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Jan 19, 2010
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Welcome to The Pokémon "Turquoise Version" RPG

Much like the other RPGs within the SuperHeroHype! Boards, this roleplaying game is designed for a new Pokémon Region in which all of the Pokémon from Generations I through IV can co-exist. This is a mature look on the Pokémon Universe that has otherwise in the past been viewed as childish.

Given this is the first season, the only pre-established history is the history of the Toruko Region and the information provided about the Gym Leaders of this new region.

trustyside-kick - Game Master
SuperFerret - Assistant GM
Carnage27 - Assistant GM



You may play as any 2 human characters from the games, comics, anime, or you may choose to create your own character. Just be sure to assign them a class. You may not, however, be able to play any members of the Elite Four or the defending Champion of this Pokémon Leage.

Our region is the new Toruko Region, but your character can be native to either the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh regions if you desire it to be so. Please note that the Seafoam Islands in the Toruko Regions is the same Seafoam Islands from the Kanto Region but the Mt. Pyre in the Toruko Region is not the same Mt. Pyre in the Hoenn Region.

You are allowed to carry 6 Pokémon at a time. If you have more than 6 Pokémon the rest must remain in some sort of storage.

Legendaries may not be caught, beaten, or killed. But you are allowed to interact with him by chasing them and challenging them.

When battling one of the Gym Leaders, keep in mind that just because they have 6 Pokémon at least for battling they will not always use six. Just like in the show, the Gym Leader will only use as many Pokémon as the challenger has. So if you are battling an NPC Gym Leader keep that in mind when you challenge them. If you are interacting with a PC Gym Leader, the player playing the Gym Leader must honor this rule.

Battling is like the show, so you can have your Pokémon dodge attacks and combo attacks like Agility+Quick Attack for example. You are not restricted to only 4 moves per Pokémon unlike the video games. Your Pokémon may perform any move they are able to naturally learn, but please be wise about this. I love Squirtle. He is my FAVORITE Pokémon, but if my trainer is a new trainer who just got his first Squirtle, my Squirtle shouldn't be performing Hydro Pump as though it was something as basic as Bubble. So we please ask that you be smart and mature about the moves your Pokémon performs depending on how powerful it is.

Hidden Moves (HMs) do not exist in this RPG. Just think about it, if you have to teach your Blastoise Surf just to ride on its back when it is a fairly large Water-type Pokémon, or if you have to teach your Charizard Fly just to ride on its back when it is a fairly large Fire-type Pokémon that can fly...that isn't realistic at all. You shouldn't have to teach a Pokémon Cut if they have claws. Just be reasonable here. Obviously, you aren't going to be flying on the back of a Pidgey or Spearow because they are so tiny. But it isn't so farfetched to hang onto your Squirtle and swim a distance but it shouldn't be a great distance because obviously the Pokémon would get tired from pulling on your weight with Squirtle being so small. So just be realistic given that this is not the video game. Technical Moves however are in the game and are explained below after the rules and other information.

Know your Pokémon an their weaknesses. Just because you are writing your own story does not mean you can ignore the fact that Water-type Pokémon have a weakness to Electric and Grass-type attacks, unless it is a Water-type Pokémon whose second type allows them to have an immunity or resistance (ex: Swampert is a Water/Ground-type so he Electric attacks do not work on it). If you are unsure what attacks your Pokemon is weaker against or has resistance or immunity against, please check this website and scroll down either numerically or alphabetically to find the Pokémon you are searching for. Undernearth the "Evolution Chain" box you will see a "Damage Taken" box which will tell you specifically what type of moves your Pokémon are affected by and how.

Constructive criticism of posts can be given, but don't be an jerk about it and openly criticize another's work.

Communication is the one word to live by for the RPGs. Good communication between players not only helps the flow of the arc and increases the enjoyment of the storytelling process, but it also helps create new twists and ideas that can make for some memorable stories.

Several stories can be going at once, and you have the freedom to interact with other characters.

You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred that you post more. If you go two weeks without a post without prior notice, your character is up for grabs.

The Gamemasters have the final say in matters in the RPG. You may not always like their judgement, but that's life. Arguing about it is not only pointless, but does absolutely nothing to help your cause.

There should be minimal cursing and swearing in posts. Even though we are taking a mature spin on the world of Pokémon, you should not be dropping f-bombs just because it is "in character" all over the place.

There will be NO bypassing of the Hype! censor. This is a Hype! rule and no exceptions will be made.

People who disobey these rules, some more major than others, will get booted from the RPG by the Gamemasters. Further problems will cause the Hype! Mods to get involved and lead to bannings and possibly worse.


The Legend of Tereant



The Gym Leaders of the Toruko Region


The Pokemon League of the Toruko Region







Applications for this game as well as the current roster can be found in the OOC thread. For the World Map of the Toruko Region, as well as the Maps of the Towns & Areas of the Toruko Region, please click here.

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Cael stood triumphantly on his half of the large Battle Hall of the Galena City Gym. “Good try, Tube.”

The teenage boy sighed, calling his now unconscious Machop in. "I got my butt kicked."

Cael chuckled. "Yeah, but you're improving." He turned to his Makuhita, who was panting from the battle. "He's getting better, isn't he?" Makuhita nodded; Cael grinned at the boy. "See?"

"Well, thanks for the practice, Cael. I better get home before dinner gets cold."

"No problem, kid."
Cael pulled a Pokeball from his belt, calling Makuhita back.

Suddenly, a voice came over the intercom. "Cael to the meeting room, please. Cael to the meeting room."

Cael sighed. "What could they want this time?"


Cael approached the meeting room to find two police officers standing outside the room. "Officers? What can I do for you?"

One of the officers pulled a picture from his pocket, handing it to Cael. "Another attack. This time it appears that they were Ice Pokemon."

Cael took the picture, staring at it long and hard. It was a picture of a large building on the outskirts of Galena City; its windows were shattered and the entire building was covered in a thick sheet of ice. "Have your people gotten any closer to finding any clues?"

The officer shook his head. "Nothing. These guys, whoever they are, are good. They did, however, steal an entire shipment of evolutionary stones."

Cael handed the officer the picture. "I'm going to have to see this one for myself." Without another word, he walked past the two officers, already holding a Pokeball in his hand. As soon as he reached the entrance, he threw it to the ground. In a billow of light, a large Skarmory appeared. "Lets head to the southwest corner of town. I'm sick of waiting around for these cops to find clues." The Skarmory nodded as Cael mounted it. "I doubt they would even know what to look for." With that, they flew into the sky, leaving the gym far below them.

Shade stared at the man who was cowering below him, turned to his black Charizard, then back to the man. "I don't care how confidential your files are."

The man blubbered as he tried to his his words. "I...I...I could lose my job. I have a family."

Shade sighed, visably exasperated. "Charizard, give him a taste of what will happen if he doesn't cooperate."

The Charizard quickly spun around and smacked the man in the gut with its flaming tail, igniting his clothes on fire as he was sent across the room, crashing into a bookcase.

"Aaahh! Oh ****!" He quickly patted his clothes as they burned, putting out the flames.

Shade grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and slammed him hard into the concrete floor. "WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!"

The man stammerred. "You'll never get into the vault. Its two feet of reinforced steel with a complex encryption entry sytem. You kill me and you lose your way in."

Shade stopped for a moment, eying the man with disdain, then slammed him into the ground again. "THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, DIP****!" He motioned his Charizard closer, then grabbed its tail and pushed it into his face. The smell of burning flesh filled the room as the man let out a horrific scream.

"GYEAH!!!!!! I'll talk!!! I'LL TALK!!!!"

Shade pulled away the flaming tail, the sizzling sound of flesh filling his ears. He grinned slightly. "That's better."

The man held his face in agony. " face. Oh ****."

Shade extended his hand and helped the man up. "Once we have what we need I'll get my Umbreon to fix you up." He hesitated, turning back to Charizard. "Don't help us, and I'll let Charizard finish was he started."

The man nodded, almost overcome with pain. "Th...this way." Shade and Charizard walked down the hallway of the building, Charizard's tail charring the walls slightly as they made their way toward the vault. As they reached the vault, the man fumbled at the keypad. "I...I..." He fell to his knees, over come with pain.

Shade grabbed him by the neck, pulling him back onto his feet, screaming heartlessly. "ENTER THE CODE!!!"

The man quickly entered the code and collapsed on the ground. Slowly the vault opened, revealing a large room filled with drawers of files. He turned and looked at Charizard, then the man, then back to Charizard. "Rock Smash. Brick Breaker. Take your pick." He snickered as the man whimpered, then quickly turning back to the vault as the sound of the man's crushing skull filled the vault.

Shade moved through the vault, finding the drawer he was looking for. "Ah...there it is. The Seafoam Island Articuno." He opened the drawer and took every file in it, placing it in his backpack.

Vincent Rivers - Gym Leader & Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

"Hm, I think I know the problem."

Vincent reaches into the turtle Pokemon's shell, but not far enough to cause great discomfort, and the Wartortle cringes a bit. Seconds later Vincent pulls out what looks like a poison barb from the inside of its shell.

"While on Route 114 heading to the ferry, did you happen to pass by any Pokemon?"

"Yea, a Beedrill came flying out of no where and started to attack. So I let Wartortle out of its ball and we battled the Beedrill. He barely got him, though. My Wartortle is way too quick on his feet to be beaten by the likes of a wild Beedrill."

"Well it looks like your Wartortle wasn't as quick as you thought and the Beedrill nearly 'nicked him. My guess is a Pin Missile attack just barely got him and at a nasty spot too. That's why your Wartortle was feeling woozy the entire boat trip here; he's poisoned."

Vincent gets up, pats the turtle Pokemon on the shell, and pulls out a notepad from his pocket. Leaning on the table, he starts to jot something down with a pen. He tears the paper off from the notepad and hands it to the young trainer with a smile.

"Give this to Professor Campbell and he'll give you the perfect antidote that suits your Pokemon's size and weight."

"Wow...thanks Vincent!"

The young trainer starts to trail off with his Wartortle following, and another kid, much younger than the last walks in. Vincent looks at the puzzled kid, puzzled himself actually, and approaches him as the young boy simply remains at the doorway.

"Can I help you?"

"Uh...yea...I have an appointment with mom said his name is Howard Cam--"

"Ah, Professor Campbell. Oh! You must be Clive. Right this way."

Vincent leads the young boy Clive through the facility to Professor Howard Campbell's office. As they reach the door, the previous trainer whose Wartortle was poisoned opens the door and exits, giving Vincent a wink and thumbs up for the help. Vincent gestures the young boy to walk ahead into the office, and enters as well, closing the door behind him. Professor Campbell gets up from his desk, examining the young boy.

"So, Clive...excited?"

"Um...yes, sir."

"Huh...strange. For someone who is about to receive their first Pokemon, you don't sound too excited at all."

"Well I-uh...I'm a little scared to be honest."

"Scared! Haha! There's nothing to be scared about at all. Pokemon are wonderful creatures! And part of our world too. Why, there is not a place you will go where you will not catch eye of a wandering, wild Pokemon. Vincent."

Recognizing Professor Campbell's signal, Vincent takes three Pokeballs out of a satchel lying on the bookshelf of Professor Campbell's office. He lays the three Pokeballs out on the desk before Professor Campbell and Clive, and Professor Campbell examines the three Pokeballs.

"Hmm, I think of the three this Pokemon would suit you best."

As the old man points to the Pokeball on the right, Clive reaches out and grabs the Pokeball. The young boy looks at both Professor Campbell and Vincent for approval, and they both nod. Clive tosses the Pokeball to the floor, and a Mudkip pops out. Instantly the loving and small mudfish Pokemon tackles young Clive, licking him on the face.


Instantly the young boy's fear of Pokemon is cleared, and he picks up the baby Mudkip.

"I'm going to call you Kip."

"And a fine name that is, Clive. Now, Mudkip is a Water/Ground-type Pokemon, so--"

As Professor Campbell starts to tell the young boy, and now new trainer Clive, about his pokemon, Vincent goes off in another world as he stares at a photograph in Professor Campbell's office. His dad's first Pokemon was a Mudkip, and that Mudkip soon evolved into a Marshtomp and then into a Swampert as it was his key companion whenever his father went on his absurd and crazy journeys in search of rare Water-type Pokemon. It is as though a spell is placed upon Vincent; he simply cannot stop staring at the photograph of his father: the day he found and caught the Pokemon Relicanth and brought it to the Offshore Gym Research Facility.

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An Older man in a Suit, Shaved Head, probably in his mid- 50's is sitting at his desk. The Man reaches over and takes a sip of his coffee, and then turns on the radio, and pops in an old Cassette Tape. The tape plays..

To Protect the World from Devastation.
To Unite all People within our Nation.
To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love.
To Extend our Reach to the Stars Above.
Team Rocket Blasts off at the Speed of Light.
Surrender Now, or Prepare to Fight.

"Oh my, I do miss hearing that.. Heh heh." The older man softly says to himself.

A Young Man walks into the room, escorted by two men in black suits.

"Father, I'm here.. what do you need me to do now?" The Young man says in a quick stern tone.

"Jonathan! What did I tell you about the attitude?" The older man quickly clearly states with a slight smirk on his face. "Never mind, you must obtain something for me, something of great importance. I'll give you the description of the Item and where it is in an Email. Now Go, Defeat the Traitor Koga and get that badge! Finish what I started Son!"

Jonathan, smirking, Nods without saying a word and leaves the room...

~~Three Weeks later~~

Somewhere in The Toruko Region...
"Little boy! You better hand over all of your Pokéballs and that very attractive Pokémon that you have there, or I will have my Rhydon here crush you!" Jonathan Yells at a youngster in a field!

The boy just stands there scared and shaken, confused...
"whuh? ... .. wh.. wh.. why do you want my Voltorb?.. my Dad gave him to me, so I can train.. .." The boy takes a few steps back, searching for a place to escape..

"You honestly think I'm joking? Hah!" Jonathan yells once more, questioning.. then clearing his throat, stares with an evil smile into the boys glossy eyes.. and then quietly announces to the Safari Ball in his clenched fist. "Get him, Rhydon"

Rhydon Slams out of the Safari Ball!

the boy is frightened and screams. "Oh no, please!!.. don't hurt my voltorb!!.."
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Aaron Camperton

“ Take good care of yourself, Aaron, it’s a rough road waiting ahead for you, but I know you’ll make your poor old mother proud.” Melissa Camperton, known as a powerful woman, had tears pouring from her glistening hazel eyes, proving that anybody can crack. Her beloved son Aaron was leaving her and his father to pursue his dream of becoming one of the best Pokemon trainers ever. Ever since they moved from big time Saffron City to the much peaceful Riptide Village, Aaron has been swearing to himself that he’ll leave the miniscule village and topple the 8 Gym Leaders that are supposedly the best of the best. We’ll see about that…

“ Trust me Melissa, I’ll survive,” Aaron flashed his trademark tiny grin and stared at his beautiful mother with his inherited hazel eyes, trying to bring joy to the tearful brunette.

“Call me, Mom. You’re still my baby boy, no matter what you do.” Melissa wipes away her tears of both joy and sorrow, smiling at her handsome “ baby boy “,“ I guess you should hit the road…your father would love to be here, he just had to finish up some business in Sparkplug City…and make sure Chubs doesn’t get too much trouble too,” She pointed to the plump Muchlax who was chomping on some berries not too far away. Aaron chuckled at the sight of Chub-Chub, the crazy Muchlax. The mother and son embrace, Melissa once again starting the flow of tears down her pure face.

“ Bye, mom. I’ll be back to ole Riptide before you know it,” Aaron slowly turned towards Riptide Village’s northern exit, leaving his mother in his wake, leaving his island home of 2 years, and heading towards his new future, “Come on Chub-Chub! We’ve got some work to do!” The stocky Pokemon quickly stumbled after Aaron, and at the village’s exit, turned to Mrs. Camperton and let out a loud but sad cry that represented a goodbye.

I watch the red Gyarados swim leisurely back and forth in the room-dominating aquarium I had built for it. It's a beautiful specimen, from the Johto region, and it's as expensive as it is rare. In so many ways, I empathize with the beast. We are both unique, powerful and feared.

But my commonalities with the Pokémon are the farthest from my thoughts now. I’ve been hearing more and more rumors that the Ditto poachers I sent out to Route 110 were experiencing difficulties with the Slagville Police Department. Fools, the Corphish that I gave each of them should be more than capable of taking out the Growlithes that the Police use. Time for more extreme measures, I guess.

I press the button on the third Pokéball on my belt, releasing its occupant. My Scyther, Scherox, appears before me. He bows.

“Stand up, I have an assignment for you.” He nods slightly, “The Slagville Police are causing problems for our Ditto harvesting plans. You know that trainers will pay highly for breeding aged Dittos, especially after we deplete their wild populations. Go, do what you can to ensure that our plans come to fruition.”

He turns, fluttering his wings as he heads up towards the skylight. Before he flies out into the night, I stop him.

“Scherox, feel free to kill any of the officers if they interfere too much.”

Shade held on tightly as his jet black Charizard circled the urban center of the Seafoam Islands. "This is our home for the time being, Charizard. We need to be careful not to draw attention to ourselves just yet."

Charizard grunted in agreement. Shade knew, however, that a black Charizard would be sure to draw attention anyways, so he would have to lay on his charm nice and thick for the locals.

"According to the map there should be a hostel for travelling trainers near the Pokemon gym." After all, the local gym leader was a member of the family that claimed to have discovered the legendary Pokemon Articuno in the Seafoam Islands. "We'll crash there for tonight."

Charizard grunted again, suddenly diving down toward the town below. They landed on the outskirts of town, attracting only the attention of an old man fishing off of a dock.

"Good afternoon, sir!"
Shade layed his charm on thick, nodding at the man as he approached him. "I am a Pokemon trainer here to challenge the resident gym-"

The man grunted, pointing down a dirt pathway, then turned back to his fishing pole.

Shade hesitated for a moment, then politely thanked the man for his time. He then called his Charizard back into its Pokeball; he didn't want to attract too much attention too quickly. He started down the road toward where he knew the Pokemon Center and Gym were located on the map. "A bunch of unrefined fishermen and water nuts. This could turn out to be a very interesting weekend."

This is are about to come face to face with the best Herbalist and Brewer of the entire Toruko region, and one of the best in the world. You've made your impression in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and not to remember much from Sinnoh but at least you got some great berries there...gotta make an impression in front of Mr. Greene.

As Owen continues to ride on his Tropius, setting course for Willow Town, his mind starts to trail at the possible findings he will have in the Toruko Region.

"Maybe there will be new types of berries and herbs...and the weather...oh I bet the weather is just perfect if Blake Greene is as good as an herbalist as they say he is. I'm sure he knows the perfect spots to plant and grow."

Owen's Tropius gets him out of his spacing out phase, making it clear to him that they are now coming in view of the Toruko Region. Owen can already see Mount Pyre from here...and is already thinking about what plants could possibly be indigenous to that volcanic soil. He simply cannot wait to join the Greene Effort and embark on his journey throughout the entire Toruko Region.

International Police Headquarters
Location Unknown
2 Days Ago

"Come on now, Bridg," I give the puppy eyes to Bridgette, a fellow agent, "are you going to keep rejecting me?"

She smiles back, "I don't know. Are going to keep up your...escapades on your missions?"

"Not if you say-"

"SEAFOAM! My office! NOW!" I hear Senior Agent Stonewall call from the other side of the bullpen. I stand, smile to Bridgette, and head for the office dreading whatever Stonewall has in store for me, my Empoleon Neptune following close behind.

"Yes, sir?" I ask walking in and sitting down.

"I'm sending you on a new assignment. Toruku has been experiencing a crime wave of epic proportions. A crime wave the seems to be organized, and has many different heads to it. This is a monster, Agent Seafoam, and you need to kill it."

"Understood, sir."

Seaway Ferry
En route to Toruku Region

I smile at the girl sitting across from me at the bar, swirling my drink in my hand as I do so. I can hear Neptune behind me let out a scoff. I turn and smile at him, "You're always so career driven. Can't I have some fun sometime?"

She flips her long, blond hair out of her face and slides around to my side, "Hi...I'm Erika. Traveling alone?"

"Other than my buddy Neptune and my other Pokemon. But I'd love some human companionship. Buy you a drink?"

She smiles and places her hand on my leg, "I'd rather see your room."

I flash her my trademark smile, while simultaneously releasing my Wartortle, Poseidon, from his Pokeball, "Po, you and Nep go for a swim. I'm going to take a nap."

Toruku Region

I walk confidently into the city, Neptune at the ready next to me. The police have had problems with Ditto poachers here, and I figured it was as good as a spot as any to start.

I push the door open to the Police Station, and am instantly greeted by Officer Jenny, "Hi! You must be-"

"Stop. Right now," I cut her off. These local cops are a bunch of morons, and it's no surprise they can't catch a bunch of poachers. "Tell me everything, leave nothing out."


Vincent Rivers - Gym Leader & Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

After the young trainer Clive got his first Pokemon, a Mudkip, Vincent ventured to the Seaside Resort of the Offshore Gym Facility. At the Seaside Resort is where not only his, but several other Water-type Pokemon reside. By having his Water-type Pokemon live here, out of their Pokeballs at all times, Vincent is able to gain trust to wandering Water-type Pokemon that may be perhaps injured, or lost from their groups. The only times Vincent ever returns his Pokemon into their Pokeballs, is when he has to travel somewhere with them for research and defense purposes, and of course when a trainer challenges him to a Gym Battle.

"Alright, Blastoise, come on out. You too, Squirt."

As the Pokemon Aide throws two Pokeballs, his Blastoise and baby Squirtle pop out. Blastoise, Vincent's very first Pokemon and closest companion, dips into the water and floats in the soothing waters. His newly hatched Squirtle, however, that he has dubbed 'Squirt' remains outside the water, not wanting to leave Vincent's side.

"Haha, how many times do I have to tell you Squirt? I'm not going anywhere. Don't you want to get some fresh air and play with some of the other Pokemon?"

Squirt nods in disagreement, grabbing onto Vincent's leg life an infant. The Gym Leader chuckles, taking Squirt on his back.

"I'll just be a minute, Blastoise. Gonna go check up on Seth. Afterwards, I wanted to venture into the mainland along with Torkoal and Turtwig."

The faithful Pokemon nods, and submerges into the deep. Visible as a large shadow swimming through the water, it eventually resurfaces and lies down on the opposite coast of the Seaside Resort where some other Water-type Pokemon remain.

Exiting the Seaside Resort, Vincent has to walk completely out to through the front door of the Offshore Gym Research Facility. Making his way to the Offshore Gym doors, he unlocks the door and passes through. The entire time, Squirt remains latched onto his back, and it just causes Vincent to smile with how much love the tiny turtle Pokemon has for him; like the love for a parent. Exiting through the back entrance, the two walk up to the cave entrance which leads to the Iceberg Lounge. Squirt is a little timid and scared, pouncing off of Vincent's back and not wanting to enter.

"Ah, come on, Squirt? Don't you want to say hi to Seth? You remember Seth, right? Well, that's where he is...that's the only place he ever is it seems since the accident. He should be resting in a bed, and not residing in an ice cave when he nearly died of frost bite but...that's my brother for you."

The small Pokemon eventually nods, and as Vincent gestures it, extending his hand, the Squirtle rides up his arm and latches right back onto his back like before. The enter the cave entrance to the Iceberg Lounge, and pass through the corridors of the cave. Taking a left eventually, Vincent spots his brother.


"Discussing battle tactics with your Mamoswine, Seth, when you should be in bed or at least...some place not chilly. Typical."

"Little bro."

Seth turns around at the sound of Vincent's voice, and before he can make way to his brother Seth's Abomasnow beats him, grabbing Vincent by the shoulders. Squirt squeals scared and runs onto Abomasnow's arms to avoid being grabbed as well, jumping off of the frosted tree Pokemon's back.

"Haha. I guess Abomasnow felt he hasn't properly thanked you still after you saved his baby Snover's life that time you took it along while on Route 110 where that wild Camerupt attacked."

"Heh, really, was nothing. Now uh...can you let me down please?"

The jolly, large Pokemon, nods and obeys Vincent's plea. The second that Abomasnow comes to greet the baby Squirtle, Squirt runs off to hide behind Vincent's leg.

"Er, sorry. Squirt's still really shy; attached to me only and his dad, Blastoise."

"Oh, so the egg finally hatched."

"Finally hatched? was several weeks ago, Seth. You've just been a ghost. What's been with you, man?"

"'s been two years since my run-in with Articuno, Vinny. And 8 years since dad disappeared. Matter a fact, the 'anniversary' I guess you could call it of his disappearance is just days away. Noticed that a few weeks ago and...well, I've just wanted some time to myself."

Vincent walks up to his older brother, placing his hand his shoulder, and tries to offer some support.

"I get it, man. Just...try not to be such a ghost anymore, alright? I came down here because I was hoping I could pull you away from here and join me on a quick trip to the mainland."

"Sounds like a plan. What's the purpose of the trip?"
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Cael's Skarmory landed hard, its talons clanging loudly, on the pavement in front of the house which was still covered in ice. "This is worse than I thought." He patted Skarmory on the head as he dismounted.

The house was entirely coated in six inches of solid, clear ice. Beneath the ice, Cael could see the door had been broken down.

One of the police officers on-scene approached Cael. "It's like the other break-ins lately. Nobody inside, door smashed in, and damaged by some sort of elemental attack." The other homes were overtaken by vines or completely flooded. "What do you make of it?"

Cael ignored the police officer, staring closer at the house, then grabbed two Pokeballs from his waist, tossing them to the ground. "Makuhita. Bulbasaur. We need to find some evidence." In a flash of light, the two Pokemon appeared, and Cael walked between them. They were both fixed on him. "Until the ice melts there's no way to find out if something's been stolen, but in the mean time there's got to be something that will help us."

They both grunted and ran under the yellow "Do Not Cross" tape toward the house. The police officer began to protest, but Cael walked past him, under the yellow tape, and onto the lawn. "Officer, I'm here as a Pokemon specialist. The people of this city trust me as much as they trust you." He knelt down, pulled out a set of tweezers, and pulled a blue hair from the grass. He turned to the officer. "Your guys miss something?"

The officer crouched next to him. "What is it?"

Cael stood up, placing it in a plastic baggie. "Evidence." He paused. "From the look of it and the amount of damage done to this building, I'd guess a Glaceon." He placed it in his pocket. "I'll take it back to the gym and take a look in my lab."

Suddenly, Cael heard Bulbasaur grunt from the opposite side of the lawn. He ran over to him, and Bulbasaur motioned toward a paw print. He pulled a small treat from his jacket and fed it to Bulbasaur, patting him on the head. "Good find, buddy." The pawprint was surrounded by burnt grass and earth.

The officer crounched next to him. " Ninetails? Houndoom maybe?"

He stood up and turned to the officer. "Flareon." He turned once again to his Bulbasaur, as well as Makuhita who had come returned to Cael. "Good work, fellas." He called them both back into their Pokeballs and placed them back on his belt, walking back to where he had left Skarmory.

The officer followed behind him, unsure of what was going on. "So...what? What's the big deal?"

Cael pushed the yellow tape over his head and walked up to Skarmory.

"Cael! What happened here?" The officer was visably tired of prying an answer out of him.

Cael mounted his Skarmory, who quickly spread its wings. "I'll be in touch." With that, Skarmory look off, flying high into the sky.


Shade sat on his bed, reading the stolen Seafoam Articuno files. His Wynaut cheerfully sat by his side, holding an apple between his flippers. "You're keeping a lookout, aren't you?"


Wynaut nodded happily, taking another bite out of its apple.

"That's my boy," he said, rubbing his head. Shade may have been a cold hearted killer when the occasion permitted, but he considered his Pokemon his family. Regardless of how he got his hands on a Pokemon, once they were his, he treated them with the utmost care and respect. Wynaut had been a particularly significant investment, as he had stolen an egg during his last trip to Supreme City. When the egg hatched, Wynaut instantly bonded to Shade, and was completely obedient.

That was how he kept his Pokemon loyal to his causes; he would raise them from a hatchling to never know anything different than what he taught them. Wynaut had been keeping psychic tabs on his surroundings since he was a week old. Keeping an eye out for police, intruders, and anyone else who would potentially cause trouble for him and his master.

Shade turned back to the files.
Today is the day we leave for the peak in search of Articuno. My Pokemon seem restless, but I know that we will be successful in finding what we came looking for. My mind is carried away in the thought of coming face to face with such a majestic creature, and hope that we may be able to prove once and for all the existance of the long-since-believed extinct Pokemon. I pray my family and two boys will be safe in my absense. ~Malcom Rivers~


Offshore Gym. Gym Leader: Vincent Rivers

Shade smiled as he looked at the sign. He walked up the path to the gym, and pressed open the doors. Inside was a large battling hall, including a large pool in the center.

"Hello?" His voice echoed through the hall. "Anybody here?" He looked around, finding a picture on the wall of two men and two young boys, surrounded by both water and ice pokemon. He recognized Malcom Rivers from photoes in the files he'd stolen, as well as the older man, Simon Rivers, current Champion of the Pokemon League. In the picture, one of the boys, had his arms cheerfully wrapped around a Squirtle. "Sheesh, these kids were born with a Pokeball in their hand." The other boy was standing next to his father, who had his arm wrapped around him.

Suddenly, he heard a sound of a door opening. He turned around to see much older versions of the same two boys. One of them looked at him cheerfully. "Hello, can I help you?"

Shade smiled as he approached the two young men. "Hi, my name is Shade. I'm looking for the sons of Malcom Rivers." He offered his hand to them, waiting for a returning handshake.

Toruku Region


I walk confidently into the city, Neptune at the ready next to me. The police have had problems with Ditto poachers here, and I figured it was as good as a spot as any to start.​

I push the door open to the Police Station, and am instantly greeted by Officer Jenny, "Hi! You must be-"​

"Stop. Right now," I cut her off. These local cops are a bunch of morons, and it's no surprise they can't catch a bunch of poachers. "Tell me everything, leave nothing out."​

"Who are you?!" I ask as I burst from the sidedoor, my cameraman jogs in my wake.

"Jenny who is he?"

"He is-"

"Don't worry about it."

I pull a mic out of my coat pocket and turn towards the camera with a smile on my face.

"Matt Scoopman here for WTOK News. In an update to the Ditto poachers in Slagville, we have this mysterious individal now in police custody."

I turn to Officer Jenny with my mic.

"Please explain to me and our viewers at home what led to you arresting this man, and what will be next for this Ditto wrangler?....and maybe do it fast, I need to get this out to make the news at five."
"Rhydon use your brick break and break through those Imaginary Walls!" Rhydon braces itself and quickly charges forward, smashing into the Reflects. Breaking each one as he charges through them. "Now! Iron Tail!" Rhydons Heavy tail smashes the last Reflect, revealing the Gym Leader. A young Woman, long Black Hair, donning a Red scarf and many Kuni at her waist.

Without saying a word, the Woman quickly grabs two Pokéballs and throws them straight. "How about a Double Battle, little boy?"

Leader Janine Sends out Hypno and Venomoth!

"Little boy!? Hah! You better be joking! Go Sandslash!" Jonny Yells out, with a chuckle in his voice. "You better surrender your gym badge! All of the other Gym leaders did!"

Brock, Misty, and Erika all surrendered their badges to Jonny. While Lt. Mathew Surge was the only other, other than Janine to fight back. Why is it that Team Rocket leaves a Frightened trail in Kanto these days? What has my Father been doing? What other plans does he have? What is he not telling me?

~~~ Two Weeks Later ~~~

Back in some feild somewhere in Toruko...

"Rhydon take the Voltorb from the little Youngster!"
Rhydon, Shaking the ground with each step moves toward the little boy and shoves the boy, tossing him feet away, grabbing the Voltorb.
While the Voltorb continuously looses electricity, Rhydon keeps moving back to Jonny ignoring the effects of the Electricity.

"Please!!" The Little boy screams. He gets up off the ground and runs toward the Slagville, the closest town. "Help! Help!" The Little boy yells as he runs off into the distance.

Rhydons ears shake. "You notice someone?" Jonny says with a displeased look on his face. "Who's there!? Show yourself!" Quickly Angered, He tightens his fist around his Great Ball at his waist, and Yells out once more. "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
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Suddenly, he heard a sound of a door opening. He turned around to see much older versions of the same two boys. One of them looked at him cheerfully. "Hello, can I help you?"

Shade smiled as he approached the two young men. "Hi, my name is Shade. I'm looking for the sons of Malcom Rivers." He offered his hand to them, waiting for a returning handshake.


Vincent Rivers - Gym Leader & Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

Having manners, Vincent accepts Shade's handshake. Seth, on the other hand, simply keeps his arms crossed; not that Shade offers him a handshake but at least it would be clear to him that were her to make the offer Seth wouldn't be as accepting. The last time the two of them had some stranger come up to them, whether it be in the Gym or at the Research Facility, almost every time it was because of their father and his disappearance. Some of the travelers were simple fanatics of Pokemon legend, innocent in their intentions and passing by.

But most of them were news reporters, simply trying to get an inside scoop on some information that the boys perhaps had kept secret for the past 8 years; just waiting for the moment more information would be leaked. And of course, with Seth's own personal encounter two years ago, the hype about the legendary Pokemon Articuno and the Rivers family ignited once again.

"I'm Vincent, and this is Se--"

"Vinny! Why the heck are you being so open to this stranger? Listen, bud. If you've come to hassle us about Articuno you can forget it."

"... Seth. Cool it. Cool it down, will ya? Does he even look like a reporter to you?"

"Could just be a disguise, Vinny. I don't trust him, bro."

Vincent sighs, and shakes his head. The baby Squirtle on his back hops off, and walks up to Shade. The tiny turtle Pokemon seems to examine the mysterious trainer with its innocent and naive eyes.

"See, even Squirt isn't bewildered by him. Sorry about that, Shade. So, what can I do you for?"

Geez. This Seth guy has some serious problems. Vincent, however, seemed normal enough.

Shade knelt down to the Squirtle, patting it on the head. "Hey there, little buddy." He grabbed Wynaut's Pokeball from his belt and pressed the button on it, causing it to appear next to the Squirtle. "This is my friend, Wynaut." Wynaut smiled at Squirtle, who smiled back.

Vincent turned to Seth. "See, even Squirt isn't bewildered by him. Sorry about that, Shade. So, what can I do you for?"

"No need for apologies. I understand that hearing your father's name from a total stranger must be quite a negative experience."

Seth scoffed, folding his arms. "A negative experience?"

Shade ignored the comment, turning again to Vincent. "However, I would be amiss if I said I am not here concerning the Legendary Pokemon that your father claimed to have discovered."

Seth reached for a Pokeball on his belt.

Shade assertively interrupted him. "If I may, Mr. Rivers. I represent an organization interested in the influence of Pokemon on the environment. I've read your father's notes concerning his research prior to his disappearance, and I was wondering if there was any information you may be able to provide me. The information we hope to collect will be invaluable to further research."
"Matt Scoopman here for WTOK News. In an update to the Ditto poachers in Slagville, we have this mysterious individal now in police custody."

I turn to Officer Jenny with my mic.

"Please explain to me and our viewers at home what led to you arresting this man, and what will be next for this Ditto wrangler?....and maybe do it fast, I need to get this out to make the news at five."

For the love of Mew, the press. I freaking hate the press.

"Listen, Matt. I'm not the Ditto poacher. And if you have a decent bone in your body, which you being a reporter I doubt very much, you should leave and let me do my job."

Neptune crosses his flippers across his chest behind me, and I'm fairly certain he wants to smack the camera out of the other man's hands as we await Scoopman's reply.

"You know you don't have to stay here anymore, right boy?" I ask the humongous Rhydon standing next to me. "I freed you."

My Rhydon, well formerly my Rhydon, merely shakes his head and sits on the floor of the lab, sending a rumble along the walls.

"Haha, okay," I reply getting back to my work, analyzing a fossil in my grandfather's lab. It's been a few years since my adventures with Red, and I've settled back here in Pallet Town along with my old friend. He's still the battler, and I'm here working for the famed Professor Oak. Life couldn't be better.

All of a sudden, the door to Gramps's office flies open, and the old man rushes to my side, "Blue! I've got terrific news!"

He seems excited...more excited than I've seen him in a long time, "What is it, Gramps?"

"Mew, it's been spotted again!" he says basically jumping up and down.

My mouth droops open, but I don't even care. The last time Mew was potted was by Red and I on the day the Professor gave us our Pokemon he had been saving for us.

"Gramps...are you serious!?" I exclaim.

"Yes, my boy! In the Toruku region! This could be the chance we've been waiting for, Blue. And I'm sending you to track the creature," he responds.

I give him a huge bear hug, which Rhydon decides to join in on, "Ugh...boy let go we can't breath! *Gasp* That's better. Now you stay here and protect the Professor, okay?"

Rhydon nods, and I grab my Pokemon belt from the table, strapping it and the three balls that are connected to it to my waist, "I'll get going tomorrow morning, Grandpa. But I don't plan on going alone."

Red has to come with me. Mew is a common bond between the two of us, and tere's no one I'd want on this expedition besides him.

Once outside, I take off one of the Pokeballs from my belt and release it's inhabitant, my Charizard, "Drago, I need you to fly me to Cerulean City, okay? Red's there and I need to talk to him."

Drago nods his big, reptilian head and turns around. I hop on, and his leathery wings tak us to the sky, and towards Cerulean.

We land with a thud outside the towns gym, and I place Drago back into his Pokeball, "Good boy."

The gym's watery insides always bring back good memories, and I see two people sitting and talking in the battle station in the center. I smile as a platform approaches me and takes me towards them, "Hey you two!"

"Blue! It's good to see you!" the gym's leader Misty says as she wraps her arms around me. "How has working with the Professor been?"

"Great, Misty. Really great. Not as fun as whooping your butt here, but good," she laughs as I continue. "But that's actually why I'm here."

"What's up?" Red asks, standing and shaking my hand with a smile, as Pika, his Pikachu, hops into my arms. "Does he need a real trainer to run an errand for him?"

"Funny," I respond dryly, "but no. It's more important than that. Mew's been spotted again, and he's sending me on an expedition to find it. I was wondering if you'd want to come with me to Toruku?"

"Will you two ever give up these crazy adventures?" Misty asks, obviously disappointed that I may be taking her boy friend away on an extended journey.

"Well if you don't want me to go..." Red trails off.

"No," she smiles and gives him a kiss. "Go. I know how much Mew means to you."

Red smiles at the two of us, "Pika, let's go get the rest of the team!"

I laugh, "It's gonna be just like old times!"

"Smell ya later, Misty!" I chuckle as we leave the gym.
For the love of Mew, the press. I freaking hate the press.

"Listen, Matt. I'm not the Ditto poacher. And if you have a decent bone in your body, which you being a reporter I doubt very much, you should leave and let me do my job."

Neptune crosses his flippers across his chest behind me, and I'm fairly certain he wants to smack the camera out of the other man's hands as we await Scoopman's reply.

"I'm trying to do my job, too. The people of Toruko are worried about this poacher, and I'm trying to show that the people don't need to be afraid of this thief. Give me something I can use for the news at five, any kind of update on the case."
Shade ignored the comment, turning again to Vincent. "However, I would be amiss if I said I am not here concerning the Legendary Pokemon that your father claimed to have discovered."

Seth reached for a Pokeball on his belt.

Shade assertively interrupted him. "If I may, Mr. Rivers. I represent an organization interested in the influence of Pokemon on the environment. I've read your father's notes concerning his research prior to his disappearance, and I was wondering if there was any information you may be able to provide me. The information we hope to collect will be invaluable to further research."


Vincent Rivers - Gym Leader & Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

Seth looks like he is about to explode, keeping one hand at his waist on one of his Pokeballs, and Vincent notices this quickly. Controlling himself the best he can, he turns to his younger brother and all he has to do is give a certain look for Vincent to react properly.

"If you and your organization have read my father's notes, then you will know that trying to track down the Pokemon Articuno is suicide. My father was obsessed with it, and we still do not know after 8 years what happened to him or where he could be if he's still alive. Seth's encounter with the legendary Pokemon was purely out of bad luck as he was aiding Professor Howard Campbell and myself when we noticed a unusual pattern of weather anomalies around the islands. We weren't chasing the Pokemon as much as we were chasing the anomalies, hoping to find what had caused the Pokemon to become so sporadic and hostile. My brother walked away with frostbite and luckily his life that fateful day."

"In other words, Shade, the Rivers family is done with any associated with that Pokemon. The only thing that could ever interest us, is finding our father."

There is a moment of silence among the three men, and the two small Pokemon stare up at their masters in confusion as to what is happening and what is about to happen next. Seth has his eyes examining Shade's expressions as the stranger seems to be in frustrated thought; though it looks like he does his best to hide it.

"We've already spoken to several supposed organizations and reporters and policemen about this missing case and the appearance of Articuno. We have nothing else to report. If you are who you say you are, I find it strange that you'd come here given we've stated in the reports. I've spoken personally with all the heads of said organizations and they assured me they would no longer bother us."

That is when this Shade character outs well...out of character of how he has been portraying himself lately, his face showing the anger within him. His body language also reveals much as he seems to tense up, thrown off as to what to do next. And so Seth takes the Pokeball off of his belt, holding it in his hand.
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"I'm trying to do my job, too. The people of Toruko are worried about this poacher, and I'm trying to show that the people don't need to be afraid of this thief. Give me something I can use for the news at five, any kind of update on the case."

I sigh, "Tell them that everything that can be done is being done. If I tell you who I am and what I'm here to do, my job would be a hell of a lot harder, not to mention more dangerous. If you do this, and promise not to use my image on the news tonight, I can give you my promise that once I bring down this entire operation, you get the interview with me."

That should appease him. Usually works with these kind.

Not too long after I send my insectoid assassin out to ensure the success of one of my currently running endeavors, a knock comes at the door of my office. It's a soft knock, but it echoes off of the metal and glass chamber where I conduct my business.


My secretary opens the door and hurries across the long room to where my desk sits, her high heeled shoes clicking on the steel floor. In her arms she carries a parcel wrapped in brown paper. I catch a glimpse of the return address.

Sinnoh Region

My heart races in anticipation at the sight of it. Is that what I hope it is? Has my package finally arrived?

"Suzanne, is that what I think it is?"

She nods happily as she places the box on my desk. It's barely out of her hands when I snatch it towards me, tearing open the box like a child on Christmas morning.

"Yes!" I exclaim holding up the Ultra Ball. "Finally!" There's a note attached.

Mr. White,

You've expressed much interest in attaining more Steel-type Pokémon for yourself, with an added request that any Pokémon sent to you have a secondary type to create diversity. I have captured an exceptionally unique one for you in return for your generosity, I hope you'll find it one to your liking.

- Byron, Canalave City

Suzanne applauds, drawing my attention and a scowl. "Leave." I hiss venomously.

"But Mr. White, there's other good news, the new project is complete, you can hold the -"

"I said, 'Leave'."

She pales and scurries out, her heels clicking louder as she rushes away. I sit staring at the Ultra Ball for a few long moments after the heavy door slams.

Standing, a giddy grin on my face I toss the ball to the ground, releasing the Pokémon inside. My smile grows as the Pokémon is revealed to me.


A white Lucario! What a find! I'll have to thank Byron personally for this wonderful gift.

The Pokémon stands ready, watching me as I walk a slow circle around it, inspecting it. "You are a truly astounding creature. I trust that you will serve me well. Lucario are said to be able to see the future, therefore I shall name you Orakel, the german term for 'oracle'."

Understanding, it nods once.

"Return." I command, and Orakel takes his place on my belt with my two other Pokémon. I make a note to transfer him to a Premier Ball later on in order to match the others.

"Suzanne," I say, pressing the button on the intercom on my desk, "send word that the contest is to begin."
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Shade stood for a moment in silence as the Rivers brothers faced off against him. He was furious. He gritted his teeth angrily, knowing that if he wasn't going to get anywhere with them. Seth was holding tightly to a Pokeball, ready to release the Pokemon inside at a moment's notice.

However, Shade knew when it was time to walk away. After all, this hadn't been a completely unfruitful conversation. Shade forced a smile. "I assure you that we have no intent on capturing the Legendary Bird. We simply want to study it."

Seth grumbled under his breath. "I'll give you something to study you good-for-nothing-"

Shade smiled, his grin thick with disdain. "However, it appears my hopes of a peaceful, intelligent conversation have fallen upon unwilling ears." He motioned to Wynaut, who quickly hopped up to his shoulder. "I don't suppose I could persuade you two to dinner tonight? Ever since I got to town I've had my eye on the Italian restaurant by the docks."

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