The "Get Violent" Video Game RPG OOC/Sign-up Thread

Now you ready for a real villan...


(No nonsense) Application for the "Get Violent" Video Game RPG

Name of character and game that he/she/it appears in:
Jack of Blades(human form), Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters

Powers/skills/inventory of the character: Sword of Aeons, Fireball, Lightning, Summon, and Ghost Swords

Will your character be bringing any other characters, items from their game with them?: Besides the Sword of Aeons, nothing except his powers. And Lots of Money...

Why have you chosen this character?: He is a badass, nuff said. And i think he would make a great villian for this RPG. And you guys need a good villian.

Can you provide any need-to-know information about your character for players with no knowledge of that character? Jack is widely known as the oldest and strongest of Heroes, as well as the most evil and feared. After travelling the world in search of knowledge and power, Jack has become the unofficial ruler of Albion. His face is perpetually concealed by a white mask with a strange pattern. His study of the Old Kingdom, despite his despise for it, has allowed him to control Minions and his influence and wealth (some of which is gathered from his own Arena winnings) allows him to hire bandits and bend Maze to his will, giving him an impressive army. He rules over Bargate Prison, which he uses to imprison his more important enemies. This power, however, is not enough, with his ultimate sadistic desire to make the world 'burn'. To that end he seeks the Sword of Aeons, uncovered the bloodline that could unlock its power and led bandits and Maze to Oakvale to find the Hero's family, killing the Hero's father himself. Once he gain the Key for the sword, Jack unleashed his Minion army and activates the Focus Sites. His army lays siege to the Heroes' Guild and Jack nearly kills the Guildmaster. He kills Scarlet Robe to free the Sword, but is defeated and slain by the Hero. It is stated that Jack was never a hero or even a mortal man, but a malevolent being who predates the age of gods and demons by millennia. Jack's spirit lives inside the mask, which he forged of pure evil to gain immortality, and has used countless host bodies to influence Albion from century to century.

Please provide your sample "blackout" post if your character comes from a different time to the present setting:

Jack of Blades

" could I, Jack of Blades be defeated. The royal bloodline, more than I could handle? a mear MORTAL! My soul traped in this mask I have forged my own, but I will become ruler again.I, cast through a well...No idea where I'm going, or where I would end up. But I, Jack of Blades will have my revenge, and all mortal beings will face my wrath."


I see a nearby sign, similar to those in Albion. The structures, very different.
"New York City, what is this place of which I have never many mortals. So this is my prison, this is my home. This is my new kingdom. A prime speciman, what could this hero be known as." The mask attach to a nearby civilian. Male, athletic, a perfect host. Jack's soul now filling the mortal. The strugle from him, his resistance...futile, he is powerless.

"Hencefoward, this place of New York City, will be under the control of the Jack of Blades"

Please provide a picture of your character:
Pretty sure you can't pick up a guy from a game that was made from a movie. It's in the rules.
-No characters from video games based on comic books or movies etc, this game is designed for video game characters and nothing else.
Star Wars is a movie...KOTOR is a game, the technology would be consider ancient compaired to that of the movie, and Revan was a video game character long before he was in any books or comic... Im pretty sure he should be ok.
-No characters from video games based on comic books or movies etc, this game is designed for video game characters and nothing else.
Oh Star Wars.
We'll the games were made because of the movies. But he was an original video game character.
Well seeing how you already put Jack of Blades in your sig I guess I'll approve you.
lol, thanks...but seriously, what do you think...if you want me to fix anything I
Yeah, Revan isn't in the movies books or even mentioned in them, and the game came out before Attack of the Clones.
I say approve Revan. It's a Video Game Character first and foremost hes not a movie character he was never in the flicks and he was in the comics AFTER the game, therefore hes primarily a VG character.

Also if he gets Approved, I'm back in.

As Kyle Ka-****ing-Tarn
This game seems to be making a come-back. Good.

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