The Flash The Flash General Discussion and Speculation Thread - Part 2

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I finally got to see the first couple of episodes today....I like it.

Dr. Wells really surprised me (didn't see that coming)....can't wait to see where that leads.

It's great to see Shipp in it.

At this point I definately think the death of Barry's mom has something to do with the particle excellerator.
So if Wells is indeed the Reverse Flash, I'm curious to see the reason for killing Barry's mother and if getting his father imprisoned was actually the reason for it.

Simply put--to screw with Barry by altering history. That is, if Wells is the Reverse Flash which I'm becoming more and more convinced that he's not. Rather, I think Wells is really
Barry Allen from the future before the timeline was altered by Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash.
In honor of the character's 75th anniversary this coming January DC will be releasing some Flash themed variants to some of their ongoings that month. I could see myself buying a couple of these.

Although I do wish it wasn't so Barry centric and that Jay Garrick had more of an equal presence in the variant covers too considering that it's technically his 75th anniversary.

Anyhow click the spoiler tab to see some of them










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Some more Flash 75th anniversary variants that you could expect to see on comic store racks this coming January










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This is the best superhero show ever but this show will not reach its full potential until they do the Jay Garrick storyline. Set jAy in a different reality jut like the original crossover, and give us a nod to that iconic Jay/Barry cover and I will be so happy
Generally, in the Flash comics, when a character alters history their own history alters. He wouldn't remember his own timeline. He wouldn't even be the same man. It's something Professor Zoom is usually pretty careful of because he never wants to rewrite himself out of history. Wells could be an alternate dimension character.
Five cases

Cold Gun

Heat Gun

¿Sonic Gun?


¿Fifth case type of weapon will have? :shr:
Yeah, pretty positive that's Dr. Light's gun that Cisco used on Deathstroke.
KELLY FRYE GUEST STARS AS DC COMICS' PLASTIQUE AND CLANCY BROWN GUEST STARS AS GENERAL EILING - After a bomb goes off downtown, the army, led by General Eiling (guest star Clancy Brown), rolls in and takes over the case, much to Joe's (Jesse Martin) surprise. Suspicious, Joe tells Barry (Grant Gustin) that he and his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs should look into the army's involvement. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) informs the team that Eiling was experimenting on his men to turn them into super soldiers. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) confirms one of Eiling's soldiers, Bette Sans Souci (guest star Kelly Frye), was at the bomb site. The Flash tracks her down and realizes that she's not setting off the bombs, she is a meta-human who can blow things up just by touching them. Meanwhile, when Joe learns Iris is writing about "the streak," he tells Barry to make her stop. Barry realizes Iris won't listen to him so he decides to have The Flash pay her a visit. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing & Brooke Eikmeier (#105).

This show is getting better with every episode. My only gripe is they need to change up the formula a little. Every episode so far has Barry face the villain unprepared, get defeated, then his team does research finds a weakness and then Barry beats the villain.

Sure this ep changed that formula slightly by having Snark get away, but I don't want them to rely too much on the same structure.

Grant Gustin is absolutely perfect for this role. I didn't want the TV and Film worlds colliding but right now I'd much rather have Grant as Barry than Ezra Miller. I like Ezra Miller, but after seeing how good Grant is, I just don't think there's any point to recasting for the film.
There is a point: the TV universe is apart from the cinematic one. Been said countless times but I don't know why some people can't still accept the fact. :whatever:
Anyone else the LEGO special last Monday, BATMAN Be-Leaguer?
Flash and Captain Cold are in it.
1/2 hour of FUN.
It's weird we've heard nothing about Mirror Master, I hope he's in season 1.
How awesome would it be if in the first season, we got Reverse Flash, Grodd, Cold, Mirror Master, and the other rogues?
Captain Boomerang is confirmed to appear as well.

Trickster and Mirror Master are a couple of my favourite rogues.
Captain Boomerang is confirmed to appear as well.

Trickster and Mirror Master are a couple of my favourite rogues.

With Cold out of the way Mirror Master is now the rogue I'm most looking forward to seeing. Hope they don't hold anything back with the mirror tech.
I really hope they use The Top.
So how long until Barry temporary lose his speed? lot of other show that feature super power human has done this....
Barry will apparently lose his powers in episode 7 just as an electricity wielding metahuman targets Harrison Wells.
Mirror Master is a badass, I can't wait to see how he is done in the series.
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