The Dark Knight Rises Make Your own Sequel Title!The fun way!


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Jul 2, 2007
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You how the titles are like Batman Begins,Batman Forever and like that? Well here make a title but make it funny like:

Batman Goes to Jail
Batman Scared Stupid:cwink:

And more. Lets see which is the best.:grin:
Well its like a game. Try to make some Batman flim titles that are funny. See examples above.
Mr. Batman goes to Washington
Batman saves Christmas
Batman goes to school
Batman needs a kidney
The official thread for third movie titles has already become what this thread intends to be
Batman Hates Robin.
Batman and the Fellowship of the Bat.
Batman Goes to Hollywood.
Batman: The Hitman

Batman: The Bat Gangster
Dark's Knight's Holiday
Batman Saves Mr. Bean

Hey, none can be as bad as having Howard the Duck in some Spider-Man comics... >_<
A Joel Schumacher Presentation...

anything with that before it can be a bad title...

I love The Dark Knight as a title, but if it had that ^ written above it, I'd hate it
Batman Impossible.
Batman turns Batwoman
Batman and Robin
Batman Forever
Batman Impossible!
The man with the golden bat

For your bat only

Bat never dies

:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
Batman is not enough !:woot: :woot: (taht's true)
-Silence of the Bats
-Bruce Wayne (nod to Rocky Balboa or John Rambo)
-Bat City
-Batman : International Man of Mystery
-Curse of the Bat Pearl
-Bat Man's Chest
-Bat to the Future
-Bats of New York
-Reservoir Bats
-A Clockwork Batman
-Batman and the Crime Factory
-Batman the Barbarian

-Batman:Trinity :/

Planet Batman
-Me, Myself & Batman
-The Joke, The Bat and The Ugly (Two-Face)

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