The Multiversers: Hypertime

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    The Multiversers

    After the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, there existed only one Universe, consisting of the well-known DC Earth. The Multiverse ceased to exist, and instead the Last Universe ran on the power of Hypertime. But as time went on, tangent Universes began to pop up, leaving behind the power of Hypertime to Universe Prime (the once Last Universe), and creating the Multiverse yet again.
    This time, though, Cronus, a near omnipotent being on par with the Quintessence, was left in charge of keeping track of the finite Universes and make sure they are left stable. Instability within the Universes would mean that the given Universe would be forced to be wiped from all planes of existence. Cronus, though however powerful, was not allowed to interfere- only to calculate and record data.

    Cronus kept track of the Time that built up each given Universe and pinpointed stages in those Universes' development in which the events of Time would build up to unstability, called Collapse Points. In order to prevent these Universal implosions, Cronus called on Super Heroes from different Universes. These Super Heroes' respective Universes had no Collapse Points, thus were in no need to be interfered in. Unstable beings traveling through the Multiverse could possibly mean the end of the WHOLE Multiverse. Only beings from stable Universes can travel through the Multiverse.

    Thus, in order to prevent the Universal implosions, the Superheroes would be sent to stop certain events from happening, in a reality different than their own, and in one beyond their comprehension.
    Any failure in the mission would result in the Universe being wiped out, and any success would result in the given Universe being stable for all Eternity.
    However good or bad, each Universe must be fought for with great passion and fervor, and each mission is hoped to be completed by the heroes.

    These Superheroes are called….

    Kara Zor-El Allen
    Designation: Universe-3004

    The Last Daughter of Krypton.
    Extremely powerful and skilled in her birth abilities. She fosters a mystery of her own past and a secret of her future from her teammates.
    She could lead this team to victory. Or to death.

    Played by twylight

    Tornado Kid
    Don Allen
    Desigantion: Universe-1067

    Expert marksman. In many universes, he is linked with the Speed Force. We shall have to see what becomes of it.

    Played by the Gamemaster

    Designation: Universe-0463

    Ex-villain of his homeworld now hero. A pillar of the Speed Force, he is one to be reckoned with.

    Played by Johnny Blaze

    The Jester
    Jack Napier/Joe Kurr/inapplicable/unknown
    Designation: Universe- 0002

    A supposed villain from Earth-2. A sort of wild card to the team, it will be hard for anyone to trust him. They will have to learn.

    Played by The Question



    The Batman
    Terrence Thomas Wayne/ Terrence McGuiness
    Designation: Universe 5617

    Played by Batnkevlar

    Silver Scarab
    Hector Hall
    Designation: Universe 5617

    Played by Harlekin


    First Mission Brief

    In Universe 5617, before the coming of the being Kal-El, Mars Martians invaded and conquered Earth.
    The Martians used their mind-control to rule over entire cities. Allowing the human inhabitants only their natural survival needs to survive; food, water, sleep, mating. They abolished all of human culture.

    But, there is resistance.

    After his parents were killed by Martian Enforcers, Bruce Wayne vowed to repel the aliens from the planet, even if he had to kill every one of them himself. He gathered many others who shared his anti-Martian outlook around him and started a rebellion, protecting their minds with special anti-telepathic equipment. Thus, the Martian Imperial Command started the Human-Hunter program.

    The Martians took their best soldiers and trained them specifically to hunt and eradicate the human rebels. The best of these, and their leader, is J'onn J'onnz. He has come into contact with Wayne on many occasions. The latest encounter resulting in the loss of J'onn's right eye. And J'onnz has vowed revenge.

    The Chosen are sent a few days before the arrival of Kal-El to ensure that the Kryptonian child falls into the right hands.

    Timeline of the Martian Invasion:
    1941: The Justice Society is founded
    1950: Birth of Hector Hall
    1968: Birth of Bruce Wayne
    1970: The invasion of Earth
    1971: The Justice Society is officially disbanded
    1976: Bruce's parents are killed
    1981: Hawkman goes M.I.A.
    1988: The Wayne Resistance forms, lead by Bruce Wayne. Hector Hall joins
    2005: Arrival of the 'Multiversers' and coming of Kal-El.





    • This is a Gamemaster lead story The Gamemaster will start the missions and the character play until the mission is completed. The Mission can be short or long.

    • All characters to be played are custom characters, created by the user with regards to the character application they need fill out.

    • Normal continuity characters will not be allowed.
      Think of the characters as Elseworlds characters. Characters such as Terry McGuiness, Green Lantern Kal-El and other previously thought up DC Elseworlds characters are allowed.
      You do not need to take those characters point for point, but rather come up with an interesting back story, such as Terry McGuiness, raised by an ailing Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke.

    • Constant attention will be paid to the filled-out application, in regards to power levels and original intent.

    • The given character must not be a god, deity, or being such as SHAZAM the Wizard.

    • Mission ideas are gladly appreciated, in order to keep up a productive work environment.

    • There are two types of characters in this game:
      The Chosen (starting as the Chosen Five) and Mission-related characters (MRC's).
      Both require applications to play as, but each have different duties and rules. You can play as a Chosen until you die, retire, or mods say otherwise; but as an MRC, your lifespan as that given character is only as long as the mission.

    • Once the given mission is over, MRC players can fill out a new application, in accordance to the mission info. Mission info and MRC info must be related.

    • You can form friendships and alliances within your own team, along with grudges. To start out, the team number shall be FIVE (5)...

    If you want to take part in this, just list your name and character here, fill out your application, and I'll put your name and character info on the first post here. First come, first serve...


    • Each mission will start with Cronus and his mission delegation…

    • This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter...

    • Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off character's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off an NPC's [Non-Player character (inanimate victims)] heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM...

    • Don't be killing people without reason. You know your character's weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Black Canary will lose against Superman one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away...

    • If you get killed, you are done with that character, unless otherwise noted by mods or deputies. You then pick up as a mission-related character. One must stay in line to become a Chosen, but while you wait participate in being an MRC..

    • There can be ONE story going on at once, but there can also be other side pieces such as villain agendas and such...

    • There should be MINIMAL cussing and swearing in posts.
      There will be NO By-passing the censors. This is a Hype rule, and NO exceptions will be made for the RPG.

    • No obscene topics!

    • Act like your characters, ASSUME their traits and personalities...

      *There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...

    • People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the first thread...

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    *The Multiverse is so huge, though nothing compared to the splendor of what it used to be, before the Crisis. One mortal cannot seem to comprehend the work needed to keep the Multiverse together, nor the sacrifice one needs to make to keep everything stable. My job is to record and calculate, not to interfere. Mortals look to me as an insect looks to a man. I have all this power, but nowhere to use it. Except there’s one thing I can do.
    I comprise a list of 25 beings in the Multiverse, each of equal value to the Timestream, who can somehow work towards the stability of each Universe. These beings are from stable Universes themselves and can travel between each given Universe. There are prophecies, and prophecies in this plane cannot be ignored. But all in due time.

    For now, I have chosen five: the Chosen Five. Five different universes, five different timelines, five different people. They shall work together to save the Multiverse. To save myself.*

    “Superwoman: the Last Daughter of Krypton. Extremely powerful, and skilled in her birth abilities, she could lead this team to victory. Or to death. Designation: Universe-3004.”

    “Tornado Kid: expert marksman. In many universes, he is linked with the Speed Force. We shall have to see what becomes of it. Desigantion: Universe-1067.”

    “Savitar: ex-villain of his homeworld. A pillar of the Speed Force, he is one to be reckoned with. Designation: Universe-0463.”

    “The Huntress: a feline-like metahuman. Beauty, brains, and a temper. Designation: Universe-6798.”

    “The Jester: a supposed villain from Earth-2. A sort of wild card to the team, it will be hard for anyone to trust him. They will have to learn. Designation: Universe- 0002.”

    They now have a destiny. Now they can go fulfill it.
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    Then: When Wallace West died, his son mourned for three days. Out in the desert, with no food, no shelter, no nothing. On the third day, Don West buried his father, saying afterwards:

    "Eh. Wally West weren't no father 'a mine."

    He then went to do good by the world.
    Iris and Dawn never even got to say goodbye.


    Don couldn't think, it was so cold. He'd start a sentence, "You know what I need to do....****ing cold!!" but it'd end like that. Damned General Cold. Trying to start another War. But it wouldn't be possible without that Cliff Devoe.
    Cold needed a Thinker, so he got this nut. Makes these weird machine-monsters, set's 'em loose in major cities. Don's so close he can taste it. He just needs to get in a good's a small red button on a huge control panel in a heavily refrigerated room. Don's maybe fifty yards away...

    One, two, BLAM!.... damn. Try again. One, two, BLAM! got it this time.

    Damned machines are down. A few feet away, Clifford Devoe barely has time to act surprised before three bullets go through his head. Three, because you can never be too sure.

    Cold thinks he's won. He thinks he can stab Don in the back with an icicle from where he is. And he might, if Don didn't know he was there.
    One word: Blammo.

    Now, time for gettin' the Hell outta this dump. Don's got some bounties to collect.
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    Helena Kyle walked down the street. It was a warm and sunny day in Gotham. It was August 26, 21 years ago her parents had been murdered. Ms. Kyle walked into New Gotham Cemetery, the air had a disturbing musty smell too it. Several families mournfully placed scarlet roses next to a fresh grave. Walking over to her own destination, she placed down a black rose next to Bruce Wayne’s grave.

    Name: Bruce Wayne

    Alias: Batman

    Status: Criminal

    A short distance away was Selina Kyle’s resting place. Helena placed a crimson rose on top of the neatly kept grave.

    Name: Selina Kyle

    Alias: Catwoman

    Status: Hero

    Helena real parents had died by stray gunshots years ago. She was taken in by the Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon.

    Name: Dick Grayson

    Alias: Nightwing

    Status: Hero

    Name: Barbara Grayson

    Alias: Oracle

    Status: Hero

    When she was 19, she attended college, only a year later she had dropped out. Taking the name Huntress, she became a leather clad vigilante.

    Helena put her hands in her pockets and walked out of the depressing cemetery, her black trench coat blowing in the breeze. She put on her sunglasses and pulled her scarf on tight.


    The Huntress dove off Gotham Observatory’s high towers. Landing with grace, she ran forward on a flag pole, before jumping once more onto another hard roof top. Pulling out a short metal rod, she tapped it twice as it expanding into a dangerous crossbow. The vixen shot it up at a ledge above a glass apartment window. The arrow had along cord attached and winded back into the gun. Huntress’s heel jammed into the glass sheet and shattered.

    A blonde woman sat on a burgundy couch in the center of the room. Her golden locks tied into a bun.

    “Dinah Lance?”

    “What the hell,”

    “You’re under arrest, not by the cops; they can have what’s left,”

    A screech punctured the air. Kyle pointed to her ears.

    “Ear plugs,”

    The young woman stood up from the couch and before she could open her mouth again, was punched in the jaw. Another high kick and she was knocked out.

    “Drake? Black Canary is apprehended,”
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    Universe-3004 / JLA Watchtower / 0300/ Friday

    “Kara, really.” He said leaning over, his lips caressing hers gently before kissing her. “You should know.”

    “Querl…” She whispered.



    She sat up breathing heavily, holding her head in her hands, her half awake mind trying to figure out what just happened.
    Bart’s strong arm was around her waist, compressing the cool satin of her nightgown against her back.

    “Kara, you were dreaming again.” She turned and looked at Bart.

    “I know, I’m sorry.” She moved from his arm and got out of bed, standing beside it. “I’m sorry I woke you.” She straightened the bed sheet’s.
    Bart Slipped out of the bed on his side and walked around to her, bringing her too him he held her. She rested her head on his shoulder.

    “I love you.” he whispered

    She bit her lip childishly, “I know….I know....I just..” She pulled away.
    “I know how hard this is for you. I don’t know a single man who enjoy’s having his wife dream and say another man’s name.”

    ”Well, you can’t count me as that one, single man. But I would be without you.” He said giving her a lopsided grin.

    She smiled “Go back to bed, I’m going to go walk around.”

    He bent over and kissed her, she could feel his muscled shoulders relax under her arms, as he rested his lips against hers. Pulling away he asked “Sure you don’t want J’onn to take another look?”
    She shook her head, sending her blonde hair bouncing. “No, not today. Maybe tomorrow.”

    He nodded kissing her on the forehead before releasing her and crawling back into bed.
    She walked to the closet and changed into her Superwoman suit before leaving the room, pausing at the door to watch himfor a moment, his chest rising and falling rythmatically. She smiled slightly before turning and leaving. The door slid shut quietly behind her.

    She smoothed out her outfit, she’d changed her costume numerous times, but when she became Superwoman, she’d changed it into a full body suit, reminiscent of Superman’s, minus the red speedo’s. Her cape’s red color came over her shoulders and her yellow belt was worn on her hips.
    Walking down the hall to the monitor room she expected to find Green Arrow, Connor Hawke sitting there, his chin in his interlaced hands. Opening the door she wasn’t disappointed. He turned.

    “Bit early. Bad dream?” He asked

    “The usual. Anything?” She brushed off his question, many of her friends know about her dream’s

    “Nothing. Star’s down in the Control room if you want to see her.” He answered

    “Thanks” She nodded and left, making her way to the control room. Her dreams had become more and more tangible, like..memories, vivid memories.
    It had taken it’s toll on Bart, having her whispering sweet nothings to a man in her sleep and it had taken it’s toll on her. It was as if something had happened in her life, and she didn’t know about it.

    They had started in her nightly dream’s and made there way into her everyday life. In the middle of a fight she’d be hit with one of her fighting alongside a man with green skin and several other’s in costumes she’d never seen before.
    Even in the middle of…..

    She stopped, closing her eyes. That had been the hardest blow for Bart.

    She turned down a hall and opened an air lock. Flying herself into space she circled the Earth, it’s green and blue overlaid with white clouds, sat like a gem on a sea of dark blue velvet.
    She let her mind go blank as she flew through the darkness.
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    IC: The Jester!!!!

    Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, a dark, enigmatic figure stalks the streets of Gotham City, hunting thoes who hurt othrs, and defending the defensless. Who is he, I hear you ask? He is a legend. A creature of the night. A defender of justice.


    If you listen closely, you can hear his dark, inhuman, nightmarish battle cry in the war against the forces of evil!



    This is The Jester. The clown prince of kindness. The harlequin of helpfulness. He is one of the few people in this hell hole of a city who stands strong against the forces of evil. And....he is completely and uterrly insane.

    What is his story, you ask? It is a dark, forboding tale of...

    WAITWAITWAIT!!!!! Dan? Where the hell did we find this guy?! He's such a downer! And who cares about my life story?! I know I don't! So, Mr. comic book voice over guy, cut to the chase or this is gonna be first person perspective!

    *sigh* Yes sir Mr. Jester sir. Now, on with the story....

    Our hero bounced on the rooftops with his springed shoes, when his cell phone went off.


    "Jester? It's comisioner Wayne."

    "Howdy comish!!! How're the wife and kids?"

    "My wife is dead and my son is a sadistic mob boss!"

    "Oh...yeah. Forgot about that. So, what's the sitch? Do I finally get to kill Gwen Stefani? She's had it too good for too long!"

    " It actually has to do with my son. He and his gang have taken hostages in Arkham Asylum. He says he'll release them if you show up."

    "Ah, how I love these rondevues with the Owlman family! I'll be there in five!"

    And with that, our harlequin hero turns around and makes his gargantuan leaps in the direction of Arkham Asylum.

    Five minutes later, our pro bono warlord of justice crawls through the ventilation shafts of Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. Finally, he finds himself over the room in which the feindish feathered felan, the Owlman, resides with the hostages and his cadre of juvinile delinquants and malcontents. Our champion of cheeres crashes through the grate, and lets out a cry for justice!


    "Ah. If it isn't the clown. Deathwing, gaurd the hostages. Raptor? Owlgirl? Kill him."

    First comes Raptor, Owlman's young aprentice in crime. The Jester dodges his blows and dispatches him with his taser joy buzzer.

    Then Owlgirl shoots several razorangs from her wrist launcher. One hits our protagonist in the arm. He doubles over in pain. As she walks tword him, he sprays her with his patented "smilex" gas, causing her to go through painful laughing spasms, incopasitating her.

    Our hero then notices that Owlman's adoptive son, Deathwing, is about to exicute the prisoners. Our loveble loonatic then pulls a gun out of his coat pocket and aims it at the young miscreant. Deathwing looks over at him and responds.

    "Oh come ON! You know you don't have the guts you pathetic clown!"

    Our pale protagonist pulls the trigger, and out pops a metal rod with a "BANG!" flag hanging off of it. Deathwing takes out his twin blades and struts twords our kindly clown.

    "God bellow, I cannot fathom how you gave Tom so much trouble."

    Suddenly, the harlequin of helpfulness releases the trigger, causing the metal rod (in actuality a tranquilizer dart) to shoot out and hit the young evildoer, causing him to colaps into unconsiousness.

    Owlman gives a round of aplause.

    "Impressive as always my friend. But now that you have despenced with the students, you have to fight the master."

    "Oh, you know how much I love our little dances."

    Owlman charges at our hero, and the clown prince of kindness activates the springs in his shoes just in time, jumping over Olman's blow and kicking him in the face. Owlman then fires several razorangs, many of which hit our hero. Owlman struts over ever so confidently.

    "After twelve years, I will finally be rid of you. This is too sweet."

    Suddenly, the top of our hero's cane pops of, and a small rubber bal underneath it inflates into a large mallet.

    "HA! Do you really think an inflateble mallet will stop me?"

    Our hero then swings his cane upwards, connecting with Owlman's jaw and knocking him out.

    "It will when it's full of mercury. Smile chuckles!"

    Our hero then goes to free the hostages. After that is done, he turns to them and says

    "Remember kids: STAY IN SCHOOL!"

    Our hero then leaps into the ventelation shaft, and crawls out into the moonlight. He then goes off to fight for truth, justice, and equality!

    And crispy creams! Don't forget the crispy creams!

    Yes. And.....crispy creams.

    God, why did I take this narration gig? I could have been the narrator for "Disney's Herculese"! But no, I just had to do a favor for Dan Diddio. God, this is going to be a long RPG.

    Aw, cheer up! At least we have each other!

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    The Flash Museum exploded into pieces as the foot of the colossal monster came crashing down atop it. Half of Keystone City had been demolished by the gigantic, draconic demon, and the creature showed no signs of stopping. No, it’s master wished to burn the world, and Keystone was the first target. The beast reared its neck back, sucking in air…and suddenly loosed a torrent of Hellfire from it’s mouth. The fire of Hades descended on the town, incinerating buildings and people on contact.
    The beast turned it’s head slowly, bringing it’s unholy fire in line on a pair of homeless children to stricken with fear to run. As the fire neared them, the creature’s mouth curled up in an hideous smile. The children were like the proverbial deer stuck in the headlights, unable to move or scream. Even as the proximity of the hellish blaze made their skin turn bright red and begin to burn.
    “Burn them my pet”, the witch said as she smiled and watched on with devilish glee as the demon's Hellfire moved closer and closer to the kids.

    The children were doused in the fire of the malicious beast, and burnt to ash.

    The witch cackled with insidious delight as she flouted next to her titanic champion, “Burn it all, my child! Raze this city to the ground!!”

    "No! The children’s death will be the last!”
    The witch looked to her left as a being leapt from the rooftop at inconceivable speed, tackled her, and brought her crashing down to the street below.

    The impact of the witch hitting the concrete created a small crater, and the man lay on top of her, pummeling her unmercifully. The man’s fist moved so fast that onlookers, if there still were any, could swear that they weren’t even moving at all.

    “No more! It ends now, Zatanna!”
    A ear splitting roar from behind was the only warning the man had before a large stream of fire blasted the small crater, burning everything it touched. Luckily the roar preceded the fiery blast by a second, and a second was more than enough time for the man to get out of the way.

    The man appeared a few blocks away, and stared on as a beautiful silhouette appeared in the fire and began walking towards him.
    “Well, if it isn’t the Lord of Motion. I must say, Savitar, I’m surprised you and the Justice Legion survived my minions”, said the witch, as The Bat, the Amazon, and the Emerald Flame descended behind him.

    In the skies above, the greatest hero in the world, the Scarlet Sentinel, swooped in and uppercuted the colossal demon sending it stumbling backwards. As the beast fell, the Martian Mancatcher swooped in from underneath, catching the creature in the small of it’s back and lifting in into the air. Using their super speed, the Sentinel and Mancatcher quickly grabbed the creature by the tail and spun it around and around. Finally after they had gathered enough momentum, they launched the creature out of the city and into the abandoned countryside. There they could battle the monster without worrying about endangering any innocents.

    “It’s over, Zatanna. Your demon is finished and so are you”, stated The Bat in his usual cold and clinical voice.

    “Fool! Zatanna is gone! Only the Queen of Fables remains now!”
    As the witch shouted, she outstretched her hands and mystical serpents, dozens of feet in length, shot forth.
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    It was her. Don was prepared for it to be absolutely anybody else in the world. But not her. Not Dawn. But it was Dawn. It was his own sister pressing a gun up against his back. He knew what this was about. This was about Wally West. About leaving her. About how they thought he was dead. About never looking back. Wasting time, hesitating. It was about retribution. She wanted the years back. She wanted everything he took away from her. He couldn't speak. He knew it would just set her off. Dawn West died that day. She knew that she couldn't live with herself if she killed Don. She didn't want to live with anything. She did it to herself. Don just wasn't fast enough to stop her.

    Death, depravity, and poverty seem to follow Don everywhere. He just wishes he could stop doing this. But he can't. If he stops righting wrongs, it'll make her cry...
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    The Finger Yard. Where fairy tales go to die. Back in the 1950s, Gotham city was covered with giant typewriters, pianos, pencils, etc. They made the city look like a living nursury rhyme, and enabled the disenfranchized citizens of the city to forget their problems and live with some level of hope. Now they sit here, rusting into oblivion.

    But there is still some life in this place of broken dreams. For these giant toys have been cleared to one side, leaving room for a small circus tent.

    This is the place The Jester calls home.

    And now, as I speak, he is entering his fortress of sillyness, and greets his cadre of comedey.

    "Oh Luuuuuucey! I'M HOOOOOOOME!!!!!"

    The harlequin of helpfulness skips over to a set of twins.

    "DEE DEE! DEE DEE! How are things?"

    "Fine Mr. Jester!"
    "Fine Mr. Jester!"

    "That's good, that's good. By the way, did you pick up the latest issue of Cable/Deadpool?" *smiles at camera*

    "Yes Mr. Jester."
    "Yes Mr. Jester."

    Our hero walks off with his monthy illustrated novelett, and is greeted by a tubby man in a harlequin mask.

    "CHUCKO!!!! How are we?"

    "Hey uncle J. Uhhh, you have a message from Alex Luthor. He's mad that you've missed the last two Legion of Salvation meetings."

    "Tell 'im to go hump a duck. If it's not an emergency, I've got better things to do."

    Our hero then walks of to his private livingquarters. As he opens the door, he finds a woman in a jester hat, white facepaint, and red lengere.

    His lady love.


    "Hey there Mr. Jay. How was work?"

    "Oh splendid splendid SPLENDID! How are you pooh?"

    "Oh wonderful. But puddin, you look exauhsted. You need to relax. Wanna go into the bedroom"


    Our champion of cheers then pulls a small box containing a disk out of his pocket.

    "IT'S GRAND THEFT AUTO TIME!!!!" *smiles at camera*

    Our hero and his leading lady then walk into the bed chamber, only to find themselves greeted by a tall, red headed man in a green suit.

    Edward Nigma


    "EDDIE!!!! How's it hangin buddie?"

    "Quite fine Jester. Did you hear about Owlman?"

    "I heard I kicked his patooty!"

    "He escaped from custidy and killed five police officers in the process."

    "Oh. That's a shame. Harley, send flowers to the families."

    "DON'T YOU GET IT?! He's to good to just send to jail! We stop him, he escapes, and the flaunts it to us as Thomas Wayne! We can't just keep stoping him and putting him in jail for five minutes. We have to expose him as Thomas Wayne. We need to find definitive proof!"

    "......okay. And you need to tell me this....why?"

    "Well.....I'm asking for your help!"

    "Eddie. Eddie Eddie Eddie. I'm not the best. Call Atlas or Dr. Snow for help. They're way more skilled than me anyway. And it's Grand Theft Auto Night!" *smiles at camera* "Now now now, we can bring down the Owlman empire later. Say......Wednesday? Now it's my night off."

    ".....fine. I'll see you later. Now, good day. I have to meet a man named 'Shush'."

    With that, the king of clues takes his leave.

    "God he is so boring. NOW LET'S SHOOT SOME HOOKERS!"

    And with that, Harley and The Jester play their game of blood and violence.

    ....hey guys. Can......can I play?

    Sure. After I do this one thing...


    Can I play NOW?!?!

    IN A MINUTE!!! Good lord man! Patience IS a virtue, you know!
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    Don heard them coming a mile away. Kid Kon-El and his blasted Justice Riders. They grate on his nerves like that nerve-grating thing he saw at the World's Fair. Tad Thawne, Donna Prince, Rachel Roth, and Garfield Logan. They had another, Stone, but he done got himself killed.


    "Kon. Come to lord your powers over me again, Superboy?"

    "Hey! With great power comes get the Hell off my case! We heard about your sister, and we..."

    "Wanna recruit me because you think I need the companionship. I don't. I don't need nobody. Not anymore. You can take this job and shove it."

    "Like Hell we will! Listen, Don, we're here because we care about you." Tad. He's the worst of them all. Doesn't take anything seriously. Especially not Don.

    "Don't lie to me. What the Hell do you guys need another like Tad for anyway? I'm leavin', and I'd like to see you stop me. Good seein' you again, Donna."

    And with that, he left them. Gone, like the wind, as though he was never there.
  11. twylight One And Only

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    Universe-3004 / Moon / 0900 / Friday


    Kara stared at the Earth. Bart’s voice over the comm. Had brought her out of her thinking lapse. She stood up from the moon rock she was seated on.

    “Yes Flash?” she answered

    :: “Batman’s here.”:: Bart’s voice answered sounding a grainy through the comm.

    She nodded to herself “I’ll be right there.” She lifted off from the moons surface.

    In an instant she’d landed in the Watchtower’s Hanger. Batman’s plane was parked there. She looked at it as she passed, walking towards the control room, the black matte surface of it looked out of place in the bright hanger of the Watchtower.

    As she walked down the hall Kara thought about Bart, everything the last few year’s had been hard. He’d taken on the name ‘The Flash” after Wally had been injured, she smiled, remembering their first date. It had been to a pizza parlor and had been interrupted by them both getting called away for a mission.

    She walked into the Control Room, Bart, in his outfit smiled at her, Starfire stood near one of the windows with J’onn and Batman’s back was too her as he was engaged in conversation with Wonder.

    He turned from Cassie as Kara entered, “I’m glad you came.” She said
    He nodded “Me too, anything new on the Parasite case?” he asked.

    “You’ll have to ask GA, I think he’s still in the monitor room if you’d like to speak with him.”

    Another nod, before he handed her a Computer disk. “Nightwing sent this. It’s pertaining to the Outsider’s and TT’s.”
    Kara took it and held it. “Thank you.” She paused nodding too J’onn, Wonder, and Star. Before leading them to the conference room.

    The large round glass table with the letter’s JLA etched in it reflected the lighting in the room, Superwoman waited while the other’s were seated, before taking a deep breath.

    “You all Know that I’ve been having….dream’s, and that they are intensifying, they are coming for more and more often. Not always for longer periods of time, but even the shortest one is time for something to happen if I’m not paying attention.”

    She paused.

    “I’ve already discussed it with Green Arrow and Flash, but as of today I’d like to take an extended leave.” She held up her hand at Cassie’s open mouth, to stave off the question, and continued. “I think this is the best way to do it, as seen by my recent ‘vision’ in our latest battle, I compromised the whole team, and I don’t wish that again. So until I can figure this out, I’d like to be taken off of the JLA Active roster. I’ve made a call to Mary Marvel, she’s willing to take my place for the duration, and all the leadership choice’s will be passed on to Wonder.”
    She seated herself at the table. Silence filled the room for a second before Starfire spoke, her still youthful looks furrowed in worry.
    “You’ve told Jade? What did she think of it?”

    Kara thought back on her conversation with Jade and Kyle, both of them expressed worry but understood. “Jade agree’s with it.”

    “Will Bart be taking leave with you?” Dick asked

    “No. He knows that he has a commitment to the JLA.” She answered

    “But he has a larger commitment to you. If you take leave, I think he should too.” Wonder commented standing up.

    Kara looked at Cassie as she continued. “I know the JLA was reticent in allowing married couples to both be on active duty, and this might be one of the reason’s, however I think that this concern’s both of them, not just Kara. If the need for a speedster arises we can call Jesse Quick. She is on our reservist list and I doubt would mind.”

    “I agree.” Starfire said nodding

    Dick sat with his jaw firm before he nodded “I suggest having J’onn take another look before you go. The vision’s are recent? Let’s try and get a lead on them while their fresh.”

    “NO!” Kara said standing up, placing her hands on the table. “I will respect your decision to place both Bart and I on leave. But I will not to a mindscan again. Not again. Not again.” She repeated looking at the various looks around the table.

    The last time had been too painful, she hadn’t told Bart or them everything, that had happened last time.

    J’onn had gone in gently triggering a memory of a young blonde girl, doing something similar. Which lead to another memory of a green skinned man who held her tightly. The memories came with feeling’s, she felt close to the blonde woman, and effuse love for the man.
    The sheer fear she’d felt knowing that she’d loved another man, knowing that she’d been somewhere else, without even knowing it, had shaken her so. More memories had tumbled over themselves as he’d dig deeper careful to be gentle, trying to keep them is some order. J’onn had later compared her mind to a file cabinet a tornado had gone through. He had pulled a few memories out. All of them containing a man she’d loved, a man named ‘Querl'.
    But she shirked at her real fear once J’onn had brought it up. She was afraid Bart was her second choice, not the man she really loved. J’onn pulled it from her, bringing it to the forefront, covering the many memories that has swarmed her eyes.
    The very idea had frozen her cold, her mind felt like breaking and J’onn had withdrawn from her mind quickly yet gently. As she lay on the floor crying she’d made him promise not to tell. Not Bart, not anyone. And she’d promised herself to never go through that again.

    Whatever this was, she’d figure it out. without J’onns help.
    She didn’t like the feeling, she didn’t like these memories, she felt torn in two, as if two Kara’s were inside of her.

    Batman studied her, his eyes as sharp as his deceased mentor’s had been. “J’onn?” He asked.

    J’onn silent this whole time took his glowing eyes off of Kara and gazed at Dick with them. “Nothing of any benefit was found last time, and as Kara has expressed reluctance to do it again. There is no reason to force the issue.”

    Dick nodded as if that was all he needed to hear, standing up he said. “I vote for it. Flash and Superwoman will be place on extended leave until this….situation is sorted out.”

    Cassie nodded “I’ll contact Jesse Quick and Mary Marvel.”

    The other’s rose, Starfire gave Kara a hug before she left the room as did Cassie “Everything will be taken care of, don’t worry”

    Kara waited until they had all left the room before sinking into a chair. She bit her lip, a childish habit she had, as she tried to keep the tears back. She brought her cloak around her shoulder and looked at the red fabric. She was raised and trained by Amazon’s, her friends were all Superhero’s, her husband was the fastest man alive, and she had taken the empty spot of Superman. Yet here she was, weakened by something she had no real memory of. She smiled at the irony. The Maid of Might, brought to her knee’s and the ultimate low point by her mind.
    She’d heard growing up that the mind would always triumph over might, maybe it was true.
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    It was only a week ago that Zatanna received an ancient tome from a mysterious source. Being a student of magic and an already powerful sorceress, she caste a handful of divination spells on the tome. The spells did not show it to be dangerous, just a simple story book, so Zatanna began to read.
    Inside the book, the ancient and powerful Queen of Fables lay trapped and forgotten. She was stuck in her own little fictional world, and the only way she could get free was if someone read her stories. For millennia, the Book of Fables was kept locked away in dank dungeons and pocket dimensions to keep the malevolent Queen from escaping her prison. For thousands of years she sat and brewed in her fictional kingdom, waiting for the day in which she will be free. On that day, she will summon her minions and remake the planet into her fairytale image.
    Luckily for her, Zatanna was an avid reader. The more Zatanna read, the stronger the Queen’s hold on her grew. After a few days of Zatanna reading her stories, the Queen finally had enough power to break free…but she did not do so. No, the Queen of Fables saw an opportunity in Zatanna…an prospect of great power for herself. Instead, she waited a little while longer for Zatanna to finish the book, and, upon doing so, the Queen was able to send her potent spirit into Zatanna’s body, taking control of the JLE’s sorceress forevermore. With Zatanna’s powerful magics added to the already potent mystical power of the Queen of Fables, the witch became an unstoppable magical juggernaut.
    She quickly defeated the most powerful mystic threats to her bid for power by killing the Phantom Stranger and Dr Fate. The Spectre was still missing following the defeat of Darkseid after the villain had penetrated The Source Wall and gained inconceivable power. There were no true threats to her power now, save the Justice Legion of Earth.

    As the other Legionnaires battled the serpents, Savitar darted forward and grabbed the witch by her throat, spun her around, and launched her through a series of buildings at break neck speed.
    Like a bolt of lightning Savitar was on her, picking her up and sending the witch flying four city blocks with a punch.
    “ENOUGH!!” the creature formally known as Zatanna shouts as she magically creates a force field around her to keep the speedster at bay.
    “I will brook no more interference from you and your ilk, Savitar. I will burn this planet and remake it in my own image.”

    Savitar says nothing for seconds as he stares at the witch with determined eyes, thinking of his moves. After reemerging from the Speed Force, he had an epiphany. The Speed Force had shown him the error of his past ways. No longer was he to play the selfish, vainglorious he had been playing his entire life. He was to seek redemption for all his misdeeds by giving back to the populace of this planet, the very populace that he once terrorized simply because they were not touched by his “god”. For the past two years he has played the role of the hero, defending those who could not defend themselves from all manner of threats, both terrestrial and alien. The people of Earth were his people now, and this witch threatened every last one of them.

    At the speeds unimaginable, the Lord of Motion runs at the forcefield. Making himself intangible as he nears it, Savitar passes through the barrier albeit with some intense pains do to it’s magical nature. He does not let himself falter though. No, there is too much at stake. He knows what he must do. The witch is too powerful and that he must end this now, Savitar steels himself and prepares for what he must do.
    As he makes it to the other side, he reaches out to phase his hand through still smiling and confident Zatanna’s head. The move would destroy Zatanna’s brain, killing her, but saving the planet.
    “I am sorry, Zatanna”, is all the Lord of Motion says as he reaches out to finish this once and for all...
  13. twylight One And Only

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    Universe-3004 / Moon / 1000 / Friday

    Kara smiled, her red cape followed the red across her shoulder’s before it blended with the two short sides of the diamond shape which held the ‘S’ across her chest. It was an element from a costume she’d worn when she was younger. She’d switched out her skirt for a total body costume all in blue, and she’d kept the belt around her waist, wearing it low on her hips.
    Bart had always preferred the skirt, but when she took the name Superwoman she’d changed her costume to reflect a more mature vibe.

    The smile faded and she turned from the mirror, slipping her costume off, she donned jeans, a blouse and a leather jacket. Hanging the costume up she let her fingers linger on the fabric, before turning and walking to the suitcase she’d placed on the bed.

    She felt a change in the air pressure “Hey doll.” a kiss accompanied the comment as Bart put his arms around her, resting his chin in her golden hair.

    She smiled as she placed a shirt in the case. ” They told you?” She asked.

    Bart raced and flopped on the bed “Yep, it’s gonna be great.” He said sounding like a teen again. Kara smiled, she loved it when he was this way. It brought back memories of when they were younger.
    “Are you going to help pack? Or just sit there?” She teased making a face at him.

    “Careful, if the wind changes it’ll be stuck like that.” her commented “Backinaflash” He said before becoming a red blur and stopping next to her, wearing jeans and a T-Shirt. He placed a suitcase next to hers and started throwing things in it. Kara shook her head, and began folding them and placing them in the suitcase.

    “So, where are we going?” He asked closing up her suitcase and placing it on the floor as she straightened his ‘packing’ up.

    “I was thinking stopping by Clark and Lois’s and seeing Bruce for a few day’s and then going to Paradise Island.”

    “Hmm..” Bart said “An island of beautiful women….”
    “All of which who are my sisters.” She said punching his arm.
    A red blur streaked across the room before she heard music start to play and two arm’s took hold of her waist and drew her to her husband.

    “Who said anything about me?” He said softly holding her right hand and placing it against his heart.
    “If it’s a bunch of women, I don’t have to chase all the guy’s off you.” he whispered before kissing her.

    Kara felt herself blush, it wasn’t often Bart gave in to his romantic side, and even when he did, it always had a joke in it. She leaned her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes. Bart withdrew his hand from hers and reached his arm around her waist holding her to him.
    She felt him lay his cheek on top of her head.

    “I love you Kara”

    Kara smiled and pressed herself closer, “I love you too.”
    She felt so scared, a feeling she’d hadn’t felt in a long time. It wasn’t the scared she felt on her first date with Bart, or even the scared she’d felt on her wedding day.
    It wasn’t the scared when the world was about to end, it was something else. Something deeper. She didn’t know who she could run too to hold her. She knew Clark, Lois, Cassie and even little Bruce would always welcome her with open arm’s. But would Bart?
    She knew Querl would always love her no mat...She turned her head, her blue eyes widening catching sight of the green skin tone.

    She jerked away. “Kara what’s wrong?” His normally straight face looked at her worried. His rich voice normally level had shades of worry in it. Fear coursed through her body and she felt her fight or flight instincts go haywire. She pulled away only to be stopped by two strong arm’s grabbing hers “Kara! Kara? What’s wrong? What’s wrong!?” He asked.

    She heard the door open, and a female voice asked. “What’s going on? I felt it!”
    “I don’t know, could it be a side effect from our last mission?” Kara heard silence, before the female voice spoke again. “..Yes” Followed by a gasp. “Garth! Something’s happening to Garth too!” Kara opened her eyes to see Imra rush out of the room, her blonde hair trailing behind her. Querl picked Kara up “I’m taking you to the.. we went in Metropolis? That place had great sushi.”

    Kara opened her eyes and gasped for air. “Kara?” Bart gently pushed her away from him and looked at her, gazing into her blue eyes. “Kara…..again?”

    She gasped, emotion’s flooding over her, she wanted him back, where was he? She’d remembered this was on her wedding day, she’d walked down the aisle to him, her heart so full of love and joy, the pure excitement of knowing that he’d always be with her.

    “Kara, say something!” She could hear the pain in Bart’s voice, the slight crack of it as if he was holding back tears. She bit her lip and looked at him, her emotions split as the fear flooded her mind who did she love? Sinking to the floor with Bart’s arm still around her she brought her hand up to her buzzing head, it swarmed with emotion’s and feeling’s.

    She barely felt Bart’s hand touch her forehead and brush her hair way from her face, Kara covered her eyes with her hands and cried.

    “Oh Bart. BART!” He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight as she sobbed “Bart I do, I do love you. It’s you, I want you.” She repeated over and over trying to convince herself.

    Universe-3004 / Smallville, Kansas, Earth/ 1400 / Friday


    Kara bent over and scooped up 5 year old Bruce in her arms.
    “Hey there Superman!” She said planting a kiss on his soft rosy cheek. “What’s this?” She said wiping off a smudge of jelly she found had attached its self her nose.

    “I had PB and J! Daddy made it for me, but it’s not as good as Mommy’s.” He said matter of factly. “Uncle BART!” Bruce said, interrupting himself as Bart stepped off of the Jevelin’s ramp.
    “Hey there Buddie!” Bart answered as Bruce practically leapt from Kara’s arms into Bart’s.

    Kara smiled turning to see Clark walking across the field to them. “Lois said you’d be here.” She commented as Clark came closer.

    “Yes, I decided last minute to bring Bruce out here this weekend. She’ll join us later, You’ll be here later won’t you?” He inquired, his blue eyes studying her.

    She hesitated “I don’t know” she replied softly as Clark gave her a squeeze.

    “Believe me, I’ve been through some pretty strange stuff, it’ll be okay.” he said “Care to go inside?”
    Kara nodded, flicking a switch she had in her hand. The Javelin behind her and Bart cloaked, blending in with the wheat fields.

    “Race ya there!” Bart yelled racing towards the house with Bruce on his back. Kara shook her head, smiling, and glanced at her youthful looking cousin. When Clark mentioned some pretty strange stuff, that was one of them. Him and Lois’s had been ‘de-aged’ a few year’s ago, a problem that had been stopped, but had left them both year’s younger. Giving them a second chance at having a family, naming there son after Batman’, who’s life was taken during the same time they were de-aged.

    She looked up at the house Bart and Bruce stood waving on the porch.
    “You feeling okay?” Clark asked.

    “As well as can be expected, given the circumstance. I...had a ‘re-lapse’ this morning before we came, and right after giving notice of leave.” She paused “It’s hard Clark, it’s almost as if..I’ve loved two men, and I’m afraid…..I’m afraid I don’t love Bart enough.” She looked down at the golden wheat, as she walked through it, and wiped a tear away. It was the first time she’d actually voiced the feeling and she was overcome with emotion as she remembered the incident earlier in the morning.

    Clark put his arm around her waist, “You do. You’re going to be okay.” he smiled at her as they neared the house, he paused next to the porch steps “Besides, this could all just be a side-effect, the mind does weird things. Lois would love to take you shopping, she likes all that baby stuff.”

    “What?” Kara pulled away from him, her eyes widening “What?” she said, this time stronger as Clark looked at her puzzled.
    “Why did you mention a baby? Is Lois pregnant? What side effect?”

    Clark shook his head his mouth forming the word “No.”
    Kara gasped, “You didn’t... how dare you, This...I can’t….” She placed her hand against her stomach. Her blue eyes wide and full of conflicting emotion’s. “Clark?”

    He looked at her surprised at her reaction. “I….thought you knew…..” He paused as she stared at him with an open mouth. “I just did a quick scan when the javelin flew up, I was pretty surprised you hadn’t told us yet.”

    Kara looked at the house, she could hear Bart and Bruce inside rummaging around in something.
    “I didn’t know….I didn’t…” she whispered.
    She stood staring blankly at the house, the wind blow through her hair as silence filled the air. A bird flew by singing softly, and the yellow sunshine bounced off of the clear blue sky. Kara’s face slowly went into a smile. “Clark…….I’m going to be a mother.” She smiled “Clark!” She laughed as he smiled and hugged her.
    “Congatulations” Clark said “I’m going to be an Uncle!”

    Universe-3004 / Themyscara, Earth/ 0900 / Monday

    The soft morning sun streamed into the room, spreading across the white bed sheets, turning them a sunny buttery yellow shade of light, as they lay over the form of Kara Allen.
    A flash streaked across the room and the sheet’s moved as a moan accompanied the movement.
    “Not yet…” came her groggy voice.

    “Up! Up! UP!” Called the streak before stopping and becoming visible as Bart Allen.

    “You are too cruel.” Kara moaned as she rolled over onto her stomach and placed a pillow over her head “I’m carrying you’re child and you wake me up?” came the muffled voice.

    Bart leaned over and flipped Kara onto her back, removing the pillow she clenched over her face.
    “Good morning!” he said cheerfully planting a cheery kiss on her lips before whisking away and coming back with a tray full of breakfast food.
    “I brought you cereal,fruit,sausage,eggs,milk,juice,toastandoatmeal.” He said speaking fast as he pointed to each thing.
    Kara sat up rubbing her eyes as Bart placed the tray in the middle of the bed. “Bart...I’m not going to eat all of this!” she grumbled.
    “You’re eating for two now.” He said taking a napkin and laying it on her lap, holding two fingers up to illustrate his point.
    She sighed, not yet awake yet her mind scrambled for a reply. “It’s come along this far with me eating only for one.” she held up a finger in Bart’s face to illustrate her point.

    He kissed the finger and raced around to the other side o the bed, sliding in next to her. “More for me then” He said before starting to eat. Kara smiled, slipped out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. Stopping along the way to look out the balcony. The lush green of the Island faded into the deep blue of the ocean, as the sounds of the wave’s, muffled by the foliage created a soothing background.

    Bart and her had been arrived two day’s ago after leaving the golden fields of Kansas.
    The dry blue sky of Kansas, thought beautiful sharply contrasted the lush blue over the sky over Paradise Island.
    Diana had opened her with open arm’s and Donna had practically squished Bart trying to get Kara.
    Kara looking at herself in the Bathroom mirror she ran her hand along her still flat stomach. Bart and her had decided not to tell anyone other then close friends, until they picked up their secret identities again.
    When she’d first told Bart…..She smiled, a girlish smile of glee she hadn’t smiled in a long time.
    She turned the water on, the dreams hadn’t touched her at all the last few day’s, maybe it was just what Clark said. Side-effect’s. Bart had raced to the store and bought every book on pregnancy he could find, speed reading them all in one evening.
    Apparently, pregnant women often had Dream’s, thought later in their pregnancy..and...not pertaining to anything but the baby…...She splashed her face with water and dried off.
    Maybe..maybe it…
    “Oh hey, Diana wants to go riding with you today.” Bart said as he raced into the bathroom.
    “And you were going to tell me this when?” Kara asked.
    “5 minutes before you two were supposed to meet?”

    She gasped “BART!”
    He smiled “I’ll race you..”

    She smiled “I’ll win.” She said before racing off.

    Four minutes later Kara flew out the window, a streak of blue and white.
  14. The Question Objectivism doesn't work.

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    Gotham City. Midnight.

    Our comical king is at the computer, feverisouly searching into the most dire of matters.

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh Electro UK. Your Deadpool is just hilarious!"

    Suddenly, there is a flash of light, and our hero is gone. Transported to a large, ominous black dome, deep in the heart of the Florida swamplands.

    "HEY! Why am I suddenly in the Darth Vader helmet of solitude?"

    Just then, a tall, bald man in purple and green armor walks down a flight of stairs twords our hero.

    "Because, my friend, you have missed the last two Legion of Salvation meetings, and you will not miss this one!"

    "But ALEX! I was on the HYPE!"

    "NO BUTS! Now get into the meeting hall. You're keeping everyone waiting."

    "*sigh*, yes MOM."

    The champion of cheers is escorted into a large meeting hall. There, the greatest heroes the world has ever known are seated.

    Sir Grundy
    Comander Frost
    General Grodd
    Tommy Fast
    Vandal Sage
    Dr. Psychic
    Groundstroke, The Rejuvinator
    Proffesor Photon

    Yeah yeah yeah. We get it.

    .....okay then. Moving right along.

    The champion of cheers takes his seat next to Quizmaster.

    "Hey Eddie. How'd that meeting with Shush go?"

    "Quite fine. Quite fine."

    "That's cool. Hey, can that guy play cards? Cause I'd love to woop his but at go fi...."

    "Atention. If everyone would please BE QUIET, we can begin the meeting. Is there any new buisness?"

    The rock creature, Sir Grundy, stands up.

    "Well yes. As we all know, the CSA has been laying low ever since the recent interdimensional incedent. However, Ultraman was recently sighted over Hong Kong commiting several acts of...."

    Our hero's atention wavers, as his mind settles on a new, confounding topic. What great and perrilous matters is he contemplating? Let's take a look.


    Suddenly, there is a loud explosion, and the south wall is blasted away. As the smoke clears, we see Johnny Quick, Power Ring, Superwoman, and Ultraman. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Ultraman speaks.

    "So this is where you've been hiding, Luthor."

    Johnny Quick interjects.

    "Uhhh, UM? There's an awful lot of them. You sure we should have come wothout the Olympians?"

    "Oh quit your whing Johnny! This will be easy."

    "I think not." said Luthor. "LEGION OF SALVATION, ATACK!!!!"

    "Finally! SOME ACTION!!!!"

    Tommy Fast confronts Johnny Quick, as Sinestro and Power Ring do battle. Luthor and Perfecto atack Ultraman, and Sir Grundy battles Superwoman.

    As Superwoman punches Sir Grundy to one side, our pro bono warlord of justice jumps on the felenous female. He grabs the sides of her head and kisses her hard on the lips.


    "YOU SON OF A *****!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!"

    The harlequin of helpfulness turns his taser joybuzzer to full power and jabs it in the she-devil's eyes. He then hops off of her.

    "I'm sorry darling, but it just wouldn't have worked out between the two of us."

    As Superwoman charges at the clown prince of kindness, Sir Grundy slams her into a nearby wall.


    "*sigh*. Yeah yeah. I'll just be over here."

    The ace of action then sits at his seat and takes an issue of Great Lakes Avengers out of his pocket.

    "Ah. Dan Slott. How I love you so."

    The battle rages on for several minutes, until the Crime Syndicate turns and retreats.

    "Dammit Johnny! I told you this was a stupid idea!"

    The croud of heroes then gather in the main hall. Sir Grundy speaks.

    "Good show chaps! We certainly showed those foul rufians!"

    "Can I go home now?"

    "*sigh* Yes Jester. You can go home now. Meeting adjourned."

    And with that, our hero is wisked back to his home. He sits before his computer, pondering the great matters of the world.

    "Hmm. I wonder if Keyser Soze's done anymore Bullseye posts."
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    *And suddenly, for Kara Zor-El, Savitar, The Jester, Helena Kyle, and Don West, Time was irrevelant. It was my doing, and thinking so, I did so. In my extra-dimensional headquarters, the VerseScope, I kept a 4-dimensional apllication of my powers (3 dimensions plus Time) outside thew Multiverse. It was a place for them to exist, with it's own Timestream. I shifted into a 3-dimensional body and walked towards them.*

  16. The Question Objectivism doesn't work.

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    Suddenly, our hero is once again transported away from his home. He finds himself in a large white room.

    "What the hell is it now Luth....well, this certainly isn't the Darth Vader helmet of solitude."

    Our hero is surrounded by others, all garbed in costumes.

    "Uuhhh, why are a cowboy, a dominatrix, an Ultragirl rip off, and a Hindu heavy metal rocker standing next to me?"

    Then, a tall man walks tword them.


    "....hi. Who the hell are you, and where am I?"
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    "Dammit, Kon, what did you do to me this time?" Don thought, a little louder than he may have thought.
    He looked around. Another "team," he imagined. He hated these little "teams."
    A clown. A damned clown. He hated this already.

    He heard the big voice, and looked to face the source. He was not in the mood for this...

  18. batnkevlar Registered

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    "You are in the Scale, a section of Time outside Time, a Universe all to itself. I am Cronus, and all of you are the Chosen."
  19. The Question Objectivism doesn't work.

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    "....and also with you. So, are you trying to convince us that the power of christ compels ua, or what? And what's with the village people wannabes? Is this another superteam? Cause I'm a member of the Legion of Salvation, I have my gang, and I have my own solo adventures. I don't have time for another superteam! Who do you think I am, Wolverine?!?!"

    Our hero considers hi options for a moment.

    "Aw screw it. I'll play along. I was getting bored with the rest of my life anytway. So what's the sitch Wade?"
  20. rigel7soldiers Registered

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    "Oh. Oh, this is perfect. Now, I get ta die, because I'm in a team you're goin' ta force me ta be in."
  21. The Question Objectivism doesn't work.

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    Suddenly, the 1800s texan vigilante speaks.

    "Oh. Oh, this is perfect. Now, I get ta die, because I'm in a team you're goin' ta force me ta be in."

    "Oh quit whining cowboy.....boy."
  22. batnkevlar Registered

    May 16, 2003
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    "All of you are from different Universes. I will not get into too much, other than this: there are different realities than your own. They operate on a cosmic principle known as the Multiverses. Multiverses are forever being created and destroyed. If they are unstable, they fall apart and cease to exist. My job is to make sure the most amount of Universes in the Multiverse exist. That is your job too. At certain points in each Universe's Timstream, there are Collapse Points, which are point that lead up to every given Universe's demise. All your home Universes are deemed stable, thus allowing you to travel between Universes. The Chosen Five, yourselves, your job is to stop these Collapse Points from happening. Only then will each Universe be stable. I will send you all to a certain point before the Collapse Point with a certain information. You need to stabilize each Universe."
  23. The Question Objectivism doesn't work.

    Apr 17, 2005
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    The cosmic being then speaks to our clown prince of kindness.

    "All of you are from different Universes. I will not get into too much, other than this: there are different realities than your own. They operate on a cosmic principle known as the Multiverses. Multiverses are forever being created and destroyed. If they are unstable, they fall apart and cease to exist. My job is to make sure the most amount of Universes in the Multiverse exist. That is your job too. At certain points in each Universe's Timstream, there are Collapse Points, which are point that lead up to every given Universe's demise. All your home Universes are deemed stable, thus allowing you to travel between Universes. The Chosen Five, yourselves, your job is to stop these Collapse Points from happening. Only then will each Universe be stable. I will send you all to a certain point before the Collapse Point with a certain information. You need to stabilize each Universe."

    "....And then we shall carry the one ring into the heart of mount doom toe destroyed! You my friend, are a laugh riot. So when does this epic quest start?"
  24. rigel7soldiers Registered

    Apr 27, 2005
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    "Don. My name is Don."

    The big voice guy began his spiel. When it was all over, Don was all questions.

    "Multi-verse? Come on, now yer jus' just making words up. Fine. Let's say I believe you. Let's say this is all true. Why me? Why them? Why a goddamn clown?"
  25. batnkevlar Registered

    May 16, 2003
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    *My voices changes into a voice many of them have heard before. The voice of Kal-El.*

    "Each of you brings something different to the table."

    *My multiversal humor isn't for everyone.*

    "Each of you has certain traits that can bring victory. Especially for your fist assignment."

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