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The Dark Knight Poll: Fav. Joker's quotes in TDK trailer.


I'm Batman....I wish.
Aug 20, 2005
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Seeing as many of us seen the trailer on either the bootleg online or the theater with I Am Legend or both, I thought now would be a good idea to post what some of the quotes Joker said you guys like the best. I don't want to add all of 'em, so I'll post a few. Feel free to add a quote if you select "Other". :)
alright, sheesh, sorry man.
no hard feelings to the guy who started this
but to the guy who called me *****e, calm down
can we talk about how out of place "Why so serious!?" sounded?
This thread wont live till the morning, but I'ld say my favorite quote was

"Lets put a smile on that faceee"
the poll's always come after the thread is made.

and threadstarter forgot the best, "Why so serious?!"

mostly because of the way he said it.:o
best quote hands down

" Lets put a SMILE on that face "

i mean he's about to get rammed by a bat pod and his only weapon a knife lol pure ownage
"to them your just a freak, like me!"
sounds f***in classic
starts out serious, then shows humor
I like "Let's put a smile on that face!" for being so sinister and harsh. But I equally like "...a freak...like me!" just because it's so hilarious how he says it.
Did people not like "Why so serious?" I thought he delivered it really well, it was my favorite quote.
I think this poll is trailer overkill, but what the hey. I personally liked his face being revealed right after the commissioner line, but for pure sound bite goodness, I vote for "Let's put a smile on that face" for it's sheer vicious quality. Really makes you understand what kind of character he might be when he says a line like that.
They were all delivered great.

I liked the exchange between him and Bats. That was sooooo ****in' Bats and Joker. Nailed those lines perfectly.
alright, sheesh, sorry man.
no hard feelings to the guy who started this

No problem. ;)

It been a long time since I made a poll thread, so it like learning to ride a bike....again. Of course, I don't remeber if I ever made a poll thread before or not. :funny: :funny:
i'm in between: "Like me" or "let's put a smile on that face"
I selected others because not only are all of those Joker quotes awesome, but you're missing the one that defines that trailer for me...

It was more like: "HIT MEHH!!!!!!!!"
Then you're gonna love me!, came off silly to me.

My favorite was the good Evening, Commissioner.

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