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The Official TIH Theatrical Trailer Anticipation Thread

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Jun 9, 2007
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...come up with what YOU think the trailer will be like based on the Official synopsis. Narrate what it is you would like to see in the first teaser. I think this should be fun based on all the creative posters here at SHH.Do you think it will be in flashbacks? What's your opinion?
I guess we'll only see a glimpse of the transformation:hulk:
where's the option for "they will skip the teaser and give us a full trailer"?
I believe it will be somewhat partial shots of all of the above, except the narration. Fast cutting and intense. Thus I don't feel like I can vote for just one of these choices.
Will it just show Banner and no Hulk?
Will it just be narrated like Batman's?

If either of these happen, kittens will die. "I'm a man of my word."

I'm betting on every other option besides these two to be seen in the trailer. They have to tell us what this is about, impress us, and tease us with that final battle. That's a lot to be done in a little more than two minutes.
I just want it to end in an over the shoulder shot of Abomination staring down Hulk in Harlem followed by Hulk's roar as in the script. That would be supreme.
I want to see Banner in Brazil and shots of how Hulk and Abomb came to be. Then we have the final montage with captions about "Banner embracing the monster within to save the woman he loves etc" and an awesome final shot of the Hulk slamming into Abomb. I want the audience to have a good look of the Hulk transforming and the brutal look of his new face.
Dark Knight's teaser was terrible and a waste of space.

I hate those kinds of teasers. Hate em'.
The second trailer was pretty awesome though.
I'd like to see the trailer showing someone foolishly starting trouble with Banner, muggers or a gang or something. We see the green eyes, reaction shot of the troublemakers watching the transformation, then BOOM, big green standing there in all his glory. Then while the movie announcer guy goes announces the release of the film this summer (along with whatever tagline the ad guys have come up with), we see shots of the Hulk in action interspersed with the shots of Norton, Roth, Tyler, and the other stars.
I'd be okay with seeing all of that, but I hate trailers with outside narration.
We should have been able to choose more than one options. Or maybe this more suits the full trailer, who knows, anyway this is what I would like to see.

A fast paced action pack teaser that gives a glimpse of the transformation, after which shows Hulk's face and end it off with a flash scene of the final battle.
I think Universal strategy is wait the right moment for a teaser trailer. The question is: when is the right moment for a teaser trailer release?
Howcome there isn't an option in the poll that says -WILL WE EVER GET THAT FREAKEN TRAILER!?-. Cause I gotta tell ya, at this point in time, I'm seriously beginning to wonder!
I think Universal strategy is wait the right moment for a teaser trailer. The question is: when is the right moment for a teaser trailer release?

Not Universal's strategy but Marvel's. Marvel is handling marketing and do not want to market Hulk and Iron Man against each other cos Hulk's marketing could hurt and affect Iron Man's.

We are gonna get something very soon.
Considering that the movie comes out in like 1/4 of a year, they dont really have time to "tease" us.
Sounds damned cool. Gives me hope that the TIH trailer is ready (or almost ready) to make it's debut. :bh:
has anybody seen the seen the article on aintcool appernatly a hulk tralier was shown http://www.aintitcool.com/node/35566

"I thought the shown footage was awesome. It promises much more action than the Ang Lee movie, a great love story and an even greater fight."

:bh: :up:

"Remember the end of Rocky III? Apollo Creed wants to hit Rocky in their friendly duel? That’s exactly the way the trailer ends. Abomination wants to hit Hulk. Hulk wants to hit Abomination, but before it actually happens the trailer is over."

Reading this just makes me smile.

See, it's not far off now.
how can the trailer show more action then ang lees hulk?
it would have to be 100% action to gave this feeling.
Have patience guys and we'll get something awesome. Would you rather have had a half-ass trailer a month ago and then have Marvel dealing with negative word of mouth for months...or let them come out of nowhere and shock us. :)
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