I'm assuming that's the explosion by the train tracks after the "what have you done?!" part, right?'s not really obvious, at least it wasn't to me. It just looked like something getting blown up.

There's a wall that explodes with water everywhere on the right side of the frame.

Yeah, I didn't catch the water right away either.
But otherwise, of course I can see there's a flood happening in the movie with those multiple shots of Batman being covered in dirt and seemingly helping people through the water (and we can't say enough about how magnificent everything look !). I just didn't suspect that this event could be more than just a plot point for this movie and something potentially structuring the context of the sequel.

But hey, I'll survive. I'm also the one who tempts the devil a bit, not wanting to know a lot and still frequenting these forums and websites when so much about the movie has apparently leaked.
Let's go back to those Batmobiles and other vehicles :cwink:
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Haha, would do the same.
How can people think he isnt fit to play the character, everything i hear this man talk about this movie, makes me like him more and more.
New Batman means new Batmobile right? :cwink: This is a thread to discuss all things about the Batmobile.

Should it be included in the movie? What should it look like? Should it have gadgets like in the Tim Burton movies, or should it be realistic like Nolan or BvS?


I would like something like this, without the front face shield
I would love that Batmobile to be built in real life
The Batwing is my 2nd favorite bat-vehicle. I hope we see it at some point, really curious how would look like in Reevesverse.
After Nolan, I thought there would be no going back to a sportscar-based Batmobile... A military-based vehicle seemed so obvious going forward...

Well, Reeves proved me so, so, very wrong. :D

I was of the same opinion. Now that I think about it, for a youngish Batman starting out, Reeves' approach seems inspired and I'm wondering why this hasn't been done before! Of course it doesn't preclude a more military looking version from being developed later as Batman gets older and refines his equipment.
I'd really like it if his vehicle(s) continued looking just a tiny bit scruffy. In this movie, the Batmobile looking experimented-on and slightly unfinished fits like a glove because it reflects Bruce's instability. A military look, like Nolan's, does the opposite, imo. It's possible in future films Battinson will be more cool and collected, but I hope they don't away with that aspect entirely. If anything, go further retro.
I loved how mean this batmobile was. Truly monsterous!
I liked it was more “realistic” looking. But you’d think he’d have darked out better bullet proof windows
Ok, we need to talk about THAT Batmobile entrance and the chase scene that followed.

The sound design of the engine revving and the visual feast of the chase that followed were magnificent.

Greig Fraser proves once again why he is one of the best DP's out there. The POV shots were brilliant.
The way it set back in the alley reviving up was great.

Hope they don’t completely overhaul the vehicle. Add some defensive weapons
What an iconic moment. Loved this batmobile so much, I only wish we had more moments with this beast.

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