Chapter 8: "Four Months Ago" Discussion 11/12/07

I believe the webcomic showed that Claude and HRG saved her. They went in to grab the mom, the fire started, and they found the baby and took her out of there.
Huh. I forgot about that one.
I think her secondary ability will be the stopping of her ageing process. When that will happen (secondary ability activating)seems to differ from person to person.
I hope they'll show us more interaction between Adam and "the 9". I thought that this episode would clear up a few things but it didn't. What exactly went down 30 years ago? If Adam is so dangerous why did they put him in a cell next to peter (probably the most powerful of them all) without any guards to keep an eye on him?
They did not put him there. Adam IS the company. He was placed beside Peter as you describe in order to gain Pete's trust, escape and "change history." Gee, I wonder which of Pete's powers Adam is most interested in?
We'll see in 2 weeks.

And you never answered me about who was in your last avatar...
Cant wait for another round of complaining & whining & arguing tonight :o Fun times :dry:
It was none other than Miss Indestructible herself: Hayden Panettiere.
Fascinating... I asked because it looked like Julie Benz, but I couldn't place what it was from.

Oh yeah... and you can tell by looking at him that Bob is somebody's *itch... I just think he's Adam's. Whose do you think? Angela?
Julie Benz is in her 30s, and is a much lighter blond.:huh:

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