"Gotta Catch 'Em All" The Pokémon RPG IC Thread.

Houndour rolled with the force of the punch, once he hit the ground. Rolling swiftly to his feet his head went back stretching his neck. A ghostly sound eminating from his mouth as he let out a howl that could curdle the blood.

That was good houndour stay on your guard. Give him another crunch attack now!!

Houndour rounded on Typhlosion rushing at him again dipping along the ground making himself look smaller as his jaws opened. He hit Typhlosion in the chest again this time the attack driving him to the ground. The force of the blow driving Typhlosion into the round so hard he was partially forced into it as ripples seemed to run out from under him. Houndour releasing his grip and rolling to stand on the otherside of Typhlosion waiting for him to rise.

Jinn bit his lip, as he saw his faithful Pokemon struggle to get up. He was able to get to his feet. Staggering, he got into an offensive stance. The Pokemon looked towards Jinn and nodded. Jinn knew Ty only had on more attack left in him.

"Alright buddy, I know you don't got much left in ya. So give this one all you got!"

Typhlosion huffed in agreement. "Quick Attack!"

Ty went limp for a moment, than rushed forward so fast he could barley be seen. His opponent braced itself, but right before the attack came Ty seemed to disappear. Suddenly, Houndor was hit in the side he went flying. Before it could even land, another attack hit him, but from the front this time. It hit the ground with a loud thud. It wasn't even able to get up before another attack hit him. For the next few seconds relentless, flurry of attacks hit him. When they ceased the Houndour collapsed. So did Ty.

You know it's not easy living up to a legend. Especially if that legend was your father. Your mentor. It'd be different if your predecessor didn't even know who you were. Then you wouldn't expect anything fro them. My father was different. He looked at me and saw someone who will do all the things he's done and more. Don't get me wrong: I want to be that. But dreaming of it and doing it are two completely different things. But knowing my father, as well as knowing myself, I'll manage...

"Hey you!"

I was walking along Route 34 up towards Goldenrod City when a small boy ran up to me, smelling of arrogance and cockiness...

You know how this goes. He wants a battle. You agree. His Pokemon are weaker than yours. You crush him. He cries, and gets out of your way. Annoying, right? Neccessary? Not really, but I'll tell you one thing. It is for me. My father has always told me "Every little step, every little battle, helps you reach your destiny...". That's why, no matter how annoying the person, no matter how weak the pokemon, I fight as many battles as I can.

I look at the kid, and he signals me to pick first. Knowing battles like this, he'll have some weak tiny Pokemon that I'll be able to take out in no time. So the decision of which of my pokemon to use becomes a matter of who do I want to earn the experience and look good. It's obviously not going to be my strange blue and black Pokemon egg since it's you know... an egg. I figure maybe Pichu, since he needs the practice, but he's still only baby pokemon. Maybe Nidoran or Larvitar, since they're both pretty solid to use. Nah. It's down to either Charmander or Cyndaquil...

"Cyndaquil! Go!"

The pokeball released Cyndaquil in a flash of light.

"Quiiiiiiiil!!" he cried before the spots on his back erupted in flames.

I awaited the boys choice. He's got four pokemon. I could tell since they were right there on his belt. He plucked one out and chuckled.

"Go! Feraligatr!"

The same flash of light revealed the hulking blue water-type Pokemon. My eyes immediately grew wider. I was proven wrong. Not to mention wickedly outmatched.



Damn I hate it when I'm wrong....
Jinn bit his lip, as he saw his faithful Pokemon struggle to get up. He was able to get to his feet. Staggering, he got into an offensive stance. The Pokemon looked towards Jinn and nodded. Jinn knew Ty only had on more attack left in him.

"Alright buddy, I know you don't got much left in ya. So give this one all you got!"

Typhlosion huffed in agreement. "Quick Attack!"

Ty went limp for a moment, than rushed forward so fast he could barley be seen. His opponent braced itself, but right before the attack came Ty seemed to disappear. Suddenly, Houndor was hit in the side he went flying. Before it could even land, another attack hit him, but from the front this time. It hit the ground with a loud thud. It wasn't even able to get up before another attack hit him. For the next few seconds relentless, flurry of attacks hit him. When they ceased the Houndour collapsed. So did Ty.

Houndour hit the ground the dirt and leaves sticking to his fur. The Typhlosion wasn't showing as much power as one would think, proving it must have already been tired. Houndour may be down but he wasn't out yet as he slowly started to raise back up with not much more then a sheer effort of will.

Houndour....you don't have to keep going you don't have anything to prove....


Alright one more shot then Houndour Tackle Attack!!

Houndour moved rom a couch faster then any would think to look at him right then as he slammed into Typhlosion, who was just trying to get back up. Houndour rolled Typhlosion as he rolled off of him barely rising to his feet as Typhlosion laid there unconscious.

Vincent Rivers - Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

After tying up his boat to a small dock on Cinnabar Island, Vincent is able to find a good location where he can stop and coordinate where he will travel to further along the western and northern coasts of the island. He steps into a small cafe, and takes a seat as he sets down all of his papers and his bag. After ordering a small coffee, Vincent's mind goes to work.

East of the Seafoam Islands, Professor Campbell has been conducting his part of the research. After passing by several swimmers and fisherman on boats, he has discovered little, next to nothing, about the recent occurrences of the anomalies. He has, however, found out one thing: each of the locals keep saying they saw a bird. And each of them mention how as the bird would fly by, the weather and water around them would instantly change.

"So you are telling me that you and your grandson were fishing in this region but two days ago, and he spotted the bird?"

"Yup. He told me how he saw this elegant, pretty looking blue bird flying just over the horizon. I at first just thought it was a Wingull or something, but then? About 4 minutes later, it was coming our direction!"

"And then?"

"And then? Heck, and then the water was un-fishable! We were stranded in frozen water for almost 5 hours! When the water finally started to melt and give way a little bit, we hightailed our butts back over to Fuschia City! Only reason I even agreed to come back out here today was because my grandson wouldn't stop crying! I don't wanna get stranded for almost 5 hours again!"


Professor Campbell starts to jot down what the old fisherman had just finished telling him, and then looks over at what the other locals in the nearby area has also said. It is all so uniform in that they each say similar things about these odd occurrences these...anomalies. And sadly, it would seem that Vincent is right. Articuno is the "prime suspect". As to why, is another question.

"Anyways, looks like a storm's brewing! My grandson and I gotta sail back to Fuschia City if we want to get back home safely!"

"Storm? What storm? The weather report today for this entire region was for blue, clear ski--"

"Well tell that weatherman he is wrong! Just look at those black clouds! See ya!"

Professor Campbell's head jolts back as the old man sails off in his boat. The clouds are coming from Seafoam Islands. No...just South of Seafoam Islands to be exact.

"Seth...oh no."

Instantly, Professor Campbell starts up his boat, turns around, and heads back to Seafoam Islands.

As Seth and his Walrein search the waters for his Golduck, they find themselves unlucky. Seth scratches his head and folds his arms. He looks down at Walrein but Walrein also just has a face of confusion upon itself.

"Hmm, you don't think Golduck ran off with some smoking hot female Golduck, do you? Where the hell could he be?"

There is a sudden strong wind blowing, and the area starts to get chilly.

"Ah, dammit! And on top of all this, a storm? I swear Walrein, when we find Golduck and get back to town? Vinny is getting one hell of a beating! Golduck! Golduck!"

Riding his Walrein, Seth continues to search the now surprisingly enough cold, chilling waters further south from Seafoam Islands. Luckily, his Walrein is an Ice-Type Pokémon and the change in temperature doesn't faze it a bit. Seth's legs however as he rides his Walrein? Not as fortunate.

Back on Cinnabar Island, Vincent still sits in the cafe. He finds himself at making a hard decision. The patterns in both of the Northern and Western Coasts are barely even readable. No matter which one he goes to, he will find himself going quite a ways away, and it is already just a little bit past 4PM.

"Ugh...West Coast it is."

Vincent starts to pack up his things, to get ready to head back to his boat at the small docks.

The four Rockets walked about the island town in their large cloaks. The male Grunts tried to still help the slightly limping crime lord, but he refused any form of help. The three minions continued to followed their illustrious leader.

In an alley, Giovanni looked into the window of a Pokémon Center. He saw inside what looked like a restless and agitated Nidoking, strapped down to a table, with a Doctor and Chanseys looking ready to operate on it. There was something eerily familiar about the Poison/Ground type.

“So where we going boss man?”

Reality came snapping back to the escaped prisoner. “What?”

“I asked where we're goin'!”

“You'll see.” The group walked out of the alley and onto the cement sidewalk on the side of a major street.

“Could it be ...?”

“What words of 'You'll see' don't you understand!?”

His associates noticed the ever increasing crankiness. "Perhaps a rest would be best?" The female among them suggested, pointing to a cafe.

Giovanni sighed a bit. Even the most wanted man alive needed a break once in awhile. "Fine, whatever. Just don't draw any attention." He knew he'd regret it later, but his throat was still parched and full of ocean water. The Don looked over to the more 'competent' of the Rockets with him.

"Order me a joe, double cream, no sugar."

"Just get me a Latte."

“A Grande Double Vanilla Creme Mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream!"

“... I'll just get you some water."

The Grunt with the orders went up to the cashier, trying to hide his face the best he could. The other three headed to a vacant table in the back of the room. As they walked forward, Giovanni accidentally bumped into a teenager heading out of the cafe, knocking some of the patterns in his hands to the floor.

"Hey watch i--" As the crouching kid tried picking up the documents on the floor, the Boss saw him wearing a Pokéball on a necklace around his neck. 'A trainer ...' He remembered the Pokémon Center he saw only a block or two away. An ingenious plan came to mind.

"You're a trainer, aren't you? I noticed the Pokéball around your neck."
Vincent Rivers - Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

As Vincent was heading out the door, he bumped into a man that just so happened to be walking in. He quickly gathers what papers fell from his hands as well as his belt to hold his Pokéballs given to him by his brother Seth. Realizing he should've strapped it on sooner, he does so as he gets up.

"I'm so sorry, I--"

"You're a trainer, aren't you? I noticed the Pokéball around your neck."


Vincent looks down at his chest, and grabs the necklace around his neck. The necklace must've slipped out from behind his shirt when he bent down to pick up his papers. This necklace holds special value to Vincent and his family however.

"Oh actually, I'm not a Trainer. In fact, this Pok
éball is empty; doesn't even have any Pokémon in it. My great grandfather and his son my grandfather...actually you may have heard of them? JC & Simon Rivers? They were one of the first few tag-team Pokémon trainers that received the "Master" status when they beat the Elite Four quite a while back. This is just uh...I guess you could say heirloom passed down: one of their original Pokéballs."

Vincent has trouble trying to put aside all of his folders and paper one side of his body as he extends his hands out to the man with a smile.

"But me? I'm just Vincent Rivers, Pokémon Aide. Sorry for bumping into you like that, I'm in quite the hurry actually. Can I repay you by paying for your coffee?"

Just South off the Southern Coast of the Seafoam Islands, Seth continues his search for his Golduck.

"This really isn't making any sense, Walrein. Golduck has never been one to play hide and seek. Where could he--woah!"

As Seth and his Walrein turn the corner past a few rocks, they finally spot Seth's Golduck. Its expression is a scared one as it is frozen: literally. About 3 feet in diameter around Golduck is an entire frozen area of water.

"Golduck! Oh man! Golduck! What happened!"

Immediately, Seth turns to his instinct, and grabs two Pokéballs off his waist from the Pokéball belt he has on. He presses the buttons on both of them, and they expand and grow larger. He tosses them in the air towards Golduck, and immediately gives his two Pokémon commands.

"Scizor use Fury Cutter! Makuhita use Arm Thrust! But be careful when the ice starts to weaken! Don't need to worry about your drowning now!"

Professor Campbell makes his small boat go about as fast as it can. Where he has to head off to is simple. Even if the black clouds did not give it away, he is the one that assigned different locations between the three of them. Therefore he knows exactly where he sent Seth off to, just not too far South from Seafoam Islands.

Back at where Seth's frozen Golduck remains, progress seems to be made.

"Alright, Makuhita! Return! Scizor! Finish the job with Focus Energy and then a nice clean Slash attack! Get ready to put your wings to use though as the ice shatters!"

Seth's Scizor complies, and executes its commands perfectly and Seth's Golduck is finally free. The very first thing it does is swim over to Seth and Walrein, leaning on the side of Warlein. Seth grabs Golduck by the arm.

"I was worried about you, Golduck! What happened? How did you wound up--"


In response to the bizarre shriek, Seth and his three Pokémon each turn towards their backs, and are struck in complete awe at the site before them.

Pokemon: Black

A whirlwind of thoughts swriled inside Black's mind as he wizzed through the trees of Route 117. Carried by Blaziken, Black felt the wind whip across his face.

I'm running low on pokebombs... Not to mention the cops will probablly catch on to my little trick soon. I'll need a new means of escape. Luckily, I know how to find it.

His memories returned to the time he traded his Kadabra to a fellow scientist in Pewter City, which happened to be on the way to Cerulean City. One of the kids he was looking for, the one called Brock, was said to have been the gym leader in Pewter, but had left abruptly, leaving his father in charge. The one in Cerulean City, Misty was her name, was still said to still be working as gym leader there.

I'll have to stop by Pewter first so I can pick up that Kadabra. I'm gonna need a move like teleport in order to get out of those sticky situations. Damn kid.

Suddenly, he felt very weak and Black ordered his pokemon to stop for a moment. He felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder and remembered that he had been shot there moments ago. Not only that, but he had forgotten to treat his injury and had now lost a significant amount of blood.

"Damn," he said aloud.

Blaziken attempted to help his master in some way, but Black slapped him away.

"Get the hell off me! Why are you just standing there? Start training!"

The pokemon reluctantly began practicing a series of attacks as Black rested against a nearby tree.

"But me? I'm just Vincent Rivers, Pokémon Aide. Sorry for bumping into you like that, I'm in quite the hurry actually. Can I repay you by paying for your coffee?"

Oh this was perfect. "Actually, I had something else in mind." His two associates standing near him were quite puzzled that Rocket's founding father was bargaining with a child (then again, the don had done so in the past). Giovanni went to take out his two Pok
éballs from the pockets of his prison garb, hidden under the large cloak.

"My Pok
émon are weak. I would take them to the Pokémon Center myself, but my leg ..." He tried his best to make his leg seem as limp as he could, which wasn't too hard. "So could you take them? It's only a block or two down the road. I'll go pick them up later once I have the strength."

The crime boss snickered under his shady hood.
IC: Sean

It's been four years since he was taken from me. My hero...my inspiration...my father. I remember it like it was yesterday. He had just defeated Giovanni in Viridian City. Ha, not just beaten, he humiliated Giovanni. He came home after that victory and celebrated with mom, Laura, and me, and then set off to face the Elite Four.

He never made it there.

The authorities had no leads, no suspects, no clues as to where he went. But he's gone, and I haven't seen him since.

His disappearance sidetracked my start as a trainer, because I had to stay and take care of mom and Laura. I guess that was good though. It helped me grow up, and allowed me to train with the pokemon I started with, especially my Arcanine, Katana. He started off as a Growlithe my dad brought home for me when I was three, and we've been together ever since.

And it's finally time for us to start our journey.

"Hey mom...it's time..."

My mom looks at me with tears in her eyes and gives me a big hug, as does Laura. They know I will call them as much as I can, but it will be a long time before I will see them again.

After we say our good-byes I walk out of the house and head towards the Celadon City Gym, where I'm going to earn my first gym badge.

I walk through the door, and Erika, the gym-leader, looks at me and says, "
Well, it's nice to see you, Sean. Is today the day then?"

"Yea, Erika, it is. I challenge you for the Rainbow Badge!"

"Very well...Go Victreebel!"


I saw that one coming, now the question is...do I start with Katana, or save him for later. Hmmm, might as well keep the ace up my sleeve.



This is going to be fun.

OOC: I switched Croconaw and Scyther.
Vincent Rivers - Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

"My Pokémon are weak. I would take them to the Pokémon Center myself, but my leg...So could you take them? It's only a block or two down the road. I'll go pick them up later once I have the strength."

Vincent looks down at his watch. He really should be on his way, off to the other side of the island. But then again...he did bump into the man, who apparently even has leg problems as it is. How can he refuse?

"Uh, sure. Just a good 'ol drop off huh? I don't see why I cannot quickly make the trip."

Vincent kinda just stands there, looking at the man and a bit uneasy. There is a short gap of silence, and Vincent shifts his papers and files to his other arm. The man just sort of smiles for a moment; strange.

"So you said just a few blocks from here?"

He extends his hand outward at the man, his eyebrow raised as the tension is starting to get to him.

Seth and his Walrein dodge an attack by the wild Articuno and his Golduck dips down into the water. His Scizor flies out at Articuno, defending its master, but Seth argues against it.

"Scizor! No! You can't take on a foe like Articuno!!"

Scizor stops in mid-air, and looks back at Seth confused. Then, Articuno's beak starts to charge up for an Ice Beam, and Scizor gets into a defensive stance to counter.


As Articuno unleashes its Ice Beam, Seth's Walrein is unable to dodge quick enough trying to keep its master balanced on its back as Scizor reurns to its Pokéball. The whiplash of the Ice Beam cause the water to go violent and churn, knocking Seth off his Walrein. Walrein gets caught, its upper body stuck above the surface, and its lower body stuck below as the water freezes. Seth urgently tries to swim up to get air, but the water around him is frozen.

Seeing its master struggle for his life, Golduck swims towards the icy surface, grabbing Seth and pulling him back down. Seth fights it at first, for his survival instinct tells him he needs to smash through as soon as he can. But his Golduck is thinking the same thing, as energy starts to gather around its forehead. Soon, Golduck attacks the frozen surface with a Water Pulse attack. And when it sees the one attack was not enough, it charges up another one.

"Seth! Seth!!"

Professor Campbell in his small boat is in the middle of the unexpected storm that has occurred and he spots Articuno. For some reason, the wild Pokémon screams as the wind picks up again, and a small blizzard starts. The icy wind and the snow acting against him, soon the water around Professor Campbell's small boat is frozen.

He reaches into his lab coat, and pulls out a Pokéball.

"Pidgeot! Use Whirlwind! Make the path clear so we can go find Seth!"

Professor Campbell's Pidgeto does just that, and follows as Professor Campbell slides about the ice searching for Seth. The slippery surface is a workout enough, but at least with his Flying-Type Pokémon's attack keeping the icy winds and snowfall at bay it is slightly more simple.

A rainbow-colored like beam hits the sky, missing Articuno as it strafes to the side and immediately Professor Campbell can identify it as an Aurora Beam. Top it with the fact that Seth must be somewhere nearby, and it is deduced that the attack came from none other than Seth's Walrein. But Articuno does not do the expected and attack back. It rather lets out another loud shriek, and flies away.

Instantly, the winds are calm again and the sky is clear. The sound of ice breaking is all Professor Campbell needs to hop onto his Pidgeot, and fly towards where he saw the Aurora Beam. As he hits the location, he sees a determined Golduck pull its master out of the icy water and onto the icy surface. Golduck then attacks at the ice surrounded Walrein, keeping it in one place, and together Walrein is finally free. Professor Campbell hops off of his Pidgeot, making a rough landing on the ice, and slides over to Seth.

"Seth? Seth! Wake up! SETH!!"

"So you said just a few blocks from here?"

"I did." He moved his left hand, which held the two Pok
éballs, close up to his eyes.

"Let this boy take you to the
Center," he said to the capsules that contained his Onix and Kangaskan. Giovanni firmly grasped tightly onto both, particularly to the left one. He stared intently at it, gave it a scornful gaze. One would almost think he was telepathically speaking to it.

"They can be hostile towards strangers, but I assure they won't hurt you."

He proceeded to let go of both from his grasp, hoping the boy would catch them.

"I expect you'll make it their in one piece."
Vincent Rivers - Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

"They can be hostile towards strangers, but I assure they won't hurt you.
I expect you'll make it their in one piece."

Vincent quickly catches both, almost letting on slip out of his hands as the mysterious mans drops them unexpectedly. He stands back up straight, looking down at the two Pokéballs in his hands glad he didn't drop them.

"Sure, no problem. I think I spotted what could've been the town Pokémon Center when I arrived on my boat. If anything, it isn't too far out of my way. I'll have your Pokémon safely tucked away in medical care in no time."

Vincent tries to force a smile, and winks at the man. The vibe in the coffee shop just escalated to all new kinds of weird, and if all Vincent had to do was commit a civil duty like helping out a fellow man in need? He will take that gladly. Plus, being a Pokémon Aide and natural lover of Pokémon, how could he say no to a Pokémon in need? Nothing's going to happen to these two Pokémon on Vincent's watch.

"Well, I suppose I'll just say I'm sorry yet again about before before I leave. If you're ever in Seafoam Islands and are in need of assistance only a good 'ol Pokémon Aide can provide? Look me up."

Vincent cradles the two Pokéballs to one arm, and digs into his pants pocket and pulls out a card. He extends his hand out to give the card to the man, but he doesn't quite grab it; one of his associates does instead. Finally on his way, Vincent starts to head out of the cafe and looks for the nearest Pokémon Center.

South of the Seafoam Islands, Professor Campbell tries his cellphone to get in touch with Vincent, but it is no use. The arctic storm that had started upon Articuno's arrival, still has not completely resided and so the signal is not strong enough. He turns to his Pidgeot.

"Pidgeot! I need you to fly Seth back to the island, okay? He needs medical attention and fast."

Professor Campbell with the help of Golduck picks up Seth, and softly lays him onto his Pidgeot's back. Professor Campbell then takes some rope from his carebag, and ties it loosely around Seth and the back of his Pidgeot just enough for the journey. He then pats Pidgeot on the back to let it know he is ready, and the Bird Pok
émon flies off. Professor Campbell looks over at Seth's Walrein and Golduck.

"Alright, now that Seth is on his way to safety...we have to worry about our own necks finally. Golduck, you think you can try to clear the ice and make a path so Walrein and I can venture back to the island as I ride its back?"

Seth's Golduck nods, and gives Professor Campbell a thumbs up waiting for the next command. When Seth's Golduck was a still a Psyduck, it had become terribly ill. Luckily, with the help of some of the island doctors, and Professor Campbell's instinct and knowledge recovery was just beyond the horizon. So naturally, the Duck Pok
émon gladly complies to take orders from a human such as he other than his master.

Professor Campbell gets himself situated on Walrein's back, his legs slowly sinking into the chilling water. It takes him a while to get used to the rapid change of temperature as his bottom half of his body sits in the water.

"You good to go, Walrein? Good. Alright, Golduck! What say you we clear this frozen wasteland and get back home?! Use your Zen Headbutt attack!"

Vincent travels through the island and can spot the Pok
émon Center just over the small hill. Luckily, while larger than the Seafoam Islands, Cinnabar Island was just that: a small island. Nothing was spaced out too far, and it even had that same warm feeling Seafoam did. All Vince has to do is drop off these two Pokémon, and then he can be on his way. What could go wrong?

"Welcome to the Cinnabar Island Pok
émon Center! How may I be of assistance to you, sir?"

Vincent walks up to the counter where the always smiling Nurse Joy awaits. He pulls the two Pok
éballs out of his pocket, and places them upon the counter.

"These aren't actually mine. But the owner should be by to pick them up after they get treated. He's about probably in his late 30s, early 40s. Walks around with these few other guys; like bodyguards I'd suppose. Who knows, probably someone big and important. I'm just doing the favor of being the 'ol delivery boy."

"Well, I see. No problem! We'll have these Pok
émon back in great shape and a-ok in no time!"

Vincent thanks the nurse, and heads out of the Pok
émon Center. He treads back in the direction of his boat and notices his cellphone ringing.


"Vincent! It's Professor Campbell!"

"Oh, hey Professor. I'm still at Cinnabar. I haven't found much yet, and I've yet to even travel to the Western and Northern C--"

"Listen, Vincent! Forget about the research right now! You need to get back to the Seafoam Islands as quick as possible!"

"Huh? What's wrong Professor Campbell? You're breaking up and not too clear. Head back to Seafoam? But why?"

"Seth! It's about your brother...Seth."

The line goes dead and Vincent's eyes open wide. Adrenaline hits him and suddenly he finds himself running. No. Sprinting. He's sprinting as fast as he can to where he tied up his boat to the docks. Something has come up, and he can only hope Articuno doesn't have anything to do with it.

"Well, I suppose I'll just say I'm sorry yet again about before before I leave. If you're ever in Seafoam Islands and are in need of assistance only a good 'ol Pokémon Aide can provide? Look me up."

The Boss chuckled quietly to himself. Like he, the great Giovanni, would ever need an Aide!

One of his Rockets, the female one, grabs a card that the young boy extends outwards. The card read:

Vincent Rivers
émon Aide Extraordinaire
of Professor Campbell
Seafoam Islands

As the boy headed out, the most inept of the three Grunts finally spoke his mind.

“No disrespect boss man, but did you really just ...!?"

The gang leader ignored the comment and began walking towards a booth seat near the back of the room. The other two Rockets followed.

As they sat down, the Don put his hands behind his hand. "We'll be seeing one hell of a light show soon enough." His associates were as puzzled as ever. The crime lord happy? And what was he talking about?

The Rocket with the coffee orders found the three at a table, looking quite content. He looked upon the perplexed faces of his comrades.

“Did I miss something?"

The Grunts were quite annoyed that he didn't have to go through all that. Giovanni's grin only amplified. He was clearly enjoying the suspense.
"Hand me my joe and relax."

* * * * * *

"Well, I see. No problem! We'll have these Pokémon back in great shape and a-ok in no time!"

The Nurse Joy took the two balls as Vincent walked out of the Center. She put the two on a machine that would heal the Pok
émon in about an hour.

As that went on though, she noticed odd activity in the two mysterious
Pokéballs. They were shaking, as if the Pokémon inside them were trying to escape! "Oh my! I hope the machine isn't hurting them ..."

But no, it wasn't. The life readings of the
Pokémon were steady and fine. 'The machine has never lied to me in my 15 years working here. Maybe I should send them ...' Before she could even finish her thought, the unexpected occured ...


"BRU-ER-RUGH!" "BRAUR-RAUGH!" The Onix and Kangaskhan emerged from their capsules and began running amok! The 28' Rock-type was tearing the ceiling apart, debris caving down! One young trainer ducked behind a couch, frightened as ever. He went and threw out a
Pokéball. "Go Bellsprout! Vine Whip!"


But before the Flower
Pokémon could comply, pieces of the cieling smashed atop it. Although Grass types weren't weak to such an element, it none the less was trapped under pounds of rubble. The little kid tried running for his life as the Onix tossed the wreckage across the facility.

The Kangaskhan punched the Nurse Joy out of her way and began to sniff the ground. She could smell it ... her master was indeed correct! The Parental Pok
émon Mega Punched a door where the scent was coming from, it crashing down.


"Chan-sey! Chan-sey!" Two Chanseys with Nurse's hats stood near the door, and were ready to fight. One began to Sing, while another grabbed an egg from its pouch and prepared to use Egg Bomb. The Kangaskhan became sleepy, and was hit hard in the head by the egg. This ticked her off, and sent her into a Rageing fury!

"BRAAAAAAAUR!" She went berserk, and had little control of her actions. Her slashes and kicks only became stronger as time passed. One of the Egg Pokémon Minimized so that its rampaging opponent would not hit it, while the other Double Slapped the Kangaskhan from the sides.

The Rage attack left her blind to her movements, and she eventually smashed open a container ... containing a Nidoking!


"UUUUR-EEEEE!" it screamed as it was finally free from its prison. The infuriated Drill Pokémon began causing a powerful Earthquake as it beat on the ground with all it weight. Both Chanseys were caught by complete surprise, and took serious damage from the tremor.

The Kangaskhan awoke from her craze and saw the Poison/Ground-type before her. "Bra-ur rauugh braaa ur!" she said, telling the
Pokémon that Giovanni was waiting for him."EEEEEE-EUUUURE!" The horned Pokémon didn't take the news well, going into a Thrash attack. Kangaskhan was nowhere near the veterancy of the Nidoking as he tore her up across the room.

* * * * * *

People in the coffee shop began to crowd around the front window as they saw the head of an Onix sticking above many of the smaller buildings. A few ran out towards the destroyed
Center, fearing for the Pokémon they kept there.

"Are you nuts sir!? The cops will be sure to ...!"

"I have my reasons." As he finished his coffee, he put the mug down and stared at the exit.
"We better get moving."

“Off the island, right!?"

"Not yet. The fun's just started."

The four Rockets headed out to the site, cutting through alleys and all spots shaded. They saw what was once a buildling, now in flames and rubble.

“Where's your Pokémon boss?"

"One's right before your eyes."

Amongst the debris, Onix had camoflauged itself. As it got up, Giovanni called the rock snake back into its ball.
'Now where the hell is it!?' He proceeded to search the danger zone, looking for his prize. "ERRREE!" And it came at him with pointed claws. "Ferocious as ever, you are mine ..."

It began to Leer at its master.
"Hand me a whip," he asked to his minions. One of them handed one of theirs to the crime boss, and he proceeded to lash at the Drill Pokémon. "Disrespectful piece of ****!" The Nidoking bowed down to its master, tears trickling down its face from the pain.

"Pokéball," he insisted from his associates, and one was given to him. "Now, you'll show your respect me, or ..." He whisked out the whip. "You pay the penalty."

The Nidoking remembered, ever since it was a Nidoran
♂ ... the tortures it went through then. On the other hand, it was powerful due to the training, even if it was harsh more then anything. Either way, it didn't refuse as the Pokéball was tossed at it. An effortless catch.

"The authorities will be here soon. Let's split."

“Sir, what about your Kangaskhan?"

"It'll have to show its pathetic face and prove its worth." Walking away from the wreckage, he looked down at Nidoking's new
Pokéball. 'It was worth the sacrifice.'

* * * * * *

From the site, Giovanni's Kangaskhan picked itself up. She looked about, and could hear the sound of sirens. She scampered over to a nearby alley to hide.

The Fire Department came, with their Water Pokémon ready to fight off the remaining flames. They pulled out the Nurse Joy, who was bruised and slightly burnt.

"Miss, can you tell us what happened!?"

"An ... onix ... kangas-khan ... young boy ..."

"Alright, move it!" shouted an Officer Jenny who had just arrived at the scene. "So you said it was two Pokémon and a 'young boy.'"

"No ... the Pokémon ... but he said ... weren't ... his ..."

"A likely story. Can you tell me what he looked like?"

"Brown hair ... white coat ... but I ..."

"That's all I need to know. The island's small enough. I will catch the little criminal!" She went speeding off on her motorcycle.

Pokemon: Black

A few moments later, a young man with blonde hair and a very fancy looking jacket approached me.

"Want to battle?" he asked in a very annoying snooty accent.

I looked up at him.

"Sure," I replied weakly, still suffering from my bullet wound.

My Blaziken dashed towards the trainer and delivered a kick that took the top part of his head off. The young man's body fell lifelessly to the ground.

"You lose..."

Then my injuries finally caught up with me. Darkness engulfed my body as I drifted into unconciousness.
Umbreon managed to leap away from several of the projectiles, but a few hit their mark. The creature cried out in pain.

"Umbreon, recover."

A strange glow appeared around Umbreon and the pokemon seemed fairly back to normal strength. But Black was running out of Pokemon as well as options. Suddenly, he was hit in the side of his left arm by a small projectile. A bullet! He turned to see a several police officers commanded by a female officer with blue hair. Black recognized this woman as one of the various Officer Jenny's that seemed to be stationed all over the place.

"Black, you are under arrest! Call back your pokemon and put your hands on the ground, now!"

Black sneered and pulled an Ultra Ball from his belt.

"Blaziken," he began as he threw the ball.

Officer Jenny noticed something a bit... Odd about the ball. By this time, the sandstorm had subsided and she could see a trainer and a larvitar standing a few feet from the criminal she had come to apprehend. She'd have to thank that young man later. Suddenly, the ball reached Blaziken and the creature kicked it, sending the projectile hurtling towards the young trainer. That's when Jenny realized that it was not an Ultra Ball at all...
It was a bomb.

"LOOK OUT!" she cried as she leaped in front of the boy in an attempt to shield him from the pending explosion.

The bomb hit her square in the chest and, sure enough, exploded with enough force to tear the young police-woman to pieces.
In all the confusion, Black had called back all his Pokemon and was now well away from the scene.

'Oh god no ... this isn't happening ... this can't happen!' The alley was as red as dawn. Pieces of smoldering flesh were strewn about. Never in his life had Blue witnessed death, and it horrified him.

"Officer down! We got an officer down!"

"He's getting away! Go go go!" several of the police officers went chasing after the murderer, but they wouldn't catch him.

Two stood behind and sprinted over the the pre-teen trainer.
"Speak kid, speak!"

But he couldn't. All he could do was scream.
Not only from the fatality, but the pain as well. If it weren't for Jenny, the Gym Leader would be good as dead.

One of the cops called 911, and ambulances raced to the scene. A stretcher was carted from off the back, and Blue was placed atop it.

"Come on kid, hang in there!"

The trainer looked back and saw his Jolteon and Larvitar
had taken severe damage as well. He reached out with his hands for them, too far away to grab.

"The boy's Pokémon, get them to a Center! Theirs no time!" Yelled one of the ambulance personnel to a police officer.

The two policemen picked up both Pokémon in their arms and carried them to the back of their car and drove off.

"N-n-no! Br-ri-ing bac-ck!" but they wouldn't listen to the kid as they drove off in the ambulance down to the hospital.
The Fire Department came, with their Water Pokémon ready to fight off the remaining flames. They pulled out the Nurse Joy, who was bruised and slightly burnt.

"Miss, can you tell us what happened!?"

"An...onix...kangas-khan...young boy..."

"Alright, move it!" shouted an Officer Jenny who had just arrived at the scene. "So you said it was two Pokémon and a 'young boy.'"

"No...the Pokémon...but he said...weren't...his..."

"A likely story. Can you tell me what he looked like?"

"Brown hair...white coat...but I..."

"That's all I need to know. The island's small enough. I will catch the little criminal!" She went speeding off on her motorcycle.

Vincent Rivers - Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

As Vincent ran as fast as he could towards his boat, he could hear sirens echoing in the background. Oddly enough those sirens were getting louder and louder, as if heading his direction. What exactly could be going on, he could not tell. His mind was racing too fast for him to worry about that now. Something happened to Seth, and Vincent's top priority is to get back home.
"You! In the white coat! Stop!"

As Vincent finally gets to the docks, he hears Office Jenny clearly calling him out. After all, who else is running around with a lab coat on. But why would she--doesn't matter. He has to get home. From how Professor Campbell sounded on the cellphone, Seth's current condition not well.

"I said stop! That's it...Growlithe, go!"

With the flick of her wrist Officer Jenny throws a Pokéball and her police-trained Growlithe is already on the move running towards Vincent. The motorcycle engine continuing to rev as Office Jenny follows behind her Growlithe only causes Vincent that much more stress and confusion.

Just as Vincent starts to take off in his boat, the Growlithe jumps, launching out at him and landing roughly on the edge of Vincent's boat. Struggling, the Fire-Type Pokémon tries to cling to the edge of the boat as Vincent heads off the coast.

"This is your last warning, kid! Stop or you will be forced to stop!"

Officer Jenny's Growlithe growls in sync with its master's shout through the mega-phone.

"But I didn't do anything!"

As the Growlithe tries to pry itself up, it slips and falls into the water. Vincent's boat finally picks up some speed and takes off heading towards Seafoam Island. Behind him he can hear the Fire-Type Pokémon swimming back to the shore, exhausted and returning to its master. Vincent looks back, confused from it all but turns his head back around as he steers his boat in the right direction.

Vincent's boat lost just over the horizon, Officer Jenny calls her Growlithe back to its Pokéball and stares at the open sea.

"...You've just got yourself into all kinds of new trouble now, kid."

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