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The Dark Knight Rises The TDKR General Discussion & Speculation Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 119

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I honestly don't think it is - I think Blake is headed down there to investigate after

Gordon gets hurt doing the same. And that entranceway leads into the sewers area, where the WE reactor is located that Bane is trying to repurpose and steal.

I think JGL gets saved by Batman there, and then Batman gets his head kicked in by Bane, and ends up in the prison.

JGL goes after Catwomen, who is trying to flee the city after seeing what happened to Batman and learning that

Bruce is Batman, and she realizes what she's done

So I think it goes:

1. Gordon gets hurt, ends up in the hospital
2. Bruce goes and sees Gordon, who pleas for Batman's return
3. Bruce comes back as Batman and saves JGL while trying to infiltrate Banes lair and/or get to the WE reactor area which we know is near the sewers
4. JGL gets out, Batman gets betrayed by Catwoman as she lures him in to fight Bane
5. Catwoman finds out that Batman is Bruce Wayne, shattering her beliefs of what the upper class is capable of providing for the lower class. Meanwhile, Bruce gets his ass kicked in front of her eyes
6. Bruce goes to prison after losing to Bane. Catwoman tries to flea the city
7. JGL Tracks her down in the airport - 'Did they kill him?' ... 'I'm not sure'

Our two favorite lucky bastards who have already seen the film don't have to comment, but that's how I see it playing out. A PM *would* be appreciate from one of them though /winkwinknudgenudge <3
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