the Zoom reveal made no sense whatsoever.
I'd like Eddie to be Savitar, as unlikely as that sounds. We never got to see what happened after his body went through that wormhole in S1.
Like the costume, not a fan of moapy Barry, absolutely hate "alternate personality for no reason" Caitlyn.

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