The Dark Knight Rises Bane Of My 'Tusi-stence - Part 37

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@Gianakin_ thanks for the link! Didn't know that LOL

Tussi (similiar to tusi) means something like a bimbo in german so I laugh everytime :D
Well it's more like a female version, Paris Hilton is a "tussi" in german :D
What's your plan to make it un-innocent? :brucebat:

Nothing that would ever get me banned. I love the moderators and respect the rules that have been set in place to ensure everyone haa good clean family fun.
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Don't say the R word, I got a warning before :o
My two favorite hobbies. :up:

Well in a Khal Drogo fashion that is.

Alcohol can make a man desperate. In the words of Thomas Edison "50 no's and one yes, is still a yes"
The more you know.

Edit: Thomas Edison never said that.
Edit 2: That joke isn't dirty at all. Anyone who thinks it is must be dirty minded :o
Edit 3: Ob's would you mind editing the R word out of my quoye please? Apparently it's naughty.
:funny: For some reason I had a beautiful vision of me, Oberon and a young Sean Connery drinking Scotch in a posh bar. Then things turned bad :funny:

I think it's safe to say this tusi's innocence is well and truly shattered
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