Hype Vegas

DBella said:
Wanna come over my place this weekend to do my hair and nails? :o

Oh girlfriend, Pookie needs a bath and there's a Bette Davis film festival playing...raincheck?:woot:

And Hunter that was well worth the wait.:woot: :up:
The FallenAngel said:
You enjoy this way too much, you evil basteed:csad:

We all need to get our kicks somehow:(:up:

Where is Sabre to bask in his glory ?:cmad:
hunter rider said:
We all need to get our kicks somehow:(:up:

Where is Sabre to bask in his glory ?:cmad:
Fair enough:csad:

He spends all his time in the gaming threads nowadays:cmad:
OMG I made out with Bella:heart:

"hizzy fruit booty" this is so in my vocab now:up: Hunter this is your best work yet!:D:up:
Poor Maggie Grace; she seems to die in anything that's good. :o
Kmack said:
OMG I made out with Bella:heart:
It's so muc hotter when you type it and put that heart:O

"hizzy fruit booty" this is so in my vocab now:up: Hunter this is your best work yet!:D:up:
Thanks Kmack:woot:

Socrates said:
Poor Maggie Grace; she seems to die in anything that's good.
It's a tragic waste:csad:
hunter rider said:
It's a tragic waste:csad:

Perhaps you could pair me up with Joanna Krupa. :o She was on the show Las Vegas I think.
Socrates said:
Perhaps you could pair me up with Joanna Krupa. :o She was on the show Las Vegas I think.

Man you don't have time for wimmens right now,in the next part you're all about the killing:cmad:
That certainly makes up for my "not having time" for the womens, Hunter. :cmad:
Part 8

Socrates had removed his shirt and made it into a makeshift strangling implement of death
He stalked the corridors of the hypecito in his vest

Two mercs had met up on their patrol and were talking,Socrates whistled and then hid in the broom closet near by
The 2 mercs moved in to investigate.........Socrates waited for the right moment to make his move.......

As both mercs turned their backs he burst out of the closet and wrapped the shirt around the first mercs neck and kicked his legs away simultaneously pulling the gun out his holster and putting 4 bullets in the other merc.......he pointed the gun downwards and shot the choking merc in the head......blood splattered onto his vest

Back up in Big Ex's office Dew was bandaging green's hand as Big EX loaded his gun

green:"ouch! geez Dew you're rougher than George Michaels 5 o'clock shadow after a night on the pull"

Dew:"Sorry sweetie"

green:"It's ok scnookums,ugh I'm just worried my hands are never gonna be able to weild the tongs like the dynamite prince of the perm i was"

Big EX:"Come out of the closet NOW!"

green:"Oh Exy darling i haven't been in the closet since the 70's"

The closet in Big EX's office creaked open and out stepped JM crying

JM:"Sorry Mr EX i just got scared when the gunshots went off"

Big EX held her and kept holding her..............still holding her

Dew:"Ahem!.....I think you can let her go now honeybunch":whatever:

Big Ex let go of JM

green:"Can't blame him Dew even I'd consider batting for the T&A brigade for a piece of that action"

Big Ex:"OK enough! we have to make our way to the roof so I can get the 3 of you on my chopper and Dew can fly you to safety"

green:"Excuse me Exy,i might not choke the chicken to the latest Scarlett Johansson Maxim shoot but I'm all man and i ain't leaving"

Big Ex looked surprised but agreed,he'd escort Dew and JM to the roof and green would wait in the office till Big EX returned

Sarge and his crew edged their way along the corridors until they heard someone coming,they stood fast and waited........

A shadow came around the corner and both Sarge and him raised their guns,it was Socrates,the 2 stood for a moment guns trained on each other like a face off from a John Woo movie.......both sighed

Sarge:"I'm sorry about Maggie"

Socrates:"Thanks man she won't go unavenged"

Sarge:"I see you have a gun,how many have you killed ?"

Socrates:"I took out 2 close quarters combat style....you ?"

Sarge:"one.....we errrr.....took him out Macgyver style....we improvised with what we had":O


Just then Big EX,Dew and JM came around the corner all guns were raised for a split second and then all relaxed

Big EX:"ok there's 3 of these schmucks down the hallway taking a ciggy break,where's the other 3 ?"


Big EX:"Cool beans"


Big EX:"What ? i can't be hip ?..........OK FA you are gonna help me take the ladies to the roof"

FA:"Awwwwwww i wanted to kill Russians":csad:

Sarge:"think of it as a date":cwink:

JM quickly stepped forward

JM:"I'd feel much safer if you were with us FA":yay:

She kissed him on the cheek.........he beamed with pride

FA:"No one shall harm you while you're with FA!":woot:

Big EX:"That settles it then,Sarge you and Socrates are gonna have to handle business in the casino

Sarge:"No problem boss:"

JM noticed Sarge's arm wound was bleeding again

JM:"OMIGOD bro you are bleeding"

Sarge:"I ain't got time to bleed"

With that the two groups split up and made their way to their objectives

To Be Continued.............
HA! Nobody's taking the casino from me :mad: :D

Great stuff Hunter :up:
Part 9

enterthemadess was weaving in and out of traffic trying to stay ahead of Sabre in his mini,he turned into a building site and jumped off,Sabre quickly followed and began chasing him up the first floor of some near by scaffolding

enterthmadness came to a dead end,the rest of the scaffold hadn't been built.......he was trapped.

Sabre:"Damn you,you litte scrub,you've made this hard work,ive killed presidents easier than it's been to kill you"

enterthemadness:"Good stuff in little bundles"

Sabre:"Who told you about my vertically challenged penis ? it's a medical condition dammit! i would have sorted that out this weekend as well if that loser hadn't pitched the d1ck doc out the window":cmad:

"errrrrrr I was talking about my height"

Sabre:"Oh........Right! Ive wasted enough time......time to die dwarf boy"

enterthemadness knew he had one shot,his height would for once be his friend....as Sabre lunged forward enterthemadness ran between his legs twisted his neck and bit Sabre's balls off


Sabre stumbled off the side of the scaffold falling 15 feet to the floor,he was dazed and in pain but enterthemadness knew it wasn't enough to finish this soulless killing machine so he jumped off and landed with a double foot stomp to Sabres chest.......Sabre coughed out one of his lungs

enterthemadness ran over to a nearby crane with a wrecking ball attached to it and started it up with his hot-wiring skills from his days as car thief on the mean streets of Beverly Hills....

As Sabre staggered to his feet enterthemadness aimed and made his play,the wrecking ball hit Sabre full on and sent him crashing into a wall....he was dead.......enterthemadness climbed down out of the crane and made his way out of the building site and across the road,he was overjoyed at his badassery...........



A tall man in a red Ferrari hadn't been able to see enterthemadness over his windscreen due to his shortness and had had hit him aquare on at a 100MPH

enterthemadness tried to make his broken body move


His eyes closed for the final time........

Badsuperman had left Cine playing the slot machines and made his way up to the surveillance room to check out the tech......when he got there his eyes strayed up to the many screens and on the top left one he saw Big Ex,Dew,Kmack,Bella and JM on the roof

BS:"Not on my watch my little babushka's!"

He raced out of the room and headed for the roof.......as Big Ex prepared the chopper for take off the door to the rooftop swung open

BS:"NYET! you are going nowhere":cmad:

his Uzi was trained on them

Big EX whispered

Big EX:"ok everyone here whose breasts are still kicking gravitiy's ass flash em on my signal

Dew pondered for amoment.....


Big Ex:"Now!"

Kmack,Bella and JM flashed their cans.....BS's eyes widened like saucers.......Big EX took his chance and rushed forward spearing BS to the floor,the Uzi went flying off the roof
At this point FA was around the other side of the building taking a leak which had took a while as he struggled to figure out how to unzip his fly..........his ears pricked up as he heard the commotion.....he ran around the corner to see Big Ex on the ground being pummeled in the grill by BS

FA grabbed the near by fire hose and turned it on blasting BS all the way across the roof to the edge....FA rushed over and grabbed BS and hooked him a suplex,he then superplexed him off the top of the Hypecito.......

As both men plummeted down 30 stories FA started to think this may not have been such a good idea....Bella and Kmack grabbed the hose and between them and dove off the side of the building,they caught up with FA and grabbed his legs just in time.........BS continued the plunge to his death crashing through the top of a limo

Bella,Kmack and FA realised that now they were still hanging from the building stably with no momentum the drop wasn't to far so they jumped down to the ground

Kmack and Bella simoultaniously kissed him on his cheeks

"FA you are such a hero! anything you want in entertainment just tell me"

FA:"Can i squeeze you babylons ?":wow:

Kmack slapped him....FA sulked

Back on the roof Big EX could see that they were safe

Big EX:"I'm going back in, you fly out of here honey"

Dew:"Be careful Exy you're not as young as you were":csad:

Big EX headed back into the Hypecito

To Be Continued.........
:cmad: I owned you, Sabre! Then some jerk ran me over.

Good chapter, Hunter. Have you always been this talented?
Great, hunter :up:

Looks like my character is no more in the game :(
Cinemaman said:
Great, hunter :up:

Looks like my character is no more in the game :(


Of course you are still in the game,you are down in the casino,i can only put so many characters and events in each chapter,this one was about the rooftop scene and the enterthemadness/Sabre finale:yay:

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