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Thor's costume - Part 1

LongestDay, that Thor costume is AWESOME. Nice work on it...you nailed it! That is a must for the Thor movie premiere.
Vartha, that maile has the "extreme cool" ranking, and your leather skill is a talent I hope to achieve.

Cheerz Asgardian! Your costume is amazing - and you actually look like the real deal!
@ Longest Day - the costume keeps getting better with each new set of pics. Loving the new helmet and it looks like you've been working out Bro!

@ Vartha -impressive leather and meral work - cant wait to see your take on a Thor costume.
Love the creativity. You guys do some awesome work.

Vartha - Love the artwork and leather. Very cool stuff.
I must say, that is quite impressive Vartha :up:
Thanks BT. I wish I had enough Belt leather gauged Cow-Hide to make the movie Costume. Though I do have a "PLEATHER" duster jacket I was planning on making into the Coipel design.
My biggest problem is finding something for a Helmet for either Costume that doesn't look odd.
I haven't checked the boards in a while, but I have one quick question: how much do you think Thor will wear his helmet in the movie? (sorry if this has been asked before).
No problem Kokomo, We're pretty sure Thor only wear's the helmet during a Crowning ceremony that get's interrupted. It's looking like they use them helmet's like a crown over being a piece of Armor.
cool looking costume guys! I really like the design of the movie suit, although the leg armor would have been nice to see.
Nice to hear that :up:

Welcome to the Hype boards Chiro!
Here's my version of what Balder and Enchantress would look like in the new movie. :)





with Thor and Sif

With the rest of the Gang
Thanks :)

I created the Balder and my girlfriend and I created the Enchantress. Sif was done by Nightmare armor in England, and the Thor was done by some of Jay's (Thor's) friends. :)
Great job. I'd be very happy with that general costume for Baldur in a movie.
Very impressive looking Thor costume. Awesome job :up:
Fantastic job ... I love it , You guys are awesome !!! :yay::yay::yay:

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