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The Dark Knight Rises Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises


Oct 9, 2010
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Saw this on the The Amazing Spider-Man boards and I think this poll wouldn't be a bad idea with how much TDKR has become such a polarized film.

So, now with TDKR being on Blu-ray/DVD...what is your updated rating for the finale to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy?
I've been enjoying the movie more after watching it on DVD than I did when I first watched it in the theatre, so I give it a 10/10.
Still a 7 to me. Too many questionable plot moments, poor decisions, technicality and timeline issues, etc. Good, not great. Dark Knight was a 9, Rises wasn't as good.
It's a 7 for me. I might have thought a story with a some more Bruce Wayne in it as well as a conflict with Talia and Bane (as I like those villains more than The Joker) would have the potential to be better, but it gets dragged down by taking Bruce out of Gotham for a long period of time as well as by the adventures of John Blake and an ending I was unsatisfied with. Some questionable technical things also drag it down as well as leaps in logic. I've only watched the entirety of my Blu-ray once since I bought it on release day and found it quite boring in spots. It's easier for me to just watch my favorite scenes and not have to deal with a long movie.

I can find common ground with people who are 7 ± 1.
A 7 out of 10. Good movie overall, but very flawed, and a BIG step down from it's two predecessors. Too much John Blake, annoying useless characters like Foley, Bane's plan making no sense, Talia shoe horned in, and good characters like Selina, Alfred and Gordon being under used.
10/10 for me.
Still a 9/10. Surprisingly enough, the film has really grown on me since getting the blu-ray.
After repeat viewings its not fared well with me.

At most I'd give it a 6/10. Maybe a 7 if I am feeling really generous.
I honestly can't remember what I gave it before. I think it was a 7/10? I'd probably up it to a 7.5 or 8 at best. I've learned to accept some of the stuff that bothered me before with repeated viewings but the things/characters that I absolutely hated are still there.

I still really like it but as others have said, there were a good number of bad moments in the film.

I would give BB an 8 and TDK a 9.
It's dropped about a half a point for me. Largely because I keep imagining all the ways I would have preferred Talia's role in the story to go as I re-watch it, lol. So before, I gave it a 9/10, now I'd give it an 8.5/10. But since there's no 8.5 on the poll, I voted the same.
It's somewhere between 8.5-9/10 for me. Just about the same as it was when I first saw it.

Beautiful film. Epic film. When watched on its own, or as part of the whole in the trilogy it is pretty perfect.

I think this poll needs that extra push over the cliff.
Rises is an 11.
I have been going back and forth on it, but ever since I saw it on DVD, I've settled on 7/10, with BB and TDK both 9/10. It's a good film, but it will perpetually be haunted by the specter of "what if?". The potential was there, it just wasn't used properly.
I gave it a 9. I still don't think any of the plot holes (which are mainly things that we don't need to see or things that are convenient or things that certain people can't get over despite it working perfectly well in the film) are an issue at all, and it still holds as a hugely emotional journey (though no film has ever been able to tease an emotional response out of me, other than chills now and then).
The plot holes dont really bother me at all either...Bane is such a great villain and Catwoman is the lead woman role this series needed...This is now my favorite of the series after watching all of them together 3 times on blu ray...
The only problem I have is I wish there were more Batman and I wish the fighting was better choreographed apart from the Bane versus Batman fights...
I've enjoyed the movie more in re-watches .
7 for me. Its not a movie that I would watch over and over again.
9.5/10: Still top of the trilogy for me. The reveal is better when you know what's coming.
I felt it was a 9 when I first saw it, and I'm still at a 9 now. Truth be told I've enjoyed it more and more upon re-viewings, but I do still feel like an extra 15 minutes or so could have helped flesh out a few things more. That said, I think the story Nolan was able to tell in 2:45 was truly remarkable and there is so much that I adore about the film that attempting to score it becomes somewhat arbitrary for me. Each film in the trilogy has its flaws, but collectively it's a 10/10 saga for me. Greater than the sum of its parts.
I gave it a 10, I've seen the Bluray more times than Avengers and Spider-Man so that speaks for itself, the huge scope of it because it involves all of Gotham in it's darkest hour really gives it that grand epic feel to it.
I have been going back and forth on it, but ever since I saw it on DVD, I've settled on 7/10, with BB and TDK both 9/10. It's a good film, but it will perpetually be haunted by the specter of "what if?". The potential was there, it just wasn't used properly.


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