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Dark Knight Rises vs Iron Man 3: Which Movie Inspired the Worse Fan Backlash?


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Mar 10, 2012
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Two movies that did very well with the general audience. Two movies that you cannot go anywhere online without finding fans who will loudly declaim them.

Between Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 3, which movie inspired the worse fan backlash? I leave it up to you to decide what you mean by "worse": number of outraged fans? Volume of outrage? Toxicity of outrage?
The only thing I disliked about TDKR is Batman retiring and John Blake not being Dick Grayson.

Iron Man 3 made a joke out of Iron Man's most iconic villain. So I picked Iron Man 3
I would have to vote for TDKR on that one.

While Iron Man 3 really gets its backlash from mostly the Mandarin twist, I personally don't read many complaints of the ending even while I have a problem with it.

With TDKR, I see many complaints on how they handled Bruce's arc with having him retire, the usage of Blake and how some didn't even care about the character, the Bane/Talia twist, the usage(or lack there of) of certain characters like Talia or Catwoman, Gotham City not having much of a "voice" or "soul" as the previous two films in Nolan's trilogy, etc.
Iron Man 3. I saw much worse and much more complaints over The Mandarin twist.
Iron Man in every category . Fans seem more satisfied with TDKR by comparison.
IM3 and it's not even close. The Mandarin twist caused a hell of a flame war in CBM's website, and despite it's success in the box office, you still have people who dislike the twist.
TDKR received more backlash overall. However, the Mandarin twist received far more backlash than anything in TDKR.
Ha. Funny question.

I think both are unwarranted (not compared to real stinkers like Iron Man 2 or Green Lantern). I haven't hung around the Marvel boards enough, but I will say TDKR had it worse. The reason? It is a great film that just happens to not be as amazing as its predecessor. For that reason, hyperbolic fans degrade it to awful. The absurdity of that makes it far more ridiculous.
IM3. That Mandarin twist poll is the most divided thing I've seen on here. Around 40% hate it and 40% love it.
It seems obviously TDKR.A year later and we still have a thriving "Why is everyone slamming TDKR?" topic.I think only time will tell about the long term effects of the "mandarin twist" (sounds like a 60's dance :awesome:).

As far as in "real life",most people I know didn't have a real problem with the Mandarin,but a few still bring up the joke of "Why doe-sh Bane talk like Sh-awn Connery?"
But to counterpoint the Bane, hrm, "joke", I've heard that as well, but the way I've heard it, it's not a joke but just something fascinating about Bane as much as with Ledger's Joker who kept biting at the inside of his cheeks, etc.

And also, if we're talking about how there's a thread still going on a year later about TDKR and why people are slamming it...how about Spider-Man 3 where four years has passed and someone decided to make a thread to see if anyone will say something positive about the film now http://forums.superherohype.com/showthread.php?t=369001, lol.
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There's a rather vocal minority hellbent on nitpicking perceived flaws in TDKR ("Bane's just a lackey! Movie's too long! Why are the officers clean-shaven?!?" etc.)

That being said, IM3 has, and will continue to have, the worse fan backlash.

I went to go see TDKR with a group of people. They all said "Not as good as TDK, but still a great movie." That opinion still holds true for them today.

Went to see IM3 with the same group. Much more divisive of a film. "Better than Avengers!" "The action was cool, but the story was ehh!" "The Mandarin twist sucked!"

Right now they're all saying Iron Man 3 was a disappointment with the exception of the lone person who thought it was better than the Avengers (his opinion now, "Okay, so it wasn't as good as The Avengers").

There was a huge noticeable shift on these boards from early reviews building up the hype to the point where IM3 was "BEST MOVIE EVAR" deflated in the barely-even-a-month since it's been out where a lot of people claim it was a missed opportunity.

So IM3 definitely.
I definitely don't remember TDKR getting as many complaints as IM3 did from the fanboys, but I could be wrong.
Iron Man 3 I think has more overall backlash with comic fans (though personally, I didn't mind IM3's change at all but I hated TDKR). But, the general public cares about neither and both films are well regarded.
Pffssh. Who cares about the public? What have they done for anybody...

IM3 was the worst... even people who don't even *like* Mandarin were like "How could you do this to us!? We trusted you! You were the chosen one!"
Iron Man 3, easily. There was a fair share of controversy about The Dark Knight Rises but that movie was in truth much better received overall. The detractors (the vocal minority) were much smaller in number.
I'm voting IM3. I had a problem with the whole 3rd act of IM3 whereas most of my problems with TDKR are in the final few minutes.
I saw backlash I disagree with on TDKR, all I heard about IM3 is some members here saying they like the unpopular twist
That's the view of someone not following the complaints
Definitely Iron Man 3.

The backlash of TDKR is honestly pretty normal when its a sequel to a seminal movie like TDK. It mainly consisted of: this was good but it wasn't amazing.

The IM3 backlash I think actually hurt the relationship between the fanboys and Marvel who they had done a good job cultivating until now. That IM3 has other problems has almost been overwhelmed in the discussion about the Mandarin as its become such a focal point for the complaints against that movie.
Maybe it's just me and only a few, but while I did not like Iron Man 3, I was always aware of the fan backlash TDKR had...I'm guessing there was a lot more in the IM3 boards then I thought?

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