The Dark Knight Rises **OFFICIAL** TDK Rises merchandise thread V

So can you guys help me out, who's gonna have the best TDKR exclusive? By best, I mean the most content/possibly best package design?

I like the trilogy idea, but I really don't want 3rd copies of both TDK and BB......
Probably the Limited edition bat-cowl Blu-ray combo with the display. It is a neat little collector piece, but it pretty much has the same content disc wise as the standard blu-combo set.
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Just saw this over on another site, haven't seen this in stores yet!
new half decent 5 inch bane figure 2 packs I saw at walmart:

Theres one with a brown bane/regular batman too. Absolutely shameful they put the more accurate figures in the opposite sets
And there's the Batman Beyond getup.

The only piece of merchandise I'm getting is Hot Toys Catwoman.
And there's the Batman Beyond getup.

The only piece of merchandise I'm getting is Hot Toys Catwoman.

Me too, it ships until March, but it will be completely worth it.
Got a few more new things
Hadn't seen these matchbox the bats anywhere. Then seen there's some on eBay.


I really like the mezitz tumbler, haven't seen the batpod one with Catwoman anywhere.

I only like the batman vs bane packs cause of the batman beyond like outfit and I like to buy the target only, Walmart only type stuff.

This last 12 pack, if you show them on your phone that on their website it's 14.99, they'll price match it and make it the 14.99 instead of 29.99. I definitely wasn't gong to pay that for em lol. Happy Holidays to all. How many times will you watch dark knight rises this month? We only have one life to watch it! Haha
Anyone know when the Lego set will be out? There's some on eBay but all articles say it doesn't come out until 2013 January.
They're out now. Just starting to hit
And on a side note has John Blake and Ra's al Goul in stock, they had Alfred until I went to order it.

I just need Alfred and Jim Gordon..
Are the only ones..?
Batman with blueprints
Catwoman googles up
Catwoman goggles Down
Ra's al Goul
John Blake
Jim Gordon

I seen Alfred's when the movie was coming out but didn't get him and I haven't seen one Jim Gordon.
I picked up the lego set today actually at the lego store for 39.99. Also saw it at toysrus for $48.99. Great set actually. They look more like the movie vehicles in person. Glad the bat has a "tail." The bane minifig is great.
I don't know why those Lego sets are so darn expensive, for example the Batcave set I mean it's the huge box that makes it expensive because you have to build it, I don't see a thousands of pieces can take up so much space.
I thought I'd post the stuff I picked up in the US when I was down there over the release of the Blu-Ray.

Let me start off by sorry to post so much, just a big Batman fan and like to see others collections. But I haven't posted in a little while, hope everyone's years off to a great start, wanted to share the few things I've gotten here lately..




I only had Bane and Batman as they were all I could find locally from July to Now in stores with the exception of one Alfred. I finally found a Catwoman at TRU, then ordered Raj and John Blake off, went to get Alfred as well but once I added money to my account, he was sold out,however I checked everyday and they got him back in stock a couple weeks later, paid like $13 with shipping. So now I'm just after Commissioner James Gordon, I won't pay $200, wish would get it in or even a local Walmart, if I found a few I would get them all but I'd come on here with them, don't be greedy about it lol $200 when it cost $15. That's like the movie masters batpod I can't find, it sold under $20 but is $200 online.

Haven't gotten the bane vs batman movie masters, figured It may go on sale but I really want to get the TRU trilogy movie masters set, hopefully we will find out a release date sometime soon. Went ahead and picked up the Lego set, fell asleep on release date didn't order it, woke up amazon jumped from $40 to $60 so got on and paid $50 with shipping.

My two tumblers, the big one is marked down to $25 at local walmarts, paid $30 on for the much bigger one and it came with a $10 egift card which I used to put towards the $25 31" batman, he's huge and has only so much articulation but I thought it was badass cause as a kid I had a big Keaton that was half this size but reminds me of it. The Bat I got on clearance at target for $15 and I was at best buy the 26th getting a couple games, waiting in the check out and I spot the bat pod sitting just by itself, was only 11.99. So that's pretty much just what I got in December and early part of this month, I am running out of room however lol.
This is way off topic but can anyone in or around the UK help me? Injustice gods among us collectors edition, I want the UK version, not the US. doesn't have it even listed and on it, including the comics would come in German language. Just wondering if anyone can help me with a legitimate site to order the uk version from where it'd be in English. I know my ps3 will play the game, probably not the DLC, just rather have the UK statue. Thanks

US version 13"

UK foreign version 10"
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I don't know if this is official but is awesome!

If that is Superman's costume from the Man of Steel film, or at least it's almost close to it, I'm wondering what this means for Batman. Hmmmmm.....could it be...?

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