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Spider-man 1 vs Spider-man 2

It's hard. I like them both alot. Green Goblin is my favorite villain but Doc Ock is cool too.

Spider-Man 2 I guess. Because Doc Ock didn't have as many corny lines as Green Goblin.
Spidey 2, I found it alot more enjoyable, the effects were better, as was acting, and the story. I just loved everything about it. :spidey:
2. I was rather unimpressed when I first saw SM1. My appreciation of it has grown since then, but SM2 was the one that really blew me away.
I'm the opposite after 2 and BB (and X2) my appreciation for SM1 has diminished. I respect it for nailing the origin and doing it justice and having a great cast (Willem DAfoe was brilliant) but the script was too by the numbers and cliche after the first act and the diologue was TERRIBLE. Plus very few scenes were allowed to breathe naturally. You didn't have the scene where Peter tells Aunt May about his helping in Uncle Ben's demise, the choclate cake scene and so on, those were very poignant in the second and while some fans feel they slow that movie down, I think it richens it. And Peter and MJ while melodramatic feel real in the second and less....contrived.

But the first did have the better villain, a great origin and laid the groundwork quite well while delivering some stellar action that captured the spirit of early Lee comics (when he was learning the ropes). But the second is just SO MUCH BETTER.
Spider-Man 2, by far. The first was terrific.... but the second one just nailed it.
spider-man 1 was great spider-man 2 was one of those few films that I wanted to just get up and leave.
You didn't like it?

Any certain reason why?
Fine, whatever I'll contact a mod to merge.

Thank Mr Lex Luthor for making it.
spencer6891 said:
I'm also one of the few who was not bothered by Gobby's costume. It worked in the context of the film, and Dafoe still played a very badass, sinister Goblin.

The Goblin costume didn't bother me one bit. I do watch the first movie more than the second. I loved Dafoe portrayal of the Goblin. He was a constant threat to Spidey the entire movie. I enjoy both of the films but I saw the first movie more in the theatres and it is in my DVD player more often than part 2.
ReptileOrion said:
but I saw the first movie more in the theatres and it is in my DVD player more often than part 2.

It's funny, I'm the exact opposite. I saw SM-2 in the theatre way more times than I saw SM-1.

And I rarely watch SM-1 anymore. But SM-2 is frequently in my DVD player :)
I liked SM better. I thought the storyline was better, and the portrayal of Norman was much more true to the character then that of Ock in SM2. Sans his GG costume of course.

Aside from that, SM2 didn't fix issues I expected them to fix, Spidey's lack of humor, making Peter Parker evolve from less of a Dork, making MJ actually act like MJ...and since they didn't fix those things, it got me angry. Basically it's the same situation I had with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Dead Man's chest was good, but not as good as the first. Though, if I hadn't seen the first, I would have probably loved Dead Man's Chest.

If I hadn't seen SM1 I would have loved SM2, but since I saw SM1, my standards were higher and they failed to meet my standards.
based purely on the fact that, at that time, I had never ever been more hyped for a movie in the history of existence, I went with Spidey 1. I also share an above-noted sentiment that it was dissapointing that part 2 didn't even begin to touch the subject of Spidey being more verbose in action or throwing a few jokes out there...that stuff to me is so essential to my reverence for :spidey:

any word on whether they'll touch on that in 3 yet?
I dont think SM1 is a very great movie, sure its good but there are some moments that are really dumb that shouldnt be in it and it ruins it for me. SM2 in my opinion, is incredible, I dont think there is anything wrong with that movie.

my vote, obviously SM2
I love both movies, though I feel Spider-man 2 is superior thanks to Alfred Molina's performance as Doc Ock, which is just superb. Plus, it features my favourite comic book action sequence, which is the clock tower/train fight sequence. :up:
SM2 had the better plot... SM 1 was get really exciting and exhilerating... SM2 is clearly the better picture

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